Generators can sprout legs and leave the campground


By Jim Twamley

Dry camping in your RV is much more enjoyable with a generator. These portable lightweight Honda generators are great for recharging the batteries and making a fresh pot of coffee. Question is, how do you keep them secure?

Many folks chain these to their rigs thinking that will deter thieves. While I was dry camping at Hi Jolly BLM Campground in Quartzsite, Arizona, a fellow camper came home one afternoon to discover a strange form of evolution. Evidently his generator had grown legs and left camp. Thieves routinely target these small units because they sell fast and are worth a lot more than, say, a stolen stereo. In this case the thieves had bolt cutters and the generator that was chained to the tree was set free.

If you stow your generator where would-be crooks can’t see it you’ll stand a better chance of keeping it. Another guy was saying something about rigging explosives to his generator. I’m not sure what came of that idea.

You could also make a more sturdy storage container, but I suggest you use one of those fancy guarded locks that are next to impossible for bolt cutters to break. Law enforcement recommends engraving your name and phone number several places on the unit as they frequently find these lost generators when they bust unsuspecting thieves.

Bringing you the shocking news of generator rustling. —Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing