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Do you believe humans will establish a base on the moon in the next five years?

Do you believe that humans will establish a base on the moon within the next five years? If we did establish a base up there, would you go, er, rather, would you want to go?

In April this year, NASA unveiled plans for its Artemis Program, to land humans on the moon by 2024. The Base Camp hopes to host four astronauts at a time, for about a week each, and would eventually require infrastructure for power, waste disposal and communications. Pretty neat, eh?

What do you think? Do you think the Artemis Program, or others like it, will be executed, allowing humans to land on and set up a base camp on the moon in the next five years? Please tell us by voting in the poll below.



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Kelly Foster
2 years ago

I said no. There are just too many issues down here. It will happen eventually but more like 20 years…

Carol-Leah Loran
2 years ago

How about we clean up the planet we live on before we start wrecking someplace else.

2 years ago

It would be possible if China or Russia decides to do it. Here in the U.S. half the people believe the moon landings were fake, filmed on a secret Nevada desert movie set. And of those, most believe if the moon were real, it is Swiss cheese or toxic pixie dust. Otherwise, given the current American population attitude toward science it would never receive public support for funding. They’d prefer the money be used to complete the southern border wall with a new beginning on a northern border wall.

Abe Loughin
2 years ago

I said I doubt it, not because I don’t think it’s possible but because it involves the government nothing gets done that fast

2 years ago

I said no. But it wouldn’t surprise me to hear there is something there already.

Mike Albert
2 years ago

I answered “I doubt it”. As a country, we can’t agree how to fund medical care for our citizens. How are we going to fund moon exploration and settlements. Private industry has taken over our space exploration and are successful!
We have vast unexplored oceans that offer minerals and chemicals for medicine as well as an abundance of food and energy. Let’s explore that first and keep it clean, it’s the only ocean we have.

Carol-Leah Loran
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Health insurance isn’t important. War machines and space travel are. (written in sarcastic font)

Ken Farris
2 years ago

I certainly hope so. I watched the first landing on the moon and would like to be around for the next and hopefully Mars as well. People seem to forget the tech advances we get from space (GPS, weather diagnostics, etc.). And everything Elon Musk does is fun to watch. We have lots of engineers and inventors. Innovators and dreamers are who lead the world forward.

2 years ago

I said NO. I would first like someone to answer my question. If the moon is supposed to control the tides in the ocean (seem to remember this from school), wouldn’t the extra weight and thrust from coming and going upset the delicate balance of the, moon’s gravitational pull causing erratic tides. If this were true (witch I am not sure of), could we not end up being our own demise thru those tides and storms. Can anyone prove or debunk this theory? Just curious. By the way, they claim holes in the ozone (blamed on aerosol cans and smog) are causing erratic weather, what about the holes punched in the ozone by launching rockets, satellites and such? Are they responsible for the intense storms we experience today?
Just a little food for thought. Am I ignorant or is their basis for reason? I need someone smarter than me to explain.

Ken Farris
2 years ago
Reply to  Gordy

Anything we do or establish on the moon would be like a single flea on a big dog. Not even noticeable. Ozone is worn away in areas by other factors. You don’t punch holes in it. Rocket launches don’t affect it.

2 years ago

I want to go to the Moon. I will weigh less!!

2 years ago

I said probably, but I sure hope not unless private contractors at their own expense complete the construction.

Cheryl Bacon
2 years ago

5 Years will be cutting it close, but it is already in the works now. The interest in this happening is high. You have scientists, pilots, corporations, medical and universities just for starters of who want this to happen and know we need this to happen. We will never really know about Earth and it’s future or it’s true past history, unless we gain a lot more knowledge with space exploration. Though many think it is cost prohibited, you have to remember not everyone thinks, finds importance in, or is excited by the same things as you.

2 years ago

The latest figures I saw claimed it cost about $6,000 per pound to put an object in orbit. Much more to go to the moon. Your quarter pound hamburger would cost much more than $1500. For a 150 lb person the ticket cost would greatly exceed $900,000.
Now how many want to sign up?

2 years ago
Reply to  Wayne

Wayne has the answer- but really, what’s the advantage? No resources on the moon at all- everything has to be delivered. It will probably happen anyway.

2 years ago

May depend on which party is elected to run the country.  One party seems to have less interest than the other. Time will tell.

Ron T
2 years ago

I chose probably because I think it might be built but permanent occupancy will take much longer. As for NASA it’s an organization with long-term goals funded by congresspeople who can’t think past their next re-election.

Bob P
2 years ago

We now have a Space Force military so I don’t doubt it one bit, and we need a better protection against countries like N Korea, Iran, and China.

2 years ago

It’s possible, though unlikely. While the private sector may be willing, I just don’t see commitment to space exploration in either of the political parties that would be needed to make it happen and the private companies cannot do it alone. I worked for NASA for 18 years. Glacial progress except in a total commitment like we saw with the Man on the Moon project many years ago.

Thomas D
2 years ago

If there was a chance t that I would be away from all the political crap I’m bombarded with daily, id say sign me up

2 years ago

Probably not if left to NASA to do it. Elon Musk, Space X, says he’ll be on the moon in a couple of years and on Mars in five years. Given the progress that Space X has made recently, he just might make it. Not sure I’d want to live on the moon but I would visit if offered a chance. Perhaps everyone should go to the moon in order to get a better appreciation of our planet. I’ve been watching the progress of the Starship program on YouTube as a distraction from the rest of the news lately. This seems to be the only good thing going on in our country these days. Feels like 1968.

2 years ago

If any of the moon base components are built in Elkhart, they’ll probably have too many warranty claims to fully open and service will take months!

Harvey Finders
2 years ago


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