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In general, do you believe RVers are friendlier than the general public?


What do you think, are RVers friendlier than the general public as a whole?

We hear it all the time from our readers—“Oh, RVers are so friendly. You make so many friends.” The RV Industry promotes this idea, too, in its advertising and public relations.

We’re curious about what you think and welcome your comments below the poll.

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Bob p
1 month ago

When you have something in common with someone it’s much easier to be friendly, when you have nothing in common it’s not as easy to strike up a conversation. Weather, politics, or religion will be the only subjects you have in common, and those will get you in trouble every time. Wearing my “Don’t blame me I voted for Trump hat” is a conversation starter every time. Lol

Dennis G.
2 months ago

I put down ‘somewhat friendlier’, with one caveat. Long time RVers are friendlier in general. The new RVers, not as much.

2 months ago

After reading some of the comments today ……. I am wondering IF RVers are friendly.

2 months ago

Rv’ers are not as friendly as folks use to be…maybe folks got use to staying to themselves during covid.We stay in a lot of WV state parks,Army corp and spend a few wks in Lake Erie area.We have a 5 yr old grandson that is normally with us…he is super friendly but even with that I feel like folks keep more to themselves

Matt Colie
2 months ago

I found the poll just fine and voted with the majority. (That is rare.) But, I also know that we are a very special case. We travel in a very distinct classic motorhome. And while my experience with all campers and RVers still fits, owners of our coaches are amazingly helpful and supportive. So much so, that if we see another along the roadside, any and all of us will stop and offer assistance. If at a rally, someone mentions he is having a problem, hang on and watch the show. The community is a very important part of ownership…..

2 months ago

On a five day trip this past weekend we met and enjoyed so many fellow campers. In general I do believe that campers are more friendly. Common interest helps a lot.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

RVers are friendlier than the general public IN campgrounds..i’m not sure tbat they are any friendlier outside a campground.

2 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis


Ted Denman
2 months ago

This poll should specify what days of the week, if campers are generally friendlier. Fridays and Saturdays? Not so much! Too much noise, too many unsupervised animals, and too many drunks. Please don’t take this as being negative. This is my personal experience.

2 months ago

Not really. People are people, but having a commonality with other campers encourages conversation.
When was the last time you ventured into the tenters area to visit?

2 months ago
Reply to  Traveler

Actually met two sets of tenters while walking my dogs. Just as friendly as the ones in 300K motor homes or pop ups.

Richard Hughes
2 months ago

Having some old codger, with his political flags flying, telling everyone he was trying to get COVID, another, flags flying, cleaning numerous AR15 rifles on the picnic table and another threatening people with a pistol and never having a member of the general population do threaten, I voted “Unfriendly.”

2 months ago
Reply to  Richard Hughes

Yikes! where are YOU camping???

Bob M
2 months ago
Reply to  MattD

The only flags I see in Pa state park campgrounds is the American flag. Which we are proud of and love to see.

2 months ago
Reply to  Richard Hughes

Campground management should have stopped thatcrap.

Rosalie Magistro
2 months ago
Reply to  Richard Hughes

You should of reported him if it made you uncomfortable..
In my campground where we host and fly a “back the blue flag” a camper complained that it was politically offensive to him,the office told him it’s great to see people backing the Police.. he left…

2 months ago

We were “weekend warriors” with a bumper-pull for 5 years, staying mostly local due to kids’ activities. We didn’t meet or make many friends locally because it seemed like we either already had our group meeting us, or fellow campers had their own group thing going. But, we have been FT living, traveling across the US for 1 year now, and we’ve experienced about a 50/50 mix. Some campgrounds just “FEEL” welcoming and inclusive, while others feel very exclusive. For example: Heise Hot Springs, Idaho is full of regular seasonal campers, BUT they’re all mostly very friendly. We were greeted the moment we arrived by so many, invited for campfires, drinks, meals, ATV rides, hikes, etc. Then Southfork, Colorado was, from the moment we drove in, one of the most exclusive, unwelcoming campgrounds we’ve ever stayed in. Mostly much older folk, in coaches, and from Texas- our Texas plates did no favors for us. We usually make a new friend or two everywhere we go, and when we don’t, that’s okay.

2 months ago

I think it may seem that rv or tent campers are friendlier than the general public, but I think you just have more of a chance to visit with people. You are outside more when you are camping than when you are staying in a motel.

2 months ago

True; there are some things I do not understand. To me; by saying Hi to all gives me smile & who knows I probably “Learn & Grow” by just being Friendly and Polite!!!

2 months ago

A lot depends on the area/location of the RV park. We have stayed in locations where the people were friendly, waving and stopping to talk. These are normally the out of the way private campgrounds. Seems the larger and more expensive parks clientele, are a different breed.
Just because they own $300k Motorhome doesn’t mean they are any better than we are with our $40k trailer.
We stayed at a small, privately owned campground near Charlottesville, VA this year. The campers and personnel were great.
On a previous trip we were at a KOA and it was like they were doing us a favor by letting us stay there.

2 months ago

For us, it depends on the park. If it’s a camp site with mostly campers around, then much friendlier. Now a park with lots of “workerbees”, not so much.

2 months ago

To my husband every new campground is potential for new friends! We have found RVers very friendly and those that aren’t stay away. The one caveat are those that talk religion or politics. We stay away from those discussions and just talk camping, kids, journeys and the nearest grocery stores.

Another Netizine
2 months ago
Reply to  Nanci

Used to be that those topics we’re not part of “polite” society. Unfortunately we can’t just ignore the issues anymore, (well, if you’re rich I guess you still can) but at the same time those who can’t agree that people can disagree, tend to be the most difficult to get along with. And the more recient aggressive changes in both have made them more toxic for humanity in general.

Larry Boswell
2 months ago

10 – 15 years ago I would have said “Much Friendlier”, but “the times they are a changin’!” For whatever reasons, RVers have become less friendly, in my observances. I’ve been RVing since the 1980’s.

2 months ago

We have found that any time you are in a group situation with a common bond those people will be very friendly. It doesn’t seem to matter what that bond is.

2 months ago

Depending on the age group and the up bringing of the younger. It appears that the 50 and older group are a close knit group. They help share info, assist in the task, check on each other. And you know when you run into those younger that grew up to be respectful. They introduce themselves, ask question and for help if needed. Weekend warriors are ones that need no help, don’t take advice and don’t care for anyone but themselves. They don’t making lasting friendships as we did through school and keep in contact with those friends. Be interesting 30-40 years from now to see where they are in the close knitting of a group.

Steven N
2 months ago

We aren’t full time yet and are not widely traveled but when we have stayed at RV places that accommodate permanent residents they are not out interacting like we see at the lake with weekenders and the like.

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