Friday, October 7, 2022


How often do you talk on the phone?

There are two types of people in this world: those that like to talk on the phone, and those that don’t. Some people spend hours a day on the phone, others make only one call a week. Which kind of person are you? Do you think there’s a middle ground, someone who doesn’t mind phone-chatting?

Talking on the phone isn’t as common as it used to be, now that we have texting and other ways of communicating. However, in February we asked you a question which may give us a hint as to how you’ll answer this poll. We asked: If you have a question for Customer Service, which is your preferred way of contacting them? You can see from the screenshot of the poll below, 68 percent of you would choose to contact them via a phone call.

So, how do you feel about phone-talking? Thanks for voting in the poll below.



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Winnebago Bob
2 years ago

I worked for the telephone company for 38 years. The last thing I wanted to do was get on the phone when I was off duty. We have 2 daughters and when they were teenagers and the phone rang they would break their necks to answer it. Now that they are grownup and gone, the phone will ring and my wife and I will look at each other to see whose going to answer it! Even though I am retired I still cuss the phone when it rings.

Bob Godfrey
2 years ago

My 94 year old Dad calls me every day and if it weren’t for his calls I probably wouldn’t use the phone at all except to order a part or something. I find texting very annoying because once it starts it never seems to end so I don’t text very often.

Jesse Crouse
2 years ago

I am a licensed plumber with 51 years experience. The same goes for my profession. Trace and tag all lines- hot and cold before you touch it. Take a picture if needed.
Saves a lot of time, aggravation and expense to the customer. Be a professional!

2 years ago

As a solo full-timer, I use the phone once daily to check in with my family, if I have service. Otherwise I use it for traveling apps.

2 years ago

I assumed the survey was talking about speaking on the phone with someone I knew (e.g. family member) as opposed to a sales person or business. For those things, maybe 2X a week. Not much. I prefer the chat lines for businesses.

2 years ago

Texting: 30% (mostly family and friends)

Email: 20% (Important docs, pics, etc. Using encryption)

Social Media: 0% (except here if you call this Social Media – But I don’t know any of you)

Phone: 20% (Family check in’s, retail information)

Face-to-face: 30% (Retailing, camping, family visits)

2 years ago

I’m just one person. If and when I require details and clarity of transferring information nothing, absolutely nothing takes the place of a personal call.
I txt yes. I refuse to answer an unknown number yes. Are phones intrusive yes. At times. But again nothing takes the place of listening to the tenor of a voice to ensure I’m dealing with a person that has a command of details or is communicating correctly or is just trying to get rid of me and my question/s.
Someone here mentioned something to the effect ‘so much is lost in typed communication’.
I take detail in txt, yes. Lots and lots of times. But again if I sense – ok, here we go – I dial.

2 years ago

In my working life I was on the phone for 8+ hrs a day and some nights and weekend. Since retiring I talk with our children about once week. I know they have busy lives, so I txt with them almost daily and they respond when they can. I phone my sibling about once a month.

2 years ago

I call my kids or wife, not much else. The kids prefer texting, but I have a rule, if it takes more than 2 texts to complete the third will be a call.

2 years ago

You need to put a line in there for “How often do you text”

2 years ago

Mostly for business, I am on the phone alot. But, I don’t care for texting as much as personally speaking to somone.

Ron L
2 years ago

Since I’m very hard of hearing and even with my bluetooth hearing aids, talking on the phone is very difficult for me. Therefore I tend to not even try 99% of the time. I will talk to my wife as I’m am so familiar with her voice, inflections, and enunciating that I can usually understand what she is saying. So, I typically text as much as possible.

2 years ago

I use it more like a mini computer than talk on it. Especially when we are traveling.

Bob Palin
2 years ago

I cannot tell you how happy the results of this poll make me, I’m delighted by the number of people who rarely use the phone. Founder of Facebook group “The Telephone – Just Say No!”

2 years ago

This was a tough question to answer as I own an insurance business specializing in Medicare and Life products. During the virus shut down my phone was silent for days, but this week business has picked back up. Subtracting business calls, my answer is a few times a week. Work wise it’s multiple times every day…. thankfully!

2 years ago

I’m working from home, so I’m on the phone a lot. Socially though, not so much.

Allan Colgan
2 years ago

When I was young, my father was always on call. So, my sister and I were limited to three minutes on the phone if we made a call or someone called us. To this day (I am 75) I still keep my calls as short as possible and only when necessary.

2 years ago

Text more than talk – if it rings and. I do not know caller I do not answer / blocking lots of calls because of same reason / hate robo calls!!

Captn John
2 years ago

As little as possible! Cell phones are intrusive. I ignore all and only later decide if I want to return any.

2 years ago

I text multiple times a day with my husband who is in law enforcement/ public safety. Calling is too disruptive if he’s on a call. It takes seconds to just let him know I’m thinking about him as he goes about one of the most stressful jobs there is.

2 years ago
Reply to  Marty

God Bless your husband for his service!