Tuesday, January 31, 2023


How often do you watch YouTube?

We often show you videos from YouTube that we think are especially interesting. Yet we know that some readers don’t watch videos, or are unable to because of bandwidth limitations.

What about you? Do you watch videos often, or never? Or somewhere in between?

That’s our poll question today. Would you please take a moment to respond below?

And remember, if you are on a slow connection it may take a moment for the poll to show up. So hang on: it’s coming along.


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2 months ago

When I need to do a fix it job that I am not familiar I use you tube videos for the educational value.

2 months ago
Reply to  Estep

I agree, you can sift through the video options and usually find the fix that you are working on to better understand the job. Saying that, there are many distractions that could consume a day and waste your grey matter

2 months ago

Videos are a huge waste of my time. I can read substantially faster than most people speak. Rather than watch a 15 minute video I can absorb the content in 2 or 3 minutes of reading. I do watch when the visuals are needed such as in diy videos.

Paul H.
2 months ago

I have little tolerance for youtube videos that are meant to be instructional/informational. Most youtube posters make great effort to add ‘production value’ to their videos, commentary about unrelated subjects in relation to the subject at hand. Introducing the family dog, the toddler child “supervising” the shoot, etc. Kids are great, I am a dog person with a minor in cat ownership, but when I need to know how to reset the sail switch on my RV heater fido is not a high priority. Videos for entertainment are another matter. In that case I’m just killing time anyway, I’m not worried about not getting to the point.

2 months ago

While we tend to watch YouTube daily, little of what we watch is RV related. We watch news, music and religious programming, athletic events, various DIY programs among many things. Watching Haulover always makes us thankful we just have an RV, and not a boat!

2 months ago

i voted ‘on occasion’ and by that i mean my wife and i will have, what she calls, a “personal concert” of old music videos (mostly ’80s). i will, again occasionally, search for old TV shows or movies. lately those have included the NBC series ‘Victory at Sea’ and a similar series called ‘The Silent Service’. we do not, and will not, have a subscription to YouTube or use it as a substitute for cable and OTA TV.

Jim Schrankel
2 months ago

MyRVWorks is an absolute treasure for troubleshooting and repairing your RV!

2 months ago

We only use YouTube to watch PBS News Hour nightly. Other use is seldom. But I chose Daily.

2 months ago

Like others here, we like the diy videos that offer real assistance. Absolutely despise all the online “news” requiring one to watch their video on YouTube. They get a quick off click. We prefer print w/ still pictures not talking heads.

Diane Mc
2 months ago

Like most here, watch for DIY videos for the home and RV. Saved a lot of money and time. I’m the one searching as my husband tries to figure it out on his own. Although, I will say, he does great and knows how to fix many things. A YouTube video can help streamline the process and/or offer shortcut tips. He rebuilds race engines for his vintage cars and does his own work on all aspects of the cars, so he watches a lot of how to videos including welding videos.

2 months ago

Since I have a YT channel, I’m on it a lot. I like to watch what other Class B owners are doing with their RVs… where they go, mods they do, etc.
I also watch other channels for news, information, discussion of ideas and events.

2 months ago

Seldom. I just don’t like youtube, but sometimes I need a diy or how to video.

2 months ago

I learned how to upholster and build work benches from YT. My husband watches all kinds of topics daily from RV related to watching someone cutting wood.

Jim Knoch
2 months ago

YT offers what seems like an endless supply of How To Videos covering most topics relating to RVing. I also enjoy watching breaking news and worldwide current events.

2 months ago

I watch youtube videos for educational purposes – how to sew a purse and install a zipper, how to change the bulb in my car’s headlights – etc. I call it “Youtube University”

Roger Marble
2 months ago

I have found a number of educational videos on many different topics. Most are pretty good but a few seem to be by people who just turn on a camera and publish what was recorded, so you need to practice a little caution as not everyone is qualified to offer instruction on every topic.

2 months ago

I constantly watch You Tube. To fix things, entertainment and documentaries. I subscribe to their premium service and for the price of a cup of coffee a day I never see a commercial.

2 months ago

We watch reviews of campgrounds, so thanks to those who make them! And the Roots and Refuge farm, interesting homesteading – plus other homestead blogs. Then there’s the traveling folks who make good videos (folks who talk about themselves too much get zapped quickly! Hint hint!) but those who provide interesting background information and beautiful scenery are our favorites. Plus those helpful how-to videos a few folks mention. Who needs tired mainstream entertainment when there’s a wide world of interesting information being shared by folks passionate about real life!

Neal Davis
2 months ago

I probably watch YouTube an average of 2 or 3 times per week. Some weeks I do not watch at all and other weeks I may watch 5 or 6 times. I am subscribed to several channels (including RV Travel and Wingman Wisdom), but my schedule often does not allow me to watch at all.

2 months ago

Great for looking up DIY projects.

Jim B
2 months ago

If you own an RV, YouTube is your friend. I’ve found it to be indispensable.

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