Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Do you walk or jog regularly for exercise? 

There’s a good chance the coronavirus pandemic has done one of two things for you regarding exercise. Either 1.) You’re in better shape than you were pre-pandemic because you’ve been walking or exercising often, or 2.) You’re in worse shape now because, well, everyone told you to stay inside!

Which is true for you? Or are you somewhere in between? In normal times, do you walk or jog on a regular basis for exercise? Do you exercise in any other forms? Or do you tend to not exercise at all?

Please tell us in the poll below. Leave a comment too if your exercise routine includes something other than walking or jogging. Maybe you’ll inspire others!


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David Binkley
1 year ago

At 56 I still ride my bicycle round about 200 miles a week, 300 if training for a specific event.

D Haley
1 year ago

I hunt so I walk, I fish so I walk and the three beagles insist that i walk and play. Just not as fast as age is moving along.

Tom Macfarlane
1 year ago

I have no choice but to walk every day. My dog 🐕 insists! We usually do 1 1/2 to 2 miles a day.

1 year ago

Way too hot for jogging here during the ***** Virus shutdown. Plus a prior shattered knee still gives me problems. I do work in the flower garden a couple hours a day, early morning and early evening. Also use an air bike here in the AC at home

1 year ago

Only walk as right knee is gone to the bone. Only running i do is to the bank or bathroom.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I get plenty of exercise with cooking, setting up and tearing down after camping, plus chasing after two dogs.

John W
1 year ago

We walk more when we’re camping then when we are home, but regardless, we walk mostly to give our two labs exercise, so we reap the benefits too.

1 year ago

We do get out and walk a bit for the exercise of it. I must say along with that is the fact I have a bad knee and if I am out for very long I need to use my cane. Slow is the way to go and I need to stay on level ground.

Brian D
1 year ago

I like hill walking & incline treadmill walking with a weighted vest, couple days a week. Dumbbell workouts 3 days a week and occasionally the elliptical. Don’t run anymore, too much stress on my knee and feet.

Bob P
1 year ago

Right knee is bone on bone, no cartilage, but Dr. says until it’s bothering me he won’t operate, about every 8 months it gives me trouble and a shot of cortisone fixes it for 8 months.

Jim Knoch
1 year ago

I also enjoy bicycling since it isn’t as hard on the old knees as walking long distances and is a bit cooler in the Southern heat and humidity.

1 year ago

We purchased a side-by-side, 4-wheel bicycle for two (QuadracycleLLC.com) during the Chinese virus and try to ride every other day. We are up to 18 miles per day now and really love it!

1 year ago

Every day I walk 5-8 miles at a pretty good clip 15-16 mph). Same now as before March.

1 year ago

Lift weights, planking and push ups, then a 10K brisk walk/jog everyday.  

Timothy Johnson
1 year ago

We ride bikes if the area is level..

Brad Teubner
1 year ago

Needs the option “no, I do something else (swim, bike, pickleball, etc) for exercise”

1 year ago

We go hiking, seeing sights. Sometimes it’s in the city, going to museums, other times it’s trails to interesting places like canyons and waterfalls. No daily exercise walks or runs.

Ron T
1 year ago

I did walk some this year during the earlier lockdown. Now I’m back to my regular warm weather biking. Just this Saturday I biked 30 miles, but usually try to keep it between 20-25 miles roughly once a week. I often see other bikers who appear to be around my same age (70) but don’t know how far they bike. I enjoy the scenery and wildlife on trails and rural roads.

Glenn Abbott
1 year ago

My dog makes sure I walk several times daily. LOL

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