Sunday, March 26, 2023


How many children age 15 or younger live with you?

As classes have gone virtual and most parents are working from home, living in an RV with your children, tweens or teens isn’t out of the question and more and more (and more and more) people are doing it. Your child could be in history class learning about a war, and doing their homework from inside your RV where you’re parked outside of that very war battlefield! How cool is that?

Are you a parent, grandparent or guardian living with children aged 15 or under? If so, are you living with them in your RV or a sticks-and-bricks home? After you’ve voted in the poll below, leave a comment too and answer those couple of questions. We’re curious!


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2 years ago

We are retired and in our 60’s but adopted later in life (family need) so we have a 13 & 14 yo and I have a burning desire to travel much more but the other 3 are home bodies 🙁 

2 years ago

My children are grown up and gone and my grand children come to visit now. Though we baby sat for several years due to help our children with their financial building, which they got there. But, sadly I know many grand parents raising their grand kids. I couldn’t do it. Thank God the other grand parents are several years younger with a lot more energy.

Winnebago Bob
2 years ago

I raised their parents. It’s their turn to take them RVing!

Ron L
2 years ago

This is a joke….right?

2 years ago
Reply to  Ron L

Ron, why would you think this is a joke? The numbers showing up here are likely only RVer’s who subscribe to RV Travels. However, there are probably 10’s of thousands of grandparents raising grandchildren as well as helping adult children and their families by having them live with them. This has been a growing problem that began during the crash of ’08. I know at least two retired fulltime RV friends who had had three generations living in their RV’s.

Jim Camp
2 years ago
Reply to  Ray

I am a 77 year old great-grandfather raising my 8 year old great-grandson. Teaching road school too. RVing is great for doing all this.

Ronald Duncan
2 years ago

None , Thank goodness.

Diane M
2 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Duncan

Same feeling here! LOL

2 years ago

We have our 22 year old Granddaughter living with us now. We got her out of the big city away from Covid while she is recovering from leukemia stem cell transplant. Great having her here with us and so far she has no desire to move back to the big city. Looking forward to taking her on a few RV trips.

2 years ago

Raised our children and one grandson, now its quite time. Although we do miss those innocent younger years of kids.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
2 years ago

Our two kids camped with us while growing up. Now three of our grandchildren enjoy camping with us, on occasion. The fourth grandchild is a Boy Scout and camps with his troop. Our eight year old granddaughter has already planned camping trips for 2021.

Wayne Caldwell
2 years ago

Empty nesters – and loving it.

Glen Cowgill
2 years ago

We raised our children camping, all four of them, and really enjoyed those years. Now all are grown, have their own families and do their own things. We miss every one of them and we are blessed to be able see three of our children and their children regularly. Sometime we may have the children and grandchildren camping with us but rarely. The other one live about 1800 miles away so we use the motor home to visit them.
Being retired and 79 years old, there are times when we would love to have one of the grandchildren around just to help with things. Sometimes we get our wish and our 11 year old grandson will be with us. He says “grandma teaches me to cook and grandpa teaches me to make and do things”. He also blames me for all the mischief.

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