Tuesday, October 4, 2022


How long has it been since you rode a bicycle?

In April of 2018 we asked in a poll if you bring along a bicycle with you on your RV travels. A quarter of you said yes, you always bring a bicycle with you, and another 15 percent say you bring one along often.

Even though it’s been a couple of years since we asked the question, there’s a good chance that those of you who brought bikes along then, still bring them along now, so you’ve probably ridden a bike recently, or fairly recently.

When was the last time you hopped on a bike? Is it something you enjoy doing, even if it’s not something you do often? Please vote below and leave a comment too if you wish.


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2 years ago

Hadn’t ridden a bicycle for over 30 yrs ,.. decided it was time to restart. Rode for about 1 wk before I wrecked & ended up with cracked ribs. Now have a 3 wheeler like a little kid but it’s not the same as a 2 wheel. Doesn’t maneuver as well, nor does it handle hills comfortably. As a teenager I rode a coaster almost as well as others rode their 3 speed. Was usually able to keep up with the others. But now as a 60+ bone breakage, balance & stamina are not at their best.

2 years ago

Does an electric bike count? 🙂

2 years ago

I rode some today on a regular bike. I prefer riding my electric bike especially up the small hills in the neighborhood. I use the electric motor just for going up hills.

Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

We carried bikes along and rode them often for ten years. When we got our Jeep Wrangler tow’d the current bikes were in bad shape from months on the roof of the prior tow’d and We had no rack to carry bikes. I had also suffered a thumb joint injury and did not want to reinjure it. So no bikes since 2012 🙁 Still miss riding, but if got really desperate I could rent. Haven’t because we no,longer have helmets and won’t ride without.

2 years ago

On the news out of Rhinelander Wisconsin a guy rode his bike from crandon Wisconsin to Rhinelander, wi for work. 2 and one half hours one way everyday of the year. A guy raised enough funds to buy this guy a car. Then the guy who raised enough money to buy the car had money left over too pay this guys car insurance for the year. The guy who rode his bike and got the new car said he can afford paying car insurance on his own.

Tom Smithbrother
2 years ago

When is the last time you took a long walk would be a great question too.

2 years ago

Just got back an hour ago from a great Mtn Bike ride in the foothills of the White Mountains, New Hampshire

Bob p
2 years ago

Stupidly gave into pressure from wife, daughter and son in law and bought a 13 speed touring bike with handle bars about 15” wide. I could barely balance the bike at slow speed. After returning home I put a for sale sign on it and sold it for $35. Good riddance!

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

Not since college. I’m assuming motorcycles don’t count.

Lynn Morgan
2 years ago

I have two brand new knees, so it will be a few months till I resume riding. Currently doing a little stationary bike riding.

2 years ago

It’s been about 3 years since I owned a pedal bike, but I had a Segway for a couple of years since & now have an E bike that has no pedals, just electric drive.

2 years ago

I loved to ride my bike. But 50 years ago I had a cyst removed from my spine and couldn’t ride without severe nerve pain after that. I miss riding.

Pat G
2 years ago

Probably 50 + years for me..My Husband {84} did it last week, 1st time in35 years, and said he had a hard time balancing it. Eventually it clicked and he had a good ride…Not true that you never forget how to ride a bike..

David Binkley
2 years ago

Even at 56 young years of age I am still a bit too into cycling. About 10,000 miles a year give or take and hundreds of thousands of feet of vertical climbing a year. And today I will have to hop on the indoor trainer for a spell due to rain. But no gray hair yet!

2 years ago

Actually, answering for my husband who now mountain bikes. He went yesterday.

Jim Langley
2 years ago

I ride a bicycle every single day at least once, sometimes more.

Gary Reed
2 years ago

We have a fabulous bike trail just minutes from our house which runs 20 miles. Depending on the weather (rain or just to hot) l like to ride about 16 miles 2 or 3 times a week.

2 years ago

Now, I ride my motorcycle quite often.

2 years ago

We bring our bikes everytime but I have a balance problem so my hubby goes without me. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to ride again!

Leanne Hopkins
2 years ago

Over a year ago, I got on a bike for the first time in 30 years. I wanted to be able to go riding with my grandson. I was very wobbly, But I was happy to ride it in front of the house. I was standing in the driveway straddling the bike so excited when somehow the heavy, old style bike twisted and started to fall. I did a faceplant, busting my lip, cracking my nose and forehead. My husband gave the bike away. I still want a bike; Maybe a 3 wheeler.
I really hope you’re able to ride again. There’s nothing like it (at least that’s how I remember it).

Ron T
2 years ago

I try to ride once a week during the warmer months normally covering 20-35 miles. It impresses my doctors . . .