If you were offered rattlesnake as an appetizer, would you eat it?


Back in July of 2018, we asked in a poll, “How picky are you with food?” The highest percentage of voters, 45 percent, said they like many foods, but won’t try anything adventurous (do we think that includes rattlesnake?). However, 36 percent answered that they’d try anything once. At the other end of the spectrum, 8 percent answered that they’re very picky and only eat a few things that they know they like.

If we have the same voters today as we had back then, these poll numbers may match up. Shall we see?

Tell us below, if rattlesnake was put on the table in front of you as an appetizer, would you eat it?

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Ed Hibbs
7 days ago

I tried rattlesnake as an appetizer in a tomato based sauce a few years ago while traveling with friends. Tasted like chicken, no big deal.

9 days ago

I’ve tried it, wasn’t awful. I wouldn’t today because I’d think about the diet of a snake… rodents and babies, oh my!

10 days ago

I said yes but that probably means my wife won`t kiss me for a while.

Bill Fisher
10 days ago

Depends on how many pre-dinner cocktails I had.

Larry Cooke
11 days ago

I’m vegetarian so not a hard choice.

Brenda G
11 days ago
Reply to  Larry Cooke

Another “no-meat” eater.

Sink Jaxon
11 days ago

I would eat anything except raw fish or the inside parts of any animal (although I have on both counts)

11 days ago

Bite back sez me😎

11 days ago

I saw my first rattlesnake of the season yesterday. Unfortunately/fortunately it had gotten too close to the road crew’s bush hog mower.

Ronald Duncan
11 days ago

Then why not just eat chicken if it tastes the same ?

11 days ago

As a much younger person, a group of us used to go out in the foothills near Morgan Hill CA and hunt rattlers. We would eat the meat and sell the skins to a local fellow who made things out of them. Not so sure I would do that now. At that age we were invincible.

11 days ago

Its been a few years, but I have eaten rattlesnake a few times. There used to be a restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. that served Rattle Snake. Sadly it is no longer open. The best way I could describe it was it sort of had the texture and taste of corned beef. Bon Apetit

11 days ago

i do not eat anything that has/had eyes. been that way for 28 plus years now!!

11 days ago
Reply to  arlene

No potatoes then?

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
11 days ago
Reply to  Jim

😆 –Diane at RVtravel.com

Sink Jaxon
11 days ago
Reply to  Jim

HA! very good…my laugh for the day!

James R Teal
11 days ago

My family has, and liked it

Diane Mc
11 days ago

I had alligator and like it. Something about rattlesnake gives me the creeps. Go figure. LOL.

Connie VH
11 days ago

If you’ve spent any time in Texas – especially West Texas – you’d totally be OK with it.

11 days ago

I have already had rattlesnake. It is good.

Dave Stansbury
11 days ago

Absolutely I’d try it. I heard it’s tasty. And I’ve even been bitten by one! A pygmy rattler. Don’t think you could eat one of those.

Sharon B
11 days ago

With the python invasion in Florida I would think they are good eating. However, never tried one. …but I would.

11 days ago

If it tastes like chicken, why not just eat chicken? I think I would try it though.

Patricia Panuccio
11 days ago

Tastes like chicken