Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Do you have a hobby? If so, which category does it fall under?

Do you have a hobby? If you do, which category in the below poll does it fall under? (We listed as many as we could, but please select “other” if it doesn’t fit into any of the optional categories.) You can vote in up to three categories.

According to, the number one most popular hobby in the U.S. is music, followed by food, reading/writing, traveling, video games, health and fitness, sports, arts and crafts, electronics, and gardening (and the list goes on). Do your hobbies align with these, the most popular?

We’ll be asking you soon to tell us about your favorite hobby, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, please vote below. Thanks!


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Kelly F.
11 months ago

Hmmm, no gardeners? I’m working on a bumper box planter…

1 year ago

But where is the actual poll?

1 year ago

I have been doing all kinds of camping since the age of 4. So I started writing a weekly camping tips blog a little over a year ago to stay busy, and I also post some of my recipes on it as well, after being a Chef for 28 years.

1 year ago

Nice to see some HAM radio folks here. See you on the radio waves (hopefully). KK9HAM

Dr. Willie Live
1 year ago

Ham Radio, K9wdb.

Jennifer Willner
1 year ago

I love to sew so much that I bought another machine just to take with us in the RV. Yes of course it was an excuse to get another machine. I wish I knew how to do upholstery so I could rid ourselves of the tacky RV dinette cushions. But! I made new privacy curtains and window treatments and our motorhome is starting to look real nice.

Susan Banks
1 year ago

There is a utube for everything, check it out and make new dinette cushions. You will save a ton of money. I quilt , sew the tops on the road, quilt at home, both just on regular home machines. Love it!

1 year ago

Photography for me! Also a little astronomy when the sky allows!

Bob Schilling
1 year ago

You forgot to account for many of us who have two or more serious hobbies, e.g. music and outdoors.

Diane M
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Schilling

It stated you could vote for 3 or more categories.

Paul Cecil
1 year ago

My hobbies are Ham Radio, geek electronics, and computer games. Now if I can only find the perfect RV to fit it all in.

Gordy B
1 year ago

You left out a critical hobby (at least for me) Woodworking, I love working with wood from building houses to wood drink holders. So I voted other.

Brian Burry
1 year ago

I am active in supporting Military and Veterans. I ride a Can Am Spyder Motorcycle with a group.

1 year ago

my wife and i have been hams (amateur radio, not bad acting) since 1983. i do some photography and hold a sport pilot certificate.

Brad Teubner
1 year ago

Have about a thousand hours into maintenance and upgrades on the motor home. Always something to do.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I dabble with old (tube type) radios, old vehicles (my motorhome is 44 years old). and, well, collecting. If I don’t have to feed it, pay taxes on it, or listen to it bit**, it can stay as I might need it some day.

1 year ago

Off road trail riding in my Jeep, boating, musical instrument repair, woodworking in my shop when we’re at our home base and more. I’ve been accused of being ADHD by my wife.

Deborah Mason
1 year ago

I’m addicted photography. Sometimes I get an “art” shot, but I document travels, local explorations, events, projects, etc. A camera is never far from my hand. I also use a Cricut machine for a variety of craft & art projects. Sometimes I even combine the two. My husband& I also train our 2 dogs in the sports of Agility & Rally, competing when possible.

Last edited 1 year ago by Deborah Mason
Pete Fawcett
1 year ago

When all else fails, Ham Radio!

1 year ago

I’m a Birder so I combine all my trips to include chasin birds while exploring. Also travel 3-4 months international (cept this year ) and the travel/birding combo is never ending wherever I may be.

1 year ago

Genealogy. I almost selected collecting…lol…but that’s only part of the hobby.

1 year ago

Too many to list in one category. But I think more folks need hobbies and less time complaining. LOL

1 year ago
Reply to  Travis

Same here. There is not enough time in a day for all of my interests.