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How is your RV or tow vehicle powered?

Gas or diesel? As Shakespeare would say, “…that is the question.” Diesel prices may be more expensive (especially right now), but they are more fuel-efficient. And, as we all know, a Diesel engine, properly maintained, will far outlive a gas engine, further increasing its value to anyone who travels a LOT!

You probably went through a long decision process when deciding which motorhome or tow vehicle to buy, and whether you wanted it to be gas-powered or diesel-powered.

So how is your RV or your RV’s tow vehicle powered? With gas, diesel or other? Electricity? Probably not yet, but one day. . . definitely on manufacturer’s radar! Thanks for voting.


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Donald N Wright (@guest_174793)
1 year ago

What ever happened to those diesels that used cooking oil and grease ?

Tommy Molnar (@guest_174952)
1 year ago

I think those engines were from way back before the EPA almost killed the diesel engine with ‘requirements’.

Steven Noyes (@guest_174976)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

It also started getting difficult to find establishments that would let you have their old fry oil. Most have contracts with collection companies and they don’t want the liability of giving it away.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_174978)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Noyes

Interesting. I never thought of that. I also never thought of trying to get the stuff for my old 97 F-350 with the 7.3 diesel.

David (@guest_175426)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Bullet proof for sure!

Vanessa (@guest_174519)
1 year ago

I’ve offered up my RV to any congress person who wants to live in it for a few months in their northern states. It has 1000w of solar panels, 2 100ah LI batteries and 2000w inverter. They will have no propane and shore power in their cold snowy climates. They will have to figure out how to get the RV up there from NV without using fossil fuel. If it snows, they will have to climb up and sweep the snow off. Let’s see how long they last with no electricity.

mark (@guest_174513)
1 year ago

Electric is pure bs. Never happen in ANY of our lifetimes. No new power plants. Solar and batteries require massive pollution to mine. Windmill’s cause give environmental damage and blades wear out and are not recycled. Natural gas is the globes most environmentally sound energy source today.

BillP (@guest_174516)
1 year ago
Reply to  mark

Don’t forget windmill cancer.

Richard Chabrajez (@guest_174512)
1 year ago

Our tow vehicle is powered by annihilating matter (in the form of deuterium, a kind of hydrogen gas) and antimatter in a fusion reaction mediated by dilithium crystals. This produces the enormous power required to pull our big a-s toy hauler down the road. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by Richard Chabrajez
Vanessa (@guest_174520)
1 year ago

Warp core?

Richard Chabrajez (@guest_174683)
1 year ago
Reply to  Vanessa


Ray D. (@guest_174511)
1 year ago

09 Ford Expedition former law enforcement vehicle, looked a long time for one that was in good condition. Heavy duty everything pulls our mobile retirement home with eaze. Former vehicle was a Jeep GC 07, did the job to YNP,GTNP and Badlands. Just needed a heavy duty vehicle with a few more horses.Yours in RVing,Ray and Joy.

Bill n Stacey (@guest_174507)
1 year ago

PETROLEUM! Proud! : )

CeeCee (@guest_174504)
1 year ago

I appreciated Emily’s article. I was able to return to the Grand Canyon last year, and YNP, 3 years ago, for the first time in 50+ years. I well remember them being very busy in the late 60s. That was even more true recently, but facilities have grown as well. Reservations were needed back then, too. I’m glad so many can enjoy our national treasures today.

Paul Breitag (@guest_174500)
1 year ago

What? No electric vehicles?

Marc DeLuca (@guest_174498)
1 year ago

It’s a Duramax diesel, but it runs mostly on propane.

Last edited 1 year ago by Marc DeLuca
John Koenig (@guest_174493)
1 year ago

2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB. A true Super-C diesel puller featuring a 9.0 liter Cummins 350HP motor providing 1,000 foot pounds of torque. With the motor up front, the Super-C platform is one of the SAFEST RV platforms available. It also offers incredible towing capacity. It has a GVWR of 33,000#, a GCWR of 54,000 and a tow rating of 20,000#. As long as I don’t start an anvil collection, I’ll never be overweight. 😉

Donald N Wright (@guest_174490)
1 year ago

Every campground “oh you have to have a diesel” and “oh you have to have a one ton truck”. “You cannot tow a 25′ trailer with a dinky F-150 V-6”. I towed it here from Texas.
“where ?”

Bob p (@guest_175128)
1 year ago

For how long, that’s the question in my mind, how durable are these small engines when they are worked hard? I’m from a time warp of the 50s where you needed a big engine if you were going to really “work” an engine. So far I’ve yet to see any manufacturers touting how durable their “small V6” is. Just curious!

Jesse Crouse (@guest_174486)
1 year ago

2006 Tiffin Phaeton pusher with Cat C7- no DEF issues with 2016 Jeep Sahara Unlimited Wrangler-6 banger as a Toad.

Michael Galvin, PhD (@guest_174482)
1 year ago

The Mercedes diesel Sprinter is a popular Class C platform. Mine is under a Winnebago Navion. Wonderful full-time home for my wife and me. 15 mpg, even when towing our Smart car.

Jeff Craig (@guest_174480)
1 year ago

Triton V10 in my F53 Class A, and a 3.7L V6 in my Liberty.

Next towed will definitely be electric, but it’ll be a while since my Jeep has the Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and I’m going to drive it into the ground!

mark (@guest_174514)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Electric? Dream on. Never happen. No new power plants. No new power lines. No charging stations in rv parks let alone Intestate.
Keep your current rv. We will go back to. US oil and gas in 2024.

tom (@guest_174559)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

No current or planned electric can be flat towed.

Gary (@guest_174474)
1 year ago

Workhorse “bigger than Godzilla” 8.1L Gas.

Bob p (@guest_175130)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Since fords advertising geeks chose to name their 7.3L Godzilla I’ve wondered what they would call their 7.5L 460 or Chevys 7.4L 454 much less the 8.1L 498 engines. Oh that’s right the engineers are to young to remember.

Larry (@guest_174449)
1 year ago

Gasoline – 5.7 liter Hemi in a 2021 RAM 1500: 18-19.5 mpg at 55-60 mph, not towing; 14-15 towing; less in hilly country, much less in stop & go traffic.

Lorie (@guest_174438)
1 year ago

RV is Class A Winnebago Journey diesel pusher. Tow car is gas powered Honda CRV.

wrayj2 (@guest_174436)
1 year ago

Diesel motorhome, gas tow car.

Marybeth Almand (@guest_174400)
1 year ago

2026 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD WT Diesel with an engine brake. No back seat, No carpet. It towes a 30 ft. Fifth wheel easily.

MattD (@guest_174508)
1 year ago

fantasy only folks…hasn’t been designed yet…sorry

Ray (@guest_174398)
1 year ago

2015 6.7 Ford Superduty. 14.7 not towing, about 11 towing a 38 foot fifth wheel.

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