Tuesday, October 4, 2022


When RVing, how often do you mail a postcard to a friend or relative?

Postcards seem to be a dying art these days. When was the last time you received one in the mail? When was the last time you were the one to mail one?

Now it seems that every day when we’re on a trip and post our photos to Facebook (or other social media sites), or email or text photos to family and friends, we’re sending a ton of postcards at once… and we’re not spending money doing it.

Do you have any postcard traditions? Are there any postcards stuck on your fridge right now? Please leave a comment below after you vote and tell us. These are the kinds of stories we like to hear.


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Brian and Jeanette
2 years ago

We enjoy sending picture post cards of our travels to our grandkids. Gives them (ages 8 and 5 now) a visual of where we are visiting…also a learning opportunity when they Google more info.

Tom Gutzke
2 years ago

We mailed postcards to my Mother and my wife’s Mother regularly while traveling. They enjoyed them very much as they were not part of today’s “wireless” world. Unfortunately, they have both passed. We did postcards to the grandkids until they [with their parents] started to do “facetime” phone calls occasionally.

2 years ago

When on a trip we always send several post cards to my sister in PA. She is elderly and doesn’t do FB.

2 years ago

We send quite a few postcards to our grandchildren

2 years ago

Have an elderly aunt that loves to receive a post card if you can find them. That maybe one of the reasons they are not sent. I try to send 1 from each state I’m in.

2 years ago

Christmas card pictures maybe, but the internet has superceded any need for post cards in many respects. Still, a beautiful scenery picture is nice one in a while.

2 years ago

On some travels we send postcards to people we know but they don’t know we’re travelling. We send notes like “The scenery is here, wish you were beautiful” (no that’s not a typo), mention something personal but not weird, or similar friends. We don’t sign them so they don’t know who they’re from. When we get home and the next time we get together we tell them it was us that sent them. They always laugh and say how they wracked their brains trying to figure out who sent them. It’s all great fun.

2 years ago

I mail postcards regularly whether traveling or not. My Facebook feed is filled with comments and thanks from folks when they receive them. I have one friend who I exchange multiple postcards with each month. We try to outdo each other in sending wacky, boring, and unusual cards. It would be great to get more postcards from others, but I don’t let the lack of replies spoil my fun in continuing to send them!

Howard Schiller
2 years ago

We like to send postcards to our grand-kids of national parks and other major attractions we visit during our road trips. Two years ago, when our oldest granddaughter was in 4th grade, we send her a lot of postcards from thru out California for her classroom display. Last year we visited 16 national parks and sent all the grand-kids individual postcards from each park. Their parents said they enjoyed getting the postcards in the mail.

Susan F
2 years ago

Like many here, we send postcards to our grandsons regularly. They look forward to getting the mail and we enjoy sharing something fun & interesting with them. The hard part is finding ones that are geared to young children. We send them to friends when we run across one that may be a shared joke or interest we have. I also send them to my 93 year old father – it helps him get up and moving to have to go to the mailbox to check!

2 years ago

In our fulltime traveling, we send post cards showing the things we’re seeing or doing to our grandkids & my wife’s mother, who is 94 & used to travel to the same areas 30 years ago. She has no computer or smart phone, so this is the best way for her to follow us & it brings back fond memories from her past travels.

Sheryl Tilton
2 years ago

We travel in our RV 7 months out of the year. We have a 2 1/2 year old grandson that we send postcards to from every stop. We’ve been doing this since he was born. His mother puts them in date order in postcard books. Hopefully he’ll love looking through them and reading our notes his whole life.

2 years ago

postcards??? lol

Diane Mc
2 years ago

We send postcards to our 7 grandchildren and my 91 year old mother. My husband has a teacher from high school he corresponds with via cards/letters. So he is on the list as is some of my other family on occasion. Let’s them know we are thinking about them. The grandkids love getting something addressed to them. Yes, we send “pictures” from our mobile devices, but my Mom doesn’t have a device. Even though kids use computers for school, we would never send directly to them. Not even sure if they can receive as parents have restrictions on their devices and monitor closely. Plus, it’s fun trying to find postcards that may share something our phones can’t capture with a little history/fact note. All 7 grandchildren from 3 children send thank you notes for gifts/money, even if the little ones just scribble something. We enjoy them and glad our kids are teaching them to acknowledge their thanks in writing. I’m sure some day it will sadly be a lost art.

2 years ago

I answered “very often.” Actually< I don't send post cards or letters, but my wife sends a lot of them!

2 years ago

I have a growing group of folks I send postcards to about once a month as I travel. I thought they might think them ‘lame’ but, turns out they are much appreciated, kids and grown-ups alike. The hardest thing is finding good ones, you have to keep a lookout for a museum, gift shop, or truck stop that has them.

2 years ago

Not only do we send postcards to the grandkids we keep many in our travel journal.

Penny Mortimer
2 years ago
Reply to  Marty

I don’t ever even see them anymore, where do even see them to buy???

Daniel Pankiewicz
2 years ago

Send postcards to my grandson of places we visit. They are then hung on his bedroom wall.

Gary Broughton
2 years ago

Send photos and explanation of what and where, via media.

2 years ago

Post Cards!

We now reside in the Electronic age.
Today we send instant Photos/Videos (instant messaging) to our friends and family.
Video calls are the new norm; smart things.

I believe most of us carry our pictures around today in our pocket; waiting to share as needed.

Paper products are old school.

Who ever thought we would have this convenience back in the 1950’s.
Fits in a shirt pocket.

How convenient… a mobile album…