Friday, December 9, 2022


How many air conditioners does your RV have?


Remember the days when RVs only had one air conditioner (and that was only if you were lucky and it was working!)? Nowadays, some of these new RVs have three or four ACs built into them. You’ll never be hot again!

Do you have an older or newer model RV? How many air conditioners does it have? Have you installed additional ACs, or have you uninstalled one or two? Feel free to answer those questions in the comments below. We’d like to know!

As always, thanks for voting in our poll.

P.S. If you have more than one AC and don’t know about SoftStartRV™, you’ll certainly want to read about it here.

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Dick Burgman
2 years ago

We have a 2007 Newmar motor coach and it has 3 AC/heat pump units on the roof and the AC in the dash when weare driving.

Dennis G.
2 years ago

Two A/C in a 24 year old 29′ coach, with both on individual digital thermostats.
We are super happy.

Lisa Adcox
2 years ago

We have two ACs. One works on a thermostat and other you just turn to high or low. It’s in the bedroom. It will freeze you out. I put a fan right at door to blow cold air out of bedroom AC when on, works great. At night the one AC that is ducted works great to keep us cool through night.

Tom B
2 years ago

I have a class c so I didn’t count the chassis air. One seems enough, because the idea is to be outside. Park in the shade, and have it made in the shade!

2 years ago

I have but one a/c in my 40′ Glendale Titanium and it doesn’t do a lot for the bedroom but I don’t want a noisy a/c in there. I think my Maxxair fan will suffice even though I do like it chill when I sleep.

2 years ago

My 35’ Cardinal came with three units. Two 13.5k units and one 15k unit with heat pump. It has an energy management system so you can run all units. Cools down quickly.

Fred Crowley
2 years ago

We have a 43′ 5th wheel with 2 bedrooms, and of course the living room/kitchen area. Bought the rig new in 2014. The rig came with 2 roof ACs. Quickly discovered that the 2 ACs fed a common distribution duct running from the front bedroom to the rear bedroom. The 2 ACs were working against each other! Rear bedroom would never really cool off much. We travel a lot in the southwest. Outside temperatures are often in the high 90s or as high as 110. To solve the problem, I had a 3rd roof top AC installed for the rear bedroom (ran a separate 120v circuit from the breaker box for this 3rd AC unit). Our power is obviously 50 amps. Then I blocked the common duct such that each AC was only feeding one area (rear bedroom, living/kitchen, front master bedroom). All 3 ACs are individually controlled by a thermostat. Even with an outside temperature of 110 degree, in the direct sun, in Tucson, the inside temp in the living area (the largest area) only reached 79 degrees!

2 years ago

We traveled for decades in two different VW Westfalias, without A/C and had the times of our lives. We finally got a Class B with one A/C. I don’t know if we added A/C because of global warming or … maybe global aging??

2 years ago

We have a 34′ Class A with the A/C located in the basement and ducted thruout the motorhome thru ceiling vents. It works wonderfully – no vibration and very low sound level – only the swishing sound of the air. I did put a 75% plug in the kitchen vent as it was too cold. Being in the basement it is out of the direct sun and condensation is drained from the bottom onto the ground. Great system! It operates on either 30 or 50 amp! We only use 30a.

2 years ago

Poll would not load on my phone. We have 2 AC units and usually run 1 at a time. Both were noisy and vibrated the MH before making adjustments.

What I found is the MH manufacturer excessively tightened down the units compressing the foam seals causing the AC units to transmit sound and vibration throughout the coach. Per the AC manufacturer (Coleman ) the 4 mounting bolts should be a little over snug and the gap from the AC unit to the roof should be apx. 3/4 inch, the bolts can be accessed from the inside of the RV by taking off the AC cover. Also the bolts Should be checked for tightness once a year to prevent water intrusion as this area is the #1 place for water entry into the roof area.

Dave J
2 years ago

One but we very rarely use it, even in Quartzsite, because we are just about ways dry camping — no AC (alternating current = no AC (air conditioning).

Deborah Mason
2 years ago

Our MH came with a main AC in the main area and a second one, on a separate circuit (of course) in the bedroom. We have rarely used the second one. Sometimes because we’re on a 30amp shore power, often because we don’t want to be where we really, truly need that second AC running. But they both work well. And the vent system does bring the air from the front AC into the bedroom, so it’s not an oven.

Norm W
2 years ago

We have 2 ACs, when it’s 107* outside…it’s 97 inside….next 5th will have 3 ACs and better insulation. Thats the part I do believe in about global warming….it’s getting hotter!

2 years ago


John P Macatee
2 years ago

Traveled to Death Valley on August 17, 2020. Stayed for six weeks just a half hour out. My 24′ Artic Fox has one a/c and it did a great job, fan and temp were not on full either! Average daily temp was 112 de grees! Coleman Mach.

2 years ago

It’s 23 in western Montana this morning. Too abruptly cold to think about AC.

2 years ago

My 5er has two AC units. My travel trailer has one.

2 years ago

Our 13.5 btu is way too big for a 24ft travel trailer. It makes too much noise and vibrates the trailer. We’ve only used ours 5 times in 12 years. It would make a better boat anchor. A cabinet A/C of about 6000 btus would work much better and be quieter. They slap the same thing on just about every unit with no consideration to size. In Europe, Dometic makes roof A/Cs as small as 4200 btus if I am not mistaken.

Dr. Willie Live
2 years ago

The Beast has two a/c’s, we only use the bedroom w/o just to cool the RV down. We turn the bedroom w/o off at night, Dwight doesn’t like the air blowing on her, and the front one on low. Happy wife, happy life.

Lee Ensminger
2 years ago

Willie, what’s a bedroom w/o? Thanks!