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Do you carry a 30-amp or 50-amp extension cord in your RV?

Did you hear about the guy who got arrested for eating batteries? He’ll be charged by morning.

OK, all jokes aside, we’d like to know: When you travel in your RV do you carry a 30-amp or 50-amp extension cord with you? Yes? No? Both?

Here’s an article from Publisher Chuck Woodbury about why carrying one of these with you might just save your day. Check it out.

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1 month ago

I actually have two 50 amp extensions because we stayed at a farm house for 3 months while I was still working. Only the barn had 50 amp service so I made an extension to go with the one I already had. We can cover up to 100 ft if necessary. We also carry 30 amp dog bone just in case.

Bruce Williams
2 months ago

30 Amps only because I already have one from our class C days. 50 amp is dang pricy!

2 months ago

Have a 4300 Watt generator on truck, with 30 Amp receptacle, and adapters for either one of my 30 foot 50 Amp or 30 Amp Power cords. Just in case I may use them some day. I pull a 32 foot 5’er, and stay in small county or city parks or COE campgrounds.

Terry Brown
2 months ago

I have a 30A TT and a 50 A fiver and I carry an extension cord for each. Have only had to use the 50A once.

2 months ago

Have both with roll up.

2 months ago

I carried a 30 amp cord for decades when we had our trailers but I haven’t carried it since we got our 50 amp diesel pushers. In all the years we carried an extension I can’t remember using it more than a couple of times. Our DP has a 50 ft. cord and I figure it that isn’t long enough, then that campground doesn’t want my business. I would not want that much extension because there are power losses once you add extensions.

2 months ago

I was glad I had it when I stayed at the free Waylon Jenning campground in TX. I didn’t check the pedestal before I pulled into my spot fairly late in the day but when I did the 30 amp didn’t work. Fortunately, there were only two other RV in the campground and I checked the site next to me…it didn’t work either so I pulled out the extension and went to the next pedestal and finally had power. Donations were accepted so I made a donation and suggested they hire an electrician to fix the two pedestals.

2 months ago

I carry a twelve foot extension cord and an RV30 to twist lock adapter. I use it for 99% of my connections so I don’t have to deal with a 30 foot cord.

2 months ago
Reply to  Garys

That is a pretty good idea.

Split Shaft
2 months ago

I carry two 15-foot, 30-amp extension cords. Less is more when it comes to electricity. And yes, I know one more connection adds more resistance than “none” when the power receptacle is 60-feet from the RV. 

2 months ago

Our motor home came with 50 amp service, however, the cord was getting to heavy and stiff to handle. It was really only needed for the 2nd compressor on the basement A/C which we haven’t ever used or needed anyway. So I replaced it with a 30 amp 25′ cord and have adapters for all the other service levels. Much easier to handle and saved a lot of weight in the storage compartment as well.

2 months ago

I carry a 25-foot 30 amp extension cord, and both 50 and 15 amp dog bones. I have repeatedly needed those, both at campgrounds with oddly placed pedestals, and mooch-docking with relatives.

2 months ago

Just wondering, how long is your main power cord? My attached 30 amp cord is 50ft.

2 months ago

I have a 50 amp cable with a 30 amp pigtail and a 120 volt pigtail

Michael Butts
2 months ago

I’ve used it only twice in 20 years, but it’s been worth the cost & storage space. Now that we have a lot of solar & lithium, it would be a much smaller problem to not have electric hook ups for a few days.

2 months ago

Even though I have 50A service, the best deal was when we were camping with my B/L and Sis-Law a few seasons back. The campground we were enjoying was having a yard sale for the seasonal campers. My Brother-in-law takes a bike ride around to peruse the sale stuff and comes back with a 30ft 30A extension cord for me for $5. A couple of seasons later I added a 30ft 50A extension with a 30A/50A dogbone from Amazon for $67 which was a great price.

Val Catena
2 months ago

My Cls C came with a 30ft 30amp power cord. Since having this rv , I’ve purchased 2-30amp extensions, a 25ft and 10ft. The 25ft purchase was made out of necessity because of where I had to park to access power. The 10ft purchase was made when I found, at one of my favorite moochdocking locations, that I needed an extension but only about 4ft was necessary! (I read somewhere that you should never use a cord longer than necessary!?) I’ve used both several times, so valuable additions to my cargo. I also carry 50ft and 15ft regular 20amp extensions. Never know! And of course necessary adapters to fit various power supply connections.

Tommy Molnar
2 months ago

One time (and only one time!) we got all set up with our other hookups and found that we were about two feet shy with our power cord. GRRRRR. Had to un-set up just to move four feet back. This was early on in our RV days. Oh, and we didn’t have an extension cord back then either. Now we have both those two things. An extension cord – and more sense!

Carl Crumley
2 months ago

I carried a 25-foot extension cord for over a year and never used it, so it’s now at home and not taking up space. Since I’m in a camper van I can always find a way to position the van to reach the power pedestal so the extension cord isn’t necessary.

2 months ago

We have two 25′ 30-amp RV extension cords.We have seldom need even one, but when they’re needed, they’re necessary.
We’ve had a couple of pull-through sites where the electric column was way at one end or other odd set-ups. Usually, it seems this has been in campgrounds (mostly public ones) where electricity in sites has been added.

2 months ago

17 years full time- Traveling. I carry 2 – 15′ 50amp cords and various adapters. I don’t like to use a longer cord than necessary.

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