Monday, October 3, 2022


How do you feel about flying in a commercial airliner right now?

Airports across the country saw a rise in traffic this past Memorial Day weekend. The TSA reported that they screened 300,000 people between Thursday and Friday of this past week, and while that’s a jump in numbers from weeks prior, it’s still not much. Over Memorial Day last year, in 2019, TSA screened 2 million air-traveling passengers.

What are your thoughts on air travel right now? Would you get on a plane? And what about the future? Do you think you’ll fly in 2020? What about 2021? The answer is, well, up in the air for many people across the globe.

Please vote in the poll below, and leave a comment on your thoughts on air travel now, or in several months.


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2 years ago

Airlines are more diligent than ever at this moment regarding sanitation and distancing. Flights are half full… best. Once this thing blows over and complacency resumes, flights will return to normal, and you’ll be packed in like sardines. Meanwhile, EVERYONE is buying an RV and hitting the road…..ridiculous! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go stand in line to hoard something.

2 years ago

I voted “no way” — although it is probably the reverse of most votes in that category. I already got the C19 vaccine, but I refuse to put up with any more security theater crap while flying. It’s just not worth travelling that way.

Last year, my “no flying” rule was that I’d drive 1500 miles one-way before even thinking of flying. They waste half a day with security theater, limit bag sizes, strip search me at EVERY checkpoint, and then literally WEDGE passengers into seats that pinch my hips, don’t allow for arms, and hammer my head (I’m 6’2″ and beefy armed). Now they’ve added mandatory masks when CDC/WHO/everyone with a brain knows they do NOTHING to stop virii anyway. The airlines and government want to kill the airline industry, I’ll let them.

Danny Wells
2 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

You already got the C19 vaccine ? That’s the first I’ve heard of a vaccine being tested on humans.

2 years ago

I have no worries about flying now or in the future. I have no worries about getting sick either. It’s all part of life you have to get sick to build up immunities. Yes you do run the risk of dying when you get sick, but that’s part of life too…everybody dies of something at some time. Life is about the living you do while you’re alive! Don’t be afraid, go live!

2 years ago

I totally get the mask thing on an airplane and on a train. If I had hind site I would have had our daughter when she took a train to NYC 4 years ago a mask. She visited some friends and within a week so sick that I thought I would have to fly out because she wanted to go to the hospital because she could not keep anything down. The family did not know what to do because they never saw anything like it. She wore a mask on the train home. Now when she flies? She wears a mask. But when we flew over 10 years ago we were fine. But we are planning a flight to WDW if we are not forced to wear a mask and social distance. My family is now so over this we want normal. There will never be a vaccine in time to remember what happened with the Spanish flu. It went away because our immune systems adapted. Ours will too. Enjoy cowering at home. I am enjoying my freedom to do what I want.

mike albert
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

Just a few things. The Spanish Flu has not disappeared and there is not an immunity. The existing FLUs (there are many strains) all are variations of the Spanish Flu.
Also, I guess you are not going to Disney, or any major theme parks for that matter. Disney and Universal are requiring masks by all visitors over the age of two and their employees as well as limiting the number of guest and requiring social distancing. At least that’s the plan as of 5/29. As far as flying, and this rule changes daily, depending on the airline, you may also be required to wear a mask while flying and some airports also require masks.
Masks and the requiring of them being worn are not an infringement of your “rights”. They are to prevent YOU spreading the virus to others, not to prevent the virus for you.
Your choice is to either wear or not, to go into an establishment or not and to help curb this terrible virus from the possibility of spreading.
I’m not in the medical field, but my wife is an RN, my son works as an RN and has a MSN, and also a PHN (public health nurse) and works in an infectious disease office doing pulmonary procedures; and my daughter in law, his wife, is a NICU nurse. They have a 19 month old daughter. They are required to have a temperature check every day before they walk into their respective hospitals, wear masks while inside the buildings and wear PPE including N95 masks, face shields, gloves and gowns, when doing procedures and treating patients.
Then, they go home each day, change clothes in the garage and throw the clothes in the washer.
So far, they nor my wife or anyone living in our homes have been affected. We have had family infected and friends and members of my lodge have had family member infected.
So, basically, wear a mask when out in public. Not to protect you, but others!

2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

My husband found that keeping his sinuses wet with some special oil helps him stay healthy on a plane. The air is “super filtered” so probably not the source of your daughter’s germs, but the dry air can increase the likelihood of getting ill. And we too refuse to stay home any more.

2 years ago

We work overseas 2X per year so flying is a must for us. Not afraid as we know precautions will be taken. Can’t be any worse than dealing with the TSA.

Denise Starzyk
2 years ago

My husband retired last June from a major airline (it seems just in time) so we have traded fast and high for low and slow and I am thrilled especially now. Would only get on a plane now in dire emergency or a small plane DH was flying.

