Are you, by nature, a hugger?


We all know those people…. The people who insist on hugging you even if it has only been a short time since you saw them last. Are you that person or do you dislike that kind of person?

COVID-19 has changed the handshaker, but will COVID-19 change the hugger too? It’ll probably feel strange to get a hug from a friend or family member after many months without hugging. Who will be the first person you’ll hug?

Yes, things, including hugging, will be different for a long time to come.

Do you like to hug people? Some people can’t stand when other people touch them, is that you? Please tell us in the poll below, and remember, it may take a few moments to load.

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ThreeQuarter ton
24 days ago

I have many close friends that I hug. And some relatives too. I only hug those I really care about. Thanks to Covid 19 I am really missing them! I hope a vaccine is coming soon!

27 days ago

I’m a hugger. I warn churches I interview to pastor that I’m a hugger. I told the congregation at church that I am still willing despite Covid-19 and have had a few takers. I will not live in fear!

27 days ago

I’m a hugger. Visiting kids and grands for the first time since this started. I’m hugging them. I’ve refrained from my usual hugging when seeing friends – we practice social distancing – but it’s been really hard on me. My hubby hugs more than usual to help but I will go back to hugging when this has passed.

Ron Story
27 days ago

Iam a Hugger

Bob p
28 days ago

Depends on what she looks like. Lol

Lazy Q
28 days ago

Tip of my hat to you.

Jan Prins
28 days ago

I am French…I HUG!……….

Marilyn M
28 days ago

I am a hugger. With Coronavirus that has had to stop – but that was OK as I have my husband and our animals. WELL! He has had to go up to the States (we are currently in northern Baja) for medical treatments so this means no hugs for 4 weeks – from him or our 2 dogs!! I have to stay here as our cat has decided that he doesn’t want to travel any longer and I’m allergic to him anyways. It is going to be a long 4 weeks.

28 days ago

I like a hug every now and again, but I am not that person.

28 days ago

Not anymore. Gloved fist bump or just a nod.

28 days ago

I enjoy a good hug, but, I believe everyone should respect other people’s space. I don’t liked to be hugged by people I don’t like. I once had a man come up to me who I did not care for and say “I’m a hugger” and I replied “I’m not” and extended my hand. He said “be friendly ” to which I replied “be respectful ” and extended my hand again and he said “nevermind” and walked away. I’m good with being friendly but having someone press their body against mine that I don’t like, or get creepy vibes from, no thank you.

28 days ago
Reply to  Shannon

I agree with you – I am a hugger as well but usually you can tell when someone doesn’t invite you in for the hug. Always be respectful of others. During this Covid-19 I miss hugging the most. Soon…

D Fulton
28 days ago

Hugging is no longer an option for us. I am pretty sure most of the world feels this way.

James LaGasse
28 days ago

Not a category I can check, I don’t like to be hugged by people I don’t know, people who will hug me when my spouse is not around, or people who make a big show about hugging others but not when they don’t have an audience. Hugging is a show of affection, when people hug someone they won’t have a conversation with or spend time with, that is unacceptable.

28 days ago

Will continue to do

28 days ago

You left out an option, I’m a hugger BUT I’m not inclined to hug a stranger unless it is to show empathy for a situation.

28 days ago

I’ve never been a huggy-touchy person, beyond family members, not even thrilled about handshaking. Huggers just assume everyone else wants a hug. Not true. I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and came out with wounds and bandages all over me. Then a jerk hugger I used to work with came up behind me and squeezed my shoulder really hard, thinking he was being friendly. It almost put me on the floor, which almost made me throw him across the room. So, watch it, huggers, before you hurt someone, and then get hurt yourself.

28 days ago

I hug, kiss & love on my grandbabies, just as I did my own kids. I hug my adult children & my parents when I see them. I will hug my closest of friends. This is my tribe. To strangers, think of me as a cacti. I don’t want or have any need to be touched by a stranger in any way. I’m not rude or unapproachable, but I have never wanted strangers to come into that little bubble of space we are all entitled to have, that is wrapped around us.

Cheryl Bacon
28 days ago
Reply to  Renee

Well said! I have actually welcomed some of the changes Covid-19 have caused. I don’t miss the crowds at all. I like going back in time and affording everyone the right to their “bubble”. I like the quieter restaurants and public places. I like businesses appreciating me spending money in their establishments, instead of them thinking they are doing me a favor of taking my money.

Dave J
28 days ago

Raised in a community of huggers.
When on Red Cross duty one of my very visible pins reads “I hug because I care”

It’s going to be a bit different for a while however.

Martha H.
28 days ago

I miss hugging! When the pandemic is over, I’m going to walk down Main St. and hug everyone, even strangers.

28 days ago
Reply to  Martha H.

As a non-hugger, that would really upset me. Please understand that not everyone enjoys being hugged by a stranger.

28 days ago
Reply to  Martha H.

Don’t be surprised if someone slaps you.