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Do you or your partner enjoy knitting?


Knitting is a popular hobby among RVers. Think of all the beautiful places one could knit: next to a saguaro at sunset in the Arizona desert, watching a herd of buffalo roam past the window in Montana, on a beach in Florida, in the lush rain forests of the Pacific Northwest… That could be true of any hobby, I suppose, but today we’re talking about knitting.

Do either you or your partner enjoy knitting as a hobby or craft? If so, please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite things to knit are, or a favorite thing you’ve ever made. Do you knit for yourself or other people, or both?

Usually this is the part where we tell you to be patient if the poll takes a moment to load, but if you’re a knitter, you’re probably a very patient person so we’ll skip that part for today. Wink.

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Robertson Renee
9 months ago

I’m a knitter I’m currently knitting the Anker sweater for myself. I’m hurrying because my next project is for a new great grandson. I’m sitting at the beach at Lake Havasu State Park in AZ. I’m a full time RVer.

1 year ago

My hubby taught me how to crochet but no knitting. I’ve been crocheting for a few months, my husband has been crocheting for decades.

Jim Knoch
1 year ago

The only knitting I do is making crayfish and crab nets, or patching a tear in the trawl.

1 year ago

I suck at crochet. But I love knitting. And cross stitching and a few other crafts. Plan to get back into it this summer at the campsite.

Ron Lane
1 year ago

Knitting no, quilting yes.

1 year ago

Looks like the question should have been “do you knit or crochet?”.

Mike Albert
1 year ago

My wife crochets hats, scarves, blankets, throws and shawls. But, no knitting.

1 year ago

I answered no to knitting but I do a lot of crocheting

MN Anon
1 year ago

Not yet, but I want to learn!!!

Sally Summerfield
1 year ago

I knit daily sitting in the copilot seat ( front porch). We have a zoom knitting group that knits together once a week. I also post photos of local yarn shops for my knitting group on Facebook. I knit our socks, sweaters, dishcloths and shawls. 

Therese Orr
1 year ago

Most of what I knit (hats, mittens, scarves) I donate. I’m always trying new patterns. I also occasionally make a prayer shawl for my knitting group to donate. I’m currently knitting a poncho for myself.

1 year ago

Knitting, crocheting, quilting, card making, reading. Enjoy them all, but they don’t all fit in the camper!

Carol Stanfill
1 year ago

If we ever left on an RV trip, and I forgot my knitting and crocheting, I would turn around and go home to get it

1 year ago

I answered that my wife knits. She actually crochets. I call it k-nittin’. Whatever you call it, we’ve got it on everything in the house. And our kids’ houses too.

1 year ago

I crochet, not knit. I’ve made 3 baby blankets over this past year.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chrid

I also crochet. I make and donate baby blankets as well as make garments for myself.

Judy G
1 year ago

Knit at least one afghan per year and give it to traveling friends. Also make hats for kids on Native reservations.

1 year ago

Spouse knits and quilts. Carry sewing machine in coach. Had coach modified to hold sewing machine.

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