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How many times have you ‘boondocked’ on public lands for a week or more outside a designated campground?

How many times have you “boondocked” on public lands for more than a week outside a designated campground? That’s today’s question.

So, to be clear, what we’re asking is about if you have stayed in your RV outside of a designated campground, like what you find in a National Forest, for example, for a week or more.

We’re not talking about staying in a Walmart parking lot or a place like that, but about driving off the beaten path to find a place you like in “the boonies” to call your own for awhile, living without utility hookups — stretching your supply of water, using minimal electricity, and minimizing your wastewater.

So what’s your experience? Inquiring minds would like to know.


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John Koenig
10 months ago

I’ve been to the Burning Man event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert event three times. Said event lasts a week and, I usually stay an extra day or two to help in the tear down / clean up.

10 months ago

I like Boondocking, but I have never stayed anywhere for a week let alone longer. I RV to see the country.

Left Coast Geek
10 months ago

400AH of lithium batteries, 360 watt solar panel with a MPPT converter, if I have sunshine, I can go a solid week before needing to dump my tanks and refill my water (and groceries and beer), then do another week.

Dennis G.
10 months ago

Voted never. We have camped on BLM land, but never more than three days in a row.

10 months ago

We love boondocking. We live out west so there are lots of places to go. I don’t like being close to others so boondocking is great for me.

10 months ago

When we were younger, yes we would do with little to no amenities. But we spent 40-50+ years working, saving, scrimping, so we could live a comfortable retirement life. We are now enjoying the fruits of our labor, and boondocking is not on our radar. RV parks with full hook-ups, here we come…

10 months ago

WhenI was a kid, I camped on weekends and during summers,,for weeks on end while helping my father do his work.
Now I appreciate civilized campgrounds.

Brian Burry
10 months ago

We are Glampers and enjoy amenities of a good RV Park, full hookups and well maintained facilities. Those who enjoy a bit more rugged experience, boon-docking is great! Just not for us at all, thank you.

Diesel Pusher
10 months ago

We’re set up specifically for dry camping/boondocking with 1600 watts of solar charging 4 lithium batteries. We’re in town today after almost 3 weeks to empty tanks and for supplies then back to our “secret” location beside a river. We’ll likely stay here until the end of August when we’ll begin our southward migration.

10 months ago

The numbers actually make sense. There is a lot going against the vote actually. There is almost no boondocking on the east coast as every square inch is owned by someone or something. So, now you have to be out west. Many folks use RV’ing for vacations and many would prefer the amenities that an RV park has to offer. Even fewer have the capabilities for boondocking (little power generation capabilities, small tanks). Many of the remaining find the idea a little scary.

That said, I *love* boondocking. Outside Zion is awesome. Outside Moab is amazing.

Frank Niehius
10 months ago

In 3 months that’s all we’ve done for the last 10 years, BLM friends drive ways etc. much safer, more friendly people, better views. Cant even imagine waking up to another rig 4′ from your window. But Like Chuck said a couple days ago better not tell everyone or will have everyone doing it and there won’t be any space left. 4 or 5 years ago went to a rally for 4 nights and was surprised that when people left there site to do what ever they all picked up chairs and anything of value, locked all compartments & doors. I wasn’t comfortable with that because we leave our items out the whole time and never need to worry about anything being taken when boondocking.

Gene Bjerke
10 months ago
Reply to  Frank Niehius

I was staying in a CG with my Class B while working at an event. I left all my hookup gear behind every day when I drove to the event. No problems except that the last day, when I returned to the CG everything had been stolen.

Bob Weinfurt
10 months ago

I’ve never stayed for more than four days.

10 months ago

We have a destination when we’re on the road. We plan our stops with, call ahead reservations. We have stopped at free parking overnight at Casinos, Wal-Mart and Cheddars. We have friends on farms, so that is always good for 2 nights. Nothing remote nor without some kind of facility. Going on 17 years as FT. Loving every mile.

M DeMay
10 months ago

Respectful boondocking is the way to go. The west has many opportunities.

10 months ago

We are fulltimers and with gas prices as they are, we find ourselves boondocking for longer periods, more often. We offset gas prices by boondocking/dry camping. Our favorites are partially developed campgrounds on BLM or USFS lands. If a military campground has dry camping spots, we choose that. 14 days is our top number. The black tank is the limiting factor.

Steve H
10 months ago

We are “travelers”, not “campers”, so we never stay in any campsite for a week or more unless we are snowbirding south of I-10.

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