Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Have you ever won a sports trophy?

Trophies have marked victories, especially those in sporting events, since ancient times. In fact, the word trophy, coined in English in 1550, was derived from the French word trophée, which meant “a prize of war.”

The first trophies, those given after a war, were most often made of human body parts of those they defeated: an ear, an arm, a leg, etc. Now that’s probably not the kind of trophy you want on a shelf in your home!

Have you ever won a sports trophy? What about your kids or grandkids? Do you have it proudly displayed somewhere in your home or RV or is it packed away in storage?

If you’ve ever won another type of trophy, not related to sports, tell us about it in the comments.


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2 years ago

it is only a small hand made bowl. Third place finish by age group in a charity 10K back some 8 or 9 years ago. It is in my garage on a shelf. It holds no special place of honor and is just a reminder that once I could do a 10K, but probably not a repeatable performance.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

A small one for spelling in the sixth grade and in 1982, rookie of the year for figure 8 racing at Islip Speedway in NY.


Paul Swalina
2 years ago

I won quite a few trophies when I used to race cars. However they are all somewhere in the back Bay of Biloxi Mississippi. I lost just about everything I own in hurricane Katrina. But I still have to find memories of my glory days of racing Porsches.

butch morgan
2 years ago

only award I ever got was a Golden Shovel Award from a funeral home I worked for 16 years. It wasn’t for digging graves. I drove the owner crazy with BS !!!!

2 years ago

I was a recipient of several trophies during high school for successes in individual swim team free-style and butterfly and had a “letter sweater” adorned with a varied assortment of “sewn on” patches for softball, volleyball, academia and leadership achievements. The only remaining evidence is located within photos within a 3-year span of year books. Memories, sweet memories.

2 years ago

I had to say NO to sports trophy, but I have won a rather cerebral one when I was a teenager for Bible knowledge and memorization. In preparation we studied a book of the Bible, memorized parts of it, and wrote our own questions and answers that might be required of us to know. I sometimes wrote hundreds of questions on one small book. Teams were asked 20 questions and we had to be the first to either stand or press a button to be the first to light up the panel. Then when called on we had to finish the question (not easy), if necessary, and answer the question correctly. I was on the team for 5 years. We had monthly competitions with multiple teams plus an annual round robin between teams from all over the Chicago area. I won the Personal award (for most questions answered correctly in a year) once. Due to a probable miscount I missed getting it a second time. Years later my son won the same trophy. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cindy

I forgot to mention I also won some music trophies for piano as a child. It was only from my teacher at an annual recital, but to me it was a big deal.

2 years ago

Several for high school swimming. I swam the backstroke leg of our medley relay (back, butterfly, breast, freestyle). We were section champs in NoCal, back in the day.

2 years ago

I won a number of junior golf tournaments as a youngster and won the State of Tennessee High School Golf Championship. Golf WAS a lot of fun however I rarely if ever play now.

Racing replaced golf.

Have Vintage Road Raced all across the country for over 20 years. Won a number of class wins in 1-3 hour Endurance races and sprint races.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I have a second-place cup for a sailboat race. I may have taken a couple of other seconds or thirds (no trophy) in the past, but I can’t precisely remember, it’s been a while. I got out of racing when it got more stressful than I wanted to deal with. RVing is much more laid back.

2 years ago

Sports – NO. For skills in woodworking – YES. Nimble feet and legs – not so much. Nimble fingers and mind – a little bit.

2 years ago

First drag race I ever entered at the local dragstrip, I got a trophy that I still have. Never was able to win another no matter how much money I spent.

Roger Marble
2 years ago

When I was doing Sports Car Road Racing I won many over 50 races as semi-pro. Set lap records at Mid-Ohio, Shannonville Canada, Watkins Glen, Nelson Ledges, and Lime Rock. Won my class at 6 consecutive 24 hour events at Nelson Ledges in Ohio. Won at Watkins Glen, 2nd at Daytona in shorter events.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

Very impressive, Roger! Way back when (in my wild young adulthood), I raced a cop off the line at a stoplight. I beat him, and I guess my prize was not getting pulled over! 😆 —Diane at RVtravel.com

Sally Summerfield
2 years ago

High school cheerleading competition team and state bowling competition

Christine Gray
2 years ago

I won several trophies in high school for excellence in the band. I was a darn good flutist! As a senior, I won the John Phillips Souza award!

Janet Noble
2 years ago

I showed American Saddlebred horses as a kid and have been showing dogs in conformation and performance events since 1984. I had TONS of trophies but had to let them go when I went to full time RV’ing. I did keep some of the most significant such as the trophy I got with my Rottie Abbo for having the highest score in protection at the Rottweiler world championship and the one my Rottie Toby won when he won the American Rottweiler Club’s Top Twenty at the Nationals. They are in storage. I took the other trophies and took the indentifying placques from the front and kept them. I then donated the trophies to the local 4-H dog program. I also kept some significant ribbons like Toby’s Best in Show and his daughter Abby’s Best in Opposite {bleeped} Specialty. The BOSS ribbon is longer than I am tall and the rosette part is bigger than my head! LOL

2 years ago

Wes McClean was a soccer goalie and soldier in Vietnam in the mid 60’s. When he gave his life for us he had set aside a bequest for a trophy to be awarded annually to other goalies. I was the first recipient of that trophy and cherish it above all others. Know that you are still remembered Wes.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago
Reply to  Cam

Thank you for sharing that!

Bob Berends
2 years ago

I got a quarter finals trophy last Sunday at Bandimere Speedway, Drag racing my 2015 RAM dually tow vehicle.

2 years ago

I have no interest in sports. Especially those high school sports that few can play and drive up taxes like football . 50 players and multi million dollar stadiums for what? 8 games a season?

Skip Trafford
2 years ago

Won 9 world archery titles over a 55 year international career including 14 overseas US National Team competitions. Still hold some world records. Our family of six has won 25 world titles and all six of us still hold world field archery records. Only reason our four “kids” aren’t still competing is they went to and graduated from the US Naval and Air Force Academies and are on active duty now. We have hundreds and hundreds of trophies in our garage loft. The only ones we display in the house are all the medals for national championships and above; there just isn’t enough room and really, the memory and the thrill of the past “hunts” is better than the tangible objects.

Ron L
2 years ago

When I was 10 (66 years ago), I won a trophy for being on that year’s Little League Baseball team! About 20 years later, i won a trophy for the highest bowling score at a tournament. Hey, just color me an athletic stable genius. Oh, and i also won a trophy at the local drag strip in “B-Gas” in my 59 corvette powered Volvo.