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Would you pay $20 to stay overnight at Cabela’s with an electrical hookup?

A few weeks ago we wrote a story about Love’s adding overnight RV spaces to their truck stops across the country. The story was one of our most popular ever. What does that mean? It means we need more places to stay overnight in our RVs, perhaps even last-minute. We’re talking about a night or two on our way from Point A to Point B. Will others follow suit?

What about Walmart? Cabela’s? Target? Home Depot? Sam’s Club? Most have huge parking lots that seldom fill. Wouldn’t it make sense to set aside one area, with a number of electrical pedestals to accommodate RVs! We’re not talking about “camping” here: We’re talking about stopping long enough to eat, grab some sleep and then head on.

For the sake of today’s poll, let’s look at Cabela’s. Would you pay $20 to stay overnight in a Cabela’s parking area with 30- or 50-amp electricity?

Please leave a comment explaining your answer. This should be interesting.


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Tom Lawrence
27 days ago

Absolutely! 100%

28 days ago

I have a solid solar setup, so no. Water/dump is more important for me.

Dan Heath
29 days ago

Yes yes and I’ll take a burger with that please 😋 😉

1 month ago

Yes yes & yes
Sometimes you just need to stop & rest . Power is the necessity

1 month ago

I would if there is a restroom. Many small trailers do not have toilets.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lorelei
Rick Cousins
1 month ago

Last night (April 14) we got caught in a blizzard west-bound on I-80 just after passing the Cabela’s store at Sidney NE. We are towing an RPod 179 with a Honda Pilot. We managed to get turned around at the next interchange and headed back to Cabela’s. I grew up in snow country in Canada and this was the most white-knuckle drive of my life! The camping fee at Cabela’s was $30, not $20, but were we ever grateful for the hook-up and warm showers in freezing conditions!

Mike S
1 month ago

If you have an Access Pass or Senior Pass you can camp at some COE campgrounds for $10-15 per night with hook ups. Cabella’s sure as heck isn’t nicer than an actual campground.

Maggie Lee
1 month ago

No if they have a dump station I would pay 10 and be ok with it

D Harris
1 month ago

Yes, because I need a place to charge my devices. However, this is just another example of capitalist exploitation. Currently, the thousands upon thousands of homeless people living in their cars across this country, after having lost their housing to extortionist rent hikes, are parking in these lots at night to have a safe place to sleep. I know because I’m one among tens of thousands of them.

Those same people purchase a lot of merchandise from those retailers. However, instead of just being thankful for the business (and increased FREE security), they have to find a way to squeeze an extra dime out of a population that has already been sucked dry by greedy capitalists who have not one shred of human decency, not one ounce of human compassion.

All they can think of is a way to exploit the situation, and the people in it, to make an extra buck.

1 month ago
Reply to  D Harris

You obviously misread the question. The price included electrical hookups (maybe more?). Your rant suggests you are looking for or want something for free. When we travel my family is grateful for small conveniences and security offered. I am sorry you are unhappy but I wish you well.

K D Veteran
1 month ago
Reply to  D Harris

Maybe you should go inside Cabela’s and apply for a job. You sound like an expert at how to run a business without making a profit. And in case you didn’t learn in GED classes, the United States is a capitalist nation.

J hamm
1 month ago
Reply to  K D Veteran

maybe you should thank god every day that you are not in the position some people are in these days. Many are vietnam vets who still suffer from how they were treated in war and when they got home etc. your lack of compassion and sarcasm only diminish you.

1 month ago
Reply to  K D Veteran

Right on

1 month ago

Absolutely. That’s cheap to have electric and then you don’t have to run your generator.

1 month ago

Yes, I would pay $20 for an overnight stay with electrical hookups for running the air conditioner while traveling from one destination to another if it’s not too far off the interstate. It would also have to be a pull through parking spot so I wouldn’t have to disconnect my tow vehicle.

1 month ago


Walter Knollinger
1 month ago

Yes I would gladly pay for hookup for the night, wouldn’t need to run the generator to have furnace or AC or microwave to work. Would be nice when you’re trying to cover a lot of ground and don’t want to set up a site ahead of time at a campground.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

Yep. One night and headed out in the morning.

David Dewitt
1 month ago

I really do not like the idea of more places charging just to park your vehicle for the night. We are currently going through a housing crisis in this country. In that investment corporations are buying up single-family dwellings. The rent they charge is horrible. Even trailer courts are being bought up by investors. Seriously people if you get down on your luck and find yourself in your vehicle what are you going to do when there is no money for rent?

1 month ago

We have stayed at one of their sites before, $15 a few years ago. Nothing fancy, but perfect for the night

Cathy P
1 month ago

I definitely would pay the $20. The access to power is worth the food in the fridge and my safety. I love Cabelas, and locations are an easy stop.

1 month ago

I’ve wondered for years why there are not more rv stops with just power hookups! My wife and I both use C -pap machines and would be happy with a 20$ fee!

1 month ago

No. Every time I stay I always go in and usually spend more than 20 dollars. Only use them for overnight stay, gone by morning. Not using for campground. Will not stop if charging.

1 month ago

I’m an urban stealth car dweller. My vehicle is a newer mid sized SUV. I park for free at many businesses and other locations. I have a power source and no need for electrical hookups.

I understand this question is about RVs, but changes in the RV life affect everyone who camps and lives in their vehicles.

I don’t like the idea at all of being charged to stay in parking lots overnight because I’m doing it for free right now. I’d hate to think the days of parking overnight in the city will now become even more difficult.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ruby

“urban stealth car dweller”? You mean you’re homeless and you live in your car. Call it like it is. You should especially have to pay because at receiving services that cost money to set up and operate. It’s not “free”.

1 month ago
Reply to  Guest

Pretty sad to see you crap on someone for being homeless! It’s very expensive to be homeless, so every penny that can be saved on parking must be saved, or the roof over their heads may even be jeopardized! Stop hating, and put more love and acceptance in your heart.

J hamm
1 month ago
Reply to  Faith

I totally agree. the lack of compassion and superiority on this site re discussions like above are so sad. “there but the grace of god goeth I.”

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