Monday, September 26, 2022


Given a choice, how often do you buy organic foods rather than non-organic?

If you’re standing in the grocery store produce department and you’re looking for lettuce, are you buying organic lettuce or non-organic lettuce?

Of course, organic foods tend to be more expensive, but they lack the pesticides and chemical coatings that non-organic foods have. Organic foods also tend to have less of an environmental impact than non-organic foods; however, both have the same amount of vitamins and nutrients.

If you’re given the choice, do you buy organic foods or non-organic foods? Why, or why not? Are there certain foods you tend to buy organic and others not? Or perhaps your partner prefers organic, and you do not. Please tell us in the poll below. As always, thanks for voting.


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1 year ago

Organic foods are foods that have been grown without pesticides and other harmful things. Many health care providers state it is very important to buy organic foods to preserve ones health.

Rory R
1 year ago

I rarely buy organic, there are a lot of foods marked organic and are anything but. I wash all fresh fruits and veggies before storing, and I buy directly from farmers markets when possible.

1 year ago

My thinking it’s just a fad. Always wash all before consuming.

1 year ago

I buy organic when I will be eating the skin of the fruit or veg. For example blueberries, apricots, tomatoes, asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc. I don’t buy organic for things like bananas, avocados, or anything I remove the skin from. Not all insecticides – pesticides are easily rinsed off. I’d rather pay more now and avoid my children/grandchildren from growing a 3rd eye or developing sensitivities.

1 year ago

I never buy organic!!! I buy my veggies and wash them before using and it seems to work out just fine!

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

Since my daughter-in-law is buying the groceries these days we are probably eating more organic than usual.

1 year ago

I mistakenly bought a few bunches of scallions once. When I got them home they were so full of dirt that I couldn’t get it all out. I was unaware they were organic..

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I avoid overpriced “organic” anything. A couple of times while produce shopping, organic was all that was available. I brought it to the attention of someone working the produce area and they gave us the ‘normal’ price on the item we were looking for. Nice.

Ed I.
1 year ago

Only buy Organic if the normal item is not available during the Pandemic and we really want that item. Normally will do without.

1 year ago

Organic food prices vs regular price? My question is who would be that (if your offended, sorry) stupid? I was raised on a farm and you can’t get more organic than that. You plant the seed, keep out the weeds, harvest the crop, and eat. ORGANIC!

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