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If you became suddenly filthy rich, would you buy a new high-end RV?

Okay, let’s say you played a dollar ticket on the lottery. Instead of blowing a dollar like usually happens, this time you win a few million dollars! Wow, lucky you!

So what will you do with all that money? There will be a lot of options, including giving some of it to people who are your new best friends, and maybe a relative who suddenly likes you again (interesting how money can have such an effect).

But let’s say that no matter what happens, you end up with a giant wad of cash to spend any way you want.

Would you use it to buy a really fancy RV, one that was previously way out of your price range? Just think about the luxury! Maybe get one with two bathrooms and heated floors and a wine cooler, not to mention a giant residential fridge, washer-dryer and maybe even a spare bedroom for the kids or grandkids once COVID is history.

Is that what you would do? Or would you be happy with your present rig?

Remember, it can sometimes take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by. The wait will be worth it!


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Brian Burry
8 months ago

Absolutely, If we became filthy rich, we would get a great big nice super duper high-end RV to enjoy!!!!

8 months ago

Those huge numbers you see posted for the Lottery Jackpot (Powerball, Megamillions etc) are the “annuity” amounts. If you get the “Cash Payout” option (which I would) that is roughly a little better than half of the “annuity” payouts. The Federal government would get 37% of the money and then the state usually gets their share (in my case about 6%). That drops the cash payout almost in half. And then you have to factor in “sharing” if you will need to split the jackpot with someone else (My daughter and I live together and we take turns buying the lottery tickets, which we buy only when they get over a certain amount). And if I won a Million dollars? Then the reality is after taxes, I would actually get $571,000 which won’t go as far as you might think. Me? If I won a big jackpot like the last big Powerball one, I would buy a much larger RV (2ba Bunkhouse), load my daughter and her dog up, go get my 90yo mother and take her everywhere and anywhere she wants to go.

Steven N
8 months ago

While we are thinking about upgrading to the “retirement rig” already, the extra money would make it easier to upgrade to a solid solar package and other out of reach items we would love to add but can’t seem quite justify it in our mind to get off the dime.

8 months ago
Reply to  Steven N

The next time you have to run a generator to watch TV you’ll justify it. 🙂

8 months ago

Look at the statistics, winning lottery or legal suit isn’t enough. You need a way to spend sensibly. Many winners become losers or worse. Think bankruptcy.

8 months ago

At age 75, we would likely sell our 5er and buy a beach house on Sullivan’s Island SC. Then maybe get a high-end class B for the occasional trip.

Ron Thorpe
8 months ago

I would get upgrades for the A class that I have now, and take more trips, Alaska would be fun during summer, maybe a another used RV in Europe for travels there.

Bob Weinfurt
8 months ago

What I would try to do is find one that’s about 30 years old but in really good condition. I’d have the roof done over, windows resealed, put on new tires, and have all the running gear and accessories inspected and repaired as needed. All those new computer bells and whistles are just things that can and will malfunction and require down time. My way of seeing things is less headaches, more enjoyment. My MH is 45 years old. Have to admit that it’s starting to get little tired but for a $300 investment 8 years ago, it sure has been a fun ride.

Last edited 8 months ago by Bob Weinfurt
Dennis G.
8 months ago

Probably would not buy a rig with every bell and whistle. We would perform a remodel on ours, instead. Convert to lithium batteries, add 1800 watts of solar, and make a new bathroom.

Roy Davis
8 months ago

I am offended by the question. What part of being rich qualifies someone as filthy? It is a judgmental statement that is totally without merit. In the Bible, Job was rich and the Lord called him righteous along with Abraham and King David. It is another example of prejudice against someone else without any reason.

8 months ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

Roy, put down the Bible and grab a thesaurus.

RV Staff
8 months ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

We apologize for the choice of words, Roy. We didn’t mean to offend anyone by using this old term. “Extremely rich” would have been better. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

8 months ago
Reply to  RV Staff

can’t satisfy everyone…there will always be the easily offended. Keep your words of choice and just smile and nod

RV Staff
8 months ago
Reply to  Scott

Thanks for your kind words of support, Scott. Much appreciated. Take care. 😀 –Diane

8 months ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

It is a phrase that has been used for forever…Geez, get off of the stack of bibles. I am offended that you would pick on this simple phrase to get all head up about. There are a lot of more agrevious issues to get worked up over today

8 months ago

Maybe – the all purpose answer. I might buy a newer motorhome without computer controls and DEF, might put some money into my present one, might go whole hog for a new one if I were convinced all the computer bugs have been worked out. I hate the idea of having to reboot my ride or my house every time something doesn’t work quite right.

8 months ago

If it’s throwaway money I’d opt for a top notch version of the 17 foot trailer that we currently have. Add to that a Sprinter type van for an overnighter or two. Plus a barndominium to store it all.

SoCal poboy
8 months ago

A solid maybe but not being wealthy my entire life I probably could never justify the price.
We all have rigs of different values and budgets that are vastly different. The important thing is that we are all doing it.
I would much rather be doing this experience on a low budget than not doing it at all.
Just sayin

8 months ago

I could buy any unit out there but we are happy with our 2015 ARTIC FOX 25Y.
Just the right size and good quality. Nothing high tech so I can repair anything that needs attention.

Theodora Baker
8 months ago

I would be happy with more money to not stress over cost of things and be able to see more places. Like a lot of folk, right now going places is out the door with the high cost of gas close to $7 and groceries so high taking from our fun money to just survive.

Scott Velie
8 months ago

Yes Prevost Marathon conversion please.

Randy Moss
8 months ago

What i would buy is a variety of coaches, Super C, B & a pickup camper to go with my Class A. That way i would be set for whatever i was in the mood for,

8 months ago

We and our “B” are happy as can B the way we are. We can B anywhere we want to B any time there is any reason to B anywhere.

Tom H
8 months ago

Probably no new RV since there really isn’t anything out there that we like more than our current rig. I might upgrade the truck though. Trade in the RAM 3500 DRW for a Ford F450

8 months ago

I would have said absolutely because my husband and I miss having an RV, but I answered maybe because I’m not sure he could physically handle all the “chores” that come along with driving, set-up, and maintenance of the RV. We don’t have kids who could help us. I suppose with a zillion dollars we could hire a driver, but that simply wouldn’t be the same.

Jeff Craig
8 months ago

If we were to ever hit the Powerball, we’ve already agreed to get a custom rig made by Powerhouse Coach in Idaho Falls, ID. It’s a semi based Super-C platform, and can be configured any way you want. We’d have a full solar and wind turbine setup for it, In-Motion satellite, pop up TV, office area and a toy garage with a drop-down spare bed, half bath and kitchenette, plus room for a Dodge Challenger and a couple of electric scooters.

So, yeah…. It’ll never happen.

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