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Do you bring bicycles with you on your RV trips?

Bikes are a great form of exercise, and they’re usually pretty popular with RVers. It’s fun to plan trips around which campgrounds or RV parks are easiest or nicest to bike around, and which ones are closest to great biking trails.

When you travel in your RV, do you bring your bike or bikes along with you? If you don’t own a bike, do you have any desire in getting one?

Thanks for voting in our poll below. If you have any questions about RVing with a bike, feel free to leave a comment. Maybe an RVing bicycle expert will get back to you.


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Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I have MS and unfortunately can’t ride one anymore.

1 year ago

We just turned 70 and traded in our ‘old’ bikes for E-bikes. What a totally new and wonderful experience! We got them with wide tires and front shocks, as we do some unpaved roads and mellow trails. We even got a dog trailer for our Lab/mix. We do much more biking, enjoy it much more and are therefore getting much more exercise, even with pedal assist. Going up hills is no longer a dreaded experience. They are heavier than your typical bike, but we find them quite a nice and enjoyable way to quietly explore campgrounds, back roads, bike trails and just get around the local area. If you are putting them on the back of your car or trailer, but especially your trailer, make sure you get a heavy duty bike rack that is rated for this type of bike. Most bike racks are not rated to safely carry ebikes on the back of a trailer. Do your research before buying bikes or a bike rack. This could open up a whole new world of biking for you, young or old.

Richard Chabrajez
1 year ago

We’ve had a couple of fat-tired E bikes since the beginning of our full time adventure. The fat tires allow much more control on soft, graveled roads. When we’re on a long ride in a hilly area or into a stiff breeze, that’s when they really pay for themselves!

1 year ago

Just got a fold up electric assist bike. It is great for us “more mature” folks and I love it.

1 year ago

We have a class C and don’t tow a vehicle. Bikes are great for short shopping trips or excursions as well as exercise. If we need a car we can always rent one or use a ride share service.

Timothy J Detiveaux
1 year ago

We bring bikes but no golf cart. Walking and biking are great ways to stay in shape.

1 year ago

We used to bring our tandem bicycle until my wife’s knees got so bad that she can’t ride anymore. I planned on bringing mine this time leaving MN, but didn’t do that either. No time to get it ready to ride, and it’s no fun riding alone anymore.

Glenda Alexander
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

Dan, could your wife use an electric bike? I imagine that she’s not having much fun NOT cycling.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

Dan ~ my wife’s MS weakened one leg to the extent it became difficult for her to ride a bike. Then we bought electric bikes and we comfortably do rides of several miles.

1 year ago

We’ve take our bikes on most of our RV trips. We plan our trips around finding bike paths that enable us to ride away from traffic. We’ve found that MI has done a great job developing bike paths away from traffic. We feel much safer when we can ride on trails as opposed to roads
We are heading to Moab soon. We have been using the alltrails app to find both bike paths and hiking trails.

1 year ago

We did have bikes with us, but stories of broken hips and things started to tell us maybe we are to old for that. Was fun out West on flat ground though.

1 year ago

We have folding pedal-assist ebikes. Never camp without them!

1 year ago

Early in our fulltime adventures I carried a folding pedal bike with 20″ wheels. Then I came across a Kickstarter internet campaign for a new concept in e-bikes. The first generation produced 50 of the bikes with a range of 12-15 miles, weighing 20lbs., with no pedals, chain, etc., strictly electric. I got 2 of them. Now they’re coming out with a 2nd generation of the bike, at 23lbs.,& semi-fat tires. I’m getting one of those. They’re very compact & lightweight. I can carry it right behind the front seat in our truck. They’re called JackRabbit. I think they will be popular with students on campus, rvers, private pilots, boaters, etc. Check them out at

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