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Have you ever loaned your RV to a close friend or family member?

Have you ever loaned your RV to a friend or family member, or better yet, would you? Some people have the mentality “What’s mine is yours!” while others would be fine if they never had to share anything again. Which are you?

If you don’t use your RV often, or keep it in storage for a season or two, why not loan it to someone you know and trust? Well, OK, sure, a few things could go wrong…

Please leave a comment below the poll telling us why you would or wouldn’t loan your RV out. And, of course, vote in the poll too. Thanks!


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R. Emery
1 year ago

Loaned to a friend who needed a place to live while working away from home .
no problem
loaned to son a few times for weekends, no problem.
this an 18 foot travel trailer..

1 year ago

I rented my pickup truck and trailer to some neighbors that I only knew fairly well. This was after they agreed to two hours of training and a test drive. I’m very glad I did it they had a wonderful time. I also wrote up some checklists for them which they obviously followed period it was very clean when it came back. I would definitely consider doing it again for someone I knew well.

Fred Raco, Jr.
1 year ago

I wouldn’t even consider such a bizarre question. There are so many things that could go wrong that could cost a huge amount of money.

Brian Holmes
1 year ago

This is like you inviting the relatives over for the weekend and let them sleep in your bed. Are you going to do that?

T&A R.V.
1 year ago

Once, Never again!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  T&A R.V.

Same here!

1 year ago

It’s just this simple NO, NEVER, NO WAY EVER!

1 year ago

I think most people would let a close family member use their camper, but no one else. Let’s face it, every camper has unique characteristics and quirks. As the owner, I know these and how to work with them. Explaining the operation to someone for a weekend does not sound like a workable situation. And having to correct issues is not something we like to do. Don’t want to sound mean, but sometimes protecting your investment has to take point!

Marty Galster
1 year ago

I don’t want to have to clear out personal items or worry that something will be broken, so I won’t loan my rv again. I loaned my Class C to one of my daughters and her boyfriend for a weekend. It came back with bugs layered on the front cabover window and on the whole front end. Since I thought a family member would be considerate and clean it before returning it, that cured me of ever loaning my rv again.

Drake Ekard
1 year ago

Yes. After spending 4 days detailing the entire inside of a newly inherited, neglected Motorhome we let our son & daughter in law take it for a long weekend. Big mistake. Should have known better by the way they already live. It was returned full of dog hair and filthy. When confronted they blamed each other. These are 35 yr old college educated professionals. Professional slobs is what they are. Never again.

Wayne R.
1 year ago

Did, and NEVER WILL AGAIN!!! I’m still paying for that “favor”.

Karen Willis
1 year ago

Loaned to both family and a friend. No regrets. I am thankful!

1 year ago

No. I paid my retirement for it. They didn’t.

1 year ago

Son has RV out right NOW, in Kentucky. Rent NEVER loan, sure if I know you not a
I D ten T.

Don Nedrow
1 year ago

State Farm will not cover an RV if loaned unless the borrower is previously named as a user of the vehicle.

Leslie Berg
1 year ago
Reply to  Don Nedrow

That sure would be a deal breaker!

Marty Galster
1 year ago
Reply to  Don Nedrow

Thanks for that info. I didn’t think of that.

Wayne Caldwell
1 year ago

I’ve seen how some family members do not take care of their vehicles or a previous RV they had. Ain’t about to loan them our travel trailer – not even for just one night.

1 year ago

Yes, loaned it to relatives, He is a great mechanic and she’s my wife’s cousin. They and their friends, a couple that owns a body shop used it for a week. It came back in perfect shape. No need for their professional services, but great to loan it to them.

1 year ago

and we never will. nobody will take care of our MH nearly as well as we do. One sure way to destroy a familial or friend’s relationship is to loan money, go into business with them or loan them valuable property.

Judy S
1 year ago

A year into owning my class B I’m still learning. Would never loan it out.

Anyone who could properly manage an RV probably already has one of their own.

P Bass
1 year ago

Loaned to our son for hunting camp. Came back with dirty carpet and generator broken which took over a year to fix! Loaned to a friend for six weeks and came back with heater circuits broken and hot water heater broken. Never again!

1 year ago

Once to in-laws. Left meat in fridge and left items at camp. Had a check list, but it was ignored. Never again.

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