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You’ll never guess what’s inside this rifle case!

Our grandson recently snagged a great buy at a local garage sale. He bought a rifle case. Now, you should know that he doesn’t own a firearm. He’s only 11 years old. But he does have several Nerf guns. And he’s thrilled to have found the perfect case for them.

A rifle case camping hack

I’m already planning to borrow our grandson’s gun case. Why? Because I’m tired of trying to keep all of our BBQ items in order in our RV’s basement. That gun case will come in handy, for sure. I’m thinking that I can store all of our s’more sticks in there. And the hot dog sticks. Also, the long-handled pie irons. These camping necessities are a hassle to pack. They’re too long for any drawer and do not stay in place if I pack them in the RV basement. So … I have big plans for that gun case.

Not so fast

I think I can talk my grandson out of his case, but my husband? That’ll be a harder job. You see, he’s also coveting that gun-totin’ case. But he’s not thinking about s’mores. Or guns. He’s thinking about all of his fishing poles. I’m sure he’s already figured out which of his rods will fit best. I can practically hear his thoughts as if he’s talking right out loud. He’s planning the strategy he thinks has the best chance of claiming the gun case for himself!

But wait! There’s more to the rifle case…

My granddaughter also has a personal plan for the rifle case. It’s the perfect size for the family’s kites. Those long, fragile, birchwood spines will be well-cushioned inside the gun case, no matter how long or rough our RV route.

An imaginative group

I’m not sure who will win the “rifle case war” but it got me thinking. We RVers are nothing if not creative. Just look at all the uses we found for a case that certainly wasn’t intended for any of them!

Want your own rifle case? You can try finding one at a garage sale, like my grandson did, or, of course, there’s always Amazon.

How about you? Have you successfully used a container in a unique and creative way? Share your ideas in the comments below.



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Joe Wonoski
8 months ago

Rifle cases are good for break down fishing rods. I can easily fit my two spinning rods and one fly rod into a single rifle case with room left over. Just be sure to allow your gear to thoroughly dry before storing. I haven’t broken a rod yet carried this way.

8 months ago

You can go to a big box sporting goods store or Walmart and get one for under $15.

Alec Schultz
9 months ago

Have used a cheap hard rifle case for years for transporting my fishing rods. Like the man said, more fishing rods are broken by car doors and tailgates than any other reason.

9 months ago

I used a hard gun case for carrying my RC gliders to the shorelines or hills where I and my son would spend the day flying like birds in the sky

Julz H
9 months ago

We store our stabilizer bars in a gore tex rife case. It keeps our storage area clean and free of grease.

Bill Richardson
9 months ago

I bought one that looks just like the one pictured about 20 years ago for $10 at a Gander Mountain grand opening. As a wetland scientist , I bought it to store my sharpshooter shovel that I use for soil test pits. It keeps the back floorboard of my truck clean(er). Mildly amusing story…we were in a creek bottom about a quarter mile from our truck doing a wetland delineation when a police officer walked up on us. He had seen the gun case in the back of my truck and thought we were hunting illegally.

Tom M
9 months ago

I use a soft case that I shortened to hold my hitch bars. Made pvc sleeves to cover the greasy part. Keeps the under storage clean.

Irvin Kanode
9 months ago
Reply to  Tom M

Great idea!

9 months ago

Don’t understand why you found it necessary to state that he didn’t own a gun? First we didn’t and would not have known his age until you mentioned it.

9 months ago
Reply to  Royce

My son owned a rifle at 10 y.o., He’s 39 now and still a responsible gun owner. It’s American tradition! It’s an American RIGHT.

Dave J
9 months ago
Reply to  Royce

Age ? Just a number. Everybody’s different. My first BB gun at 8. First .22 at 10. First revolver at 16. I’ve never shot anything or anyone that I wasn’t supposed to. Firearms are an American tradition and an actual constitutional right. In fact, that one right is exactly what protects all the others.

9 months ago
Reply to  Royce

Mentioning his age lets you know that he is a kid, which transitions to his having a nerf gun, which transitions to using the case for an alternative use, which then transitions into what other uses a case like this might be used for, which then has transitioned into conversation as to how others have used such a case, which then gave others ideas as to how they might use them to protect things in a RV. Which then somehow got readers and commenters into gun rights???? Thanks for the article Gail and for the idea. I’m going to get one for long skinny things too.

Bruce Nance
8 months ago
Reply to  KellyR


8 months ago
Reply to  Bruce Nance

Thanks Bruce. I was starting to think that I was the only one that could read and comprehend.

9 months ago

Thinking outside the box.

Gary Broughton
9 months ago

Kids pretty smart

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