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Do you plan a special drive to view fall colors?

‘Tis the season! Well, for fall colors, at least. Fall colors are just starting to show their beauty and in just a couple of weeks they’ll be at their peak. (Wait… It’s October already?!)

Do you plan a special drive to view fall colors? If so, do you usually plan a special drive every year or just this year or some years? If you have a favorite fall-color drive, would you share it with us in the comments? We won’t tell, we promise!

Oh, and before you go, make sure you read Gail Marsh’s story about lesser-known leaf-peeping places you shouldn’t miss on your RV travels.


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Neal Davis (@guest_255656)
2 months ago

Our sticks-and-bricks is about 1/3 of the way up a heavily forested ridge in the western foothills of the Appalachians. We watch the leaves turn and ultimately fall through the many windows on the back side of our house. A more panoramic view is gained by walking to our mailbox, a half mile from our house and the ridge. When we go to town we pass over our ridge and a couple of others, giving us still more leaf-peeping opportunities. So, no, will not make any special effort to see the leaves change. (Pictures available upon request.)

Last edited 2 months ago by Neal Davis
Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Sounds wonderful, Neal. What a beautiful spot for your Boondockers Welcome guests to do their leaf-peeping. Davis Farm near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Have a good afternoon/evening. 😀 –Diane

Ed Thomas (@guest_255478)
2 months ago

Will be heading to Asheville NC to visit my youngest daughter and family. The view along the Blue Ridge Parkway is always spectacular!

Jay J (@guest_255463)
2 months ago

Yes. We just returned from Walden Colorado and the color was spectacular. The views going up Cameron Pass and coming down was so pleasing to our eyes. The mountains in that area of Colorado are as beautiful as any mountain range. With the Cache La Poudre river along the side of Highway 14 makes it a place one should not miss if in the part of Colorado. Can’t wait till next year!

Scott (@guest_255461)
2 months ago

we went out last weekend into the Adirondacks to see the colors and give my wife a break from her cancer treatment funk. I hate to say this but there is a chance that this will be the last viewing we get together after 37 yrs of marriage. The colors were glorious but the company was better

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Scott

I’m very sorry to hear about your wife, Scott. I hope things turn around and that you two have many more leaf-peeping opportunities in the years to come.🤞 Take care.🤗 – Diane at

Sven Yohnson (@guest_255449)
2 months ago

Day late replying to this poll, because we took the RoadTrek out for the weekend enjoying the fall colors in Northern WI and MN.

KellyR (@guest_255388)
2 months ago

The oaks in my area turn and drop their BROWN leaves in February and that is when the azaleas and orange trees start to bloom. No wonder people from up north think Floridians are confused. We don’t know where Fall falls.

T & S (@guest_255382)
2 months ago

No, we have a home in the Smoky Mountains. Both Fall and Spring are breathtaking!!

Patty (@guest_255381)
2 months ago

In Texas it has looked like fall all summer.

Mikal H (@guest_255372)
2 months ago

I don’t have to go anywhere except my picture window overlooking the beautiful Mississippi river valley in SE MN. That and I spend hours outdoors every day. No need to drive anywhere to see fall foliage.

Tom (@guest_255370)
2 months ago

We had plans for eastern sierra but due to medical reasons with mother in law we have postponed

Bill (@guest_255362)
2 months ago

Love the drive with my wife and her association to see the beauty our creator has on display this time of year.

Bill Byerly (@guest_255361)
2 months ago

We’ re enjoying some of the early changing of the colors right now….

Roy (@guest_255335)
2 months ago

I think the key word is “special ” drive. I get to enjoy the changing leaves along all the places I go so there is no need (or desire) to make a special drive. With the cost of fuel rising I just can’t justify driving anywhere that isn’t necessary. However, biking and hiking is worth it.

Bob M (@guest_255321)
2 months ago

I don’t need to take a special drive. Where I live and go hunting I see all the beautiful trees in color.

Teresa (@guest_255318)
2 months ago

I’ve no need to make a special drive since we have a variety of fall colors all around us in this part of Oregon.

Bill (@guest_255312)
2 months ago

Having lived in Virginia all of my life, I see the leaves changing without having to plan a special trip. However, one of my least favorite childhood memories is driving up the Skyline Drive to see the leaves – 10 adults and 6 children squeezed into a big old Packard with most of the men smoking cigars and half the women smoking cigarettes, the lucky children in jump seats and the rest on the floor eating apple candy, which stimulated my motion sickness.

Steve H (@guest_255294)
2 months ago

Did it last week! Guanella Pass to Kenosha Pass to Boreas Pass to Loveland Pass, over the Continental Divide twice, to view the aspen-covered mountainsides.

Bill (@guest_255282)
2 months ago

Residing in the country has its benefits. Lots of beautiful surrounding, including wildlife.
State forest that is walking distance, or half mile riding. Has a creek that flows into a river.
As an RV’r the road is at our fingertips. We can travel at will.

pursuits (@guest_255277)
2 months ago

Living near the Smokies, Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountain ranges gives us the opportunity every year to make leaf peeping a tradition. However, this year we will not be taking the RV. Last year we found some wonderful cabins where we can sit on the porch and view the glory with our morning coffee — instead of looking at the side of our neighbor’s camper!

And we find the car a better mode of transportation on twisty back road. So if you do take the RV, be sure to bring the toad.

Uncle Swags (@guest_255258)
2 months ago

I catch it out west with the aspens turning in the Rockies and then head back home where it happens with different colors. I also head south in early March and follow spring up the east coast.

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