Just Joshing U.
2 years ago

I just don’t know if I could. I have never flown one! Wouldn’t I have a license to fly one. I suppose I could try if someone really wants me to!!!

2 years ago

No thank you very much

2 years ago

I am a infectious disease nurse and have to travel on a 5 hr flight and a 3 hr return flight from Fort Myers, FL to Boston, MA 6/2/20. I have personal family business that must be tended to. Do I want to fly? No. Must I take the risk, yes. I will double mask, glove and wash hands regularly however, I am fearful after hearing an ID Doctor who contracted COVID believes he got it by not protecting his eyes. I will be wearing goggles on this flight as well!

2 years ago

I love flying – in the past. Now the seats are so crammed both in width and leg room, the ‘fun’ of flying no longer exists. I don’t understand why the FFA keeps allowing airlines to move seats closer to add more. I would bet people would have no problem paying more money for better comfort. So unless an emergency I will not be flying.

Chuck Dunn
2 years ago

20 years plus of service in which 4 of the 5 times the aircraft came down when it wasn’t supposed to has cured me of any desire to fly. Then add the aggravation just to get on the plane? No Thanks, I drive or even walk before I get on a plane

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I haven’t flown anywhere in many years. I used to fly home and back to work every weekend, but I got sick of being crammed into a airborne subway — and it hasn’t gotten any better since. I have an RV to use if I want to go anywhere. Perhaps in a serious emergency, but only then.

2 years ago

We haven’t flown since 9-11, not from fear of terrorists or COVID or anything else but because of all the hassles and inconveniences. If we can’t drive there in our own vehicle or RV, we aren’t going — now or any time in the future.

2 years ago

I flew regularly for work over the years and never enjoyed it. The planes were always crowded and uncomfortable. The airports were messy and unorganized. 911 made it worse since nobody seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing on a daily basis.

I realize that flying is generally the safest means of traveling but all the discomfort barely makes it worth it.

Connie VH
2 years ago

DH and I are still online MH shopping, and we’ve broadened our search to nationwide. He’s a bit younger than I am (“my boy toy”) so he’ll be the one flying to spread out parts of the country as we find those that meet our very strict criteria. Fortunately, he knows what to do and not do.

I think we all should know by now.

2 years ago

The first time I ever flew was on a Ford Tri-Motor out of Sandusky Ohio in 1954 and it was absolutely thrilling and it led me to flying often. For the first 20 years or so flying was a luxurious and dignified experience but it gradually got to the point of being worse than taking a Greyhound or Continental Trailways bus ever was. We flew for the last time in 1989 when we bought the first of 6 motorhomes we’ve owned and committed to never leaving the ground again as flying has become a totally degrading and annoying experience, even in !st Class. If we can’t get there by road, rail, or boat, we simply don’t go. Life’s too short to unnecessarily expose yourself to the absurd aggravation of flying commercially.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago
Reply to  BruceinAz

My first ride in an airplane was also in a Ford Trimotor, at the age of 5.

2 years ago

Flying – not just now. Flew on occasion for business. After 911 and an experience at Atlanta airport, (TSA hassle and missing flight – just because I wear cowboy boots), I will never fly again – except for my body to get home to bury. People talk about taking away our freedom with the virus – 911 took away many more freedoms and the complainers still fly. I will wear a mask but no govt is going to frisk me for no reason.

Sally Summerfield
2 years ago

I am full time and currently in Wyoming/Montana. I fly to Cleveland’ Clinic every 3 months for their Melanoma clinic and their Lupus clinic. Just one of the things I need to do. I’ve taken hydroxychloroquin daily for 13 years so maybe that will help. I will also be wearing a mask and face shield.

Bob and Charlotte Champlin
2 years ago

Now I’m going to get on my soapbox. You opened the door. I have not flown since 9/11, nor will I until the crazy security measures are done away with. Yes, I know there are security and safety needs. But, the measures that our government undertook following 9/11 have taken away our freedoms. With the technologies of today there are so ways to combat terrorists without restricting travelers. The restrictions imposed have done nothing but tell the terrorists that they won!

2 years ago

The airlines have ruined the joy and pleasures of flight! With three row seating and virtually no legroom and the seat in front of you reclines! How dumb is this? I remember the days – and joys – of the DC6, DC7 and the Lockheed Electra and even into the jet-age with the Boeing 707. Outstanding service and comfort!

Now it is our motorhome or sleeper class on AMTRAK which is still a fairly nice service – and will continue if they remove the airline executives in the head office before they can destroy rail service to airline level with “more people – less cars” no food or box lunches and regional trains vs long distance.

I have flown thousands of miles and in fact have a commercial certificate and an instrument rating – now gathering dust and mold in my wallet.