Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Which kind of chocolate is your favorite – dark, milk, or white?


Yes, we admit, we’ve had sweets on our minds a lot lately. There’s just something about this nice spring weather that makes us want to indulge. OK, you’re right. We want to indulge year-round, but cut us a break, will you?

If you had to pick your favorite kind of chocolate – dark, milk, or white – which would you pick? We know you might like two of them about the same, but if you could only pick one, which would you choose?

OK, we can’t write anymore. We’ve got to go get some chocolate from the pantry… Thanks for voting!

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1 year ago

Equal opportunity chocoholic here.

Alaska traveler
1 year ago

I could eat a giant milk chocolate Hersheys bar all by myself.

Grant Graves
1 year ago

I answered dark. However to paraphrase the song “If I can have the chocolate I love then I love the chocolate I’m with.”

Sharon Baron
1 year ago
Reply to  Grant Graves


Jeff Craig
1 year ago

White Chocolate is my favorite, but I have rarely ever passed up ANY chocolate.

1 year ago

I worked at Blommer’s Chocolate factory in Chicago while going to industrial engineering school. Their chocolate is the best, but for retail was/is? sold only in Chicago. I would bring a case home to my girlfriend’s father about once a month. It worked! She and I have been dating now for 60 years. We both like chocolate too. Ha!

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

It’s my understandning that White Chocolate isn’t actually chocolate.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

Hi, Gene. Here’s what Wikipedia says about White Chocolate: “White chocolate is a chocolate confection, pale ivory in color, made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and sometimes vanilla. White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids, which are found in other types of chocolate, such as milk chocolate and dark chocolate.” I love any color of chocolate, but it doesn’t love me so I can’t have it due to my laryngopharyngeal reflux condition (like GERD, but a little different location). Bummer, but probably for the best or I’d be 100 lbs. overweight. Take care, and stay healthy. 😀 —Diane at

1 year ago

Dark Belgium. Some years being stationed in Europe I found the best chocolate.

DL Jenson
1 year ago

Dark chocolate but since Feb can’t eat due to GERD~ have a piece for me 😕 

Diane Mc
1 year ago

I’m hooked on Valhrona dark chocolate 71%, available at Trader Joe’s. A square a night. Unless I’m eating my husband’s Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with almonds :-). Sometimes we pick up the dark chocolate almond clusters at See’s Candies. Then there is my niece, who used to run a candy store. They made the best dark bark. A few years ago, although still working, she started making candy again on the side. Because she knows how much I love it, if a batch isn’t “pretty” enough to put in stores to sell, she saves for me. Have to be careful how late I eat a piece as the caffeine can do a number on being able to sleep. 70ish% is my limit. Tried the 90ish. Too bitter, too much caffeine.

1 year ago

Dark is best. It also is better for diabetics, in moderation of course. Seldom eat chocolate but only dark when I do.

Deborah Mason
1 year ago

I used to teach “hands on” computer software to maintenance folks. We’d give chocolate kisses for “good” answers. If always ask “recreational or medicinal”? (dark or milk). More than half asked for medicinal.

1 year ago

Years ago, when the medical community decided dark chocolate was good for you, it was cause for celebration! There is ALWAYS dark chocolate in our rig and a single piece every day to totally savor is a guaranteed pleasure.

1 year ago

I have found if you want good chocolate get Aldi’s, no wax taste you get for commercial America companies.

Ron T.
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

I too get my 70% dark chocolate from Aldi’s. It’s the only one I’ve found that comes in small individually wrapped bars rather than one big bar that never breaks on the molded in lines.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

I am partial to Trader Joe’s 72% Dark Chocolate. It is available in small individual bars or a pound plus bar. It was top rated by Consumer Reports and lives up to that rating. However I will check out the Aldi’s bar. Always on the lookout for a good medicinal chocolate.😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Joel

I also like the Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate. But I usually buy the Ghiradelli Intense Dark Chocolate with 72% cacao. Can get it individually wrapped in squares or in a bar. I chop up 2 or 3 squares, put it in a Ziplock snack bag and add unsweetened coconut flakes and almonds. Makes a great energy booster or a snack when feeling the urge. I prefer dark chocolate…DW, not so much.

Ed K
1 year ago

I am addicted to all of them.

1 year ago

I answered ‘all of them’. Another choice could have been simply been ‘Yes’. Ironically, we have been trying some of the higher percentage dark chocolate lately, 70% and up, and loving them. We did, however find some that is 92% and I have to admit that it may be too much.

Eileen Brown
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

Have you tried roasted cacao nibs? They are great for sprinkling on a simple dessert….