How often do you go grocery shopping?


Your answer to this question might be different now than it was six months ago, pre-coronavirus (sigh). But we still want to know: How often do you go grocery shopping?

There are people (perhaps a staff member here included…) who go to the grocery store every day or almost every day. Is that you? Or do you hate going grocery shopping so much that you only go once a month or once every couple of months? There could be other factors here too, of course, such as budget or health or mobility.

Give the poll below a vote and tell us how often you go (or if you purchase your groceries online and make someone else do the shopping for you). It may take a moment to load, but as always, we appreciate your patience.

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28 days ago

When out in the TT we shop as needed. It is not a problem when we are out exploring as we stop on the way back to camp. We do keep supplies that will last us a week or so but find it just as easy to pick up fresh every two or three days.

Dick Burgman
28 days ago

Since we are retired we do our exploring Monday thru Friday and grocery shop on Saturday.

29 days ago

My wife goes once a week. She will not let me go along because I slow her down. When I went with her about 5 years ago I was amazed at what you could buy in a grocery store and it took me forever to look at everything. I thought they just carried meat, potatoes, green beans and milk. Frozen pizza and lawn chairs! Who’d a thunk it?

Gene Bjerke
29 days ago

I chose the last option because it is the closest. Since the pandemic my daughter-in-law does all the shopping and most of the cooking because she is the youngest, and heathiest, one in this extended (and elderly) family. Before, we went to the store every couple of days.

29 days ago

Since our stores are 130 miles from home, we usually go twice a month.

29 days ago

In Feb and March, I tried to go once a month. But I had so many items on my list that I was in the store for over an hour. Plus they were out of a lot of things. Now we buy staples online from Walmart with free FedEx delivery. I go to the store about every 10 days and can quickly get in and out. Walmart online has a lot better selection than our small town store and they notify you when out of stock items are back in stock.

Don’t order anything in glass jars from Walmart for FedEx delivery. Walmart doesn’t know how to pack glass jars for shipment.

Rick Sorrenti
29 days ago

Every Thursday is 5% off

Tommy Molnar
29 days ago

We basically go shopping when we need to. When boondocking it’s almost never more often than every two weeks.

Seann Fox
29 days ago

When I need food, usually once a week

29 days ago

We order online and then drive by for pickup. Not as much fun but safer during the pandemic.

29 days ago

My grocery shopping habits are much different on the road than at home. On top of that, I think everyone’s habits have changed in the past 7 months! I used to be a weekly shopper but now go every two weeks. I have gotten much better at meal planning and actually spend less money this way. Since grocery shopping is not one of my favorite pastimes, I think I’ll continue this pattern going forward.

Sink Jaxon
29 days ago
Reply to  Arlene

I wholeheartedly agree with you!

Diane Mc
29 days ago
Reply to  Arlene

This a thousand times. I dislike shopping in general. Clothes, groceries, most anything (except cars :-)). I’ve been online shopping for clothes for years. Try on at home, my convenience, return rejects by mail. However, I was grocery shopping weekly in store. Moved to online for fresh items, and most staples with the pandemic. When it comes to meat/poultry we go to Costco. That way we are good for a month and much better quality than our grocery store. One exception to grocery shopping is when traveling. Love going into local stores to see regional products we can’t get at home. Just grilled some delicious sausage we found at the Piggly Wiggly in Breaux Bridge Louisiana several months ago. Nice memory from trip!