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Do you carry a printer with you in your RV?

If you read Tony’s RV reviews on our site, you know more and more RVs are being designed with office (or hobby) spaces in mind. With more and more people not having to commute to an office, who wouldn’t want to work from their RV on “vacation”?

When you travel in your RV, do you carry a printer with you?

Have you seen these tiny printers? They’re neat – they connect right to your smartphone and print via Bluetooth. If we were in our RV a lot, we’d get one of these to keep handy.

Tell us if you bring a printer with you in the poll below, and please be patient if it takes a moment to load. Thanks!


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Neal Davis
1 year ago

We lived in our RV full-time for 8 months while still working and we had a printer on our RV then. However, since then our house has been built and we have retired. We no longer travel with a printer. If the need arises, then we have a niche below our computer desk that fits a printer, spare ink, and paper nicely.

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal Davis
1 year ago

No printer, I just go to UPS with my flash drive. Really very little to print compared with when I was at a house with a printer.

Grant Graves
1 year ago

Yep, but my coach has an office area and space for the printer and laptop. Plus a file drawer so I’m pretty well set up. I use it pretty often.

1 year ago

We used to when we had a 40fter. But since downsizing to 25ft there is no room.

Richard Hughes
1 year ago

I said no, but with the wife taking more classes, she already has two Doctorates, and setting up programs to help immigrants, I imagine one will soon be added.

Seann Fox
1 year ago

Printer scanner fax all-in-one

1 year ago

Yes we have a printer. Up until retirement in July 2020 we used it often while working from the RV
Now it just takes up space. Time to take it out now. Less weight and more table top space.

1 year ago


Eric Devolin
1 year ago

We used to when we wintered with our 5th wheel. After acquiring our truck camper we down sized and if one is needed go to a library.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

No. I go camping to enjoy nature and relax so leave most of the electronics at home.

Astrid Bierworth
1 year ago

I “print” everything to PDF and keep the files on my iPad. This way I don’t have to deal with a lot of paper and everything is in one place where I can find it.

1 year ago

Nope. But not full timing. And not sure if I would if I were full timing. Everything on thumb drives. If needing a copy that bad I just go to staples or other to print.

1 year ago

We carry a printer as I am still running a business and do have the need to print while on the road. We normally spend 3 months plus south in the winter as well as a fair amount of time on the road in the summer. There are still some suppliers that don’t accept e-payments so the need to print cheques (yes, I’m Canadian), as well as some government documents we have to print.

1 year ago

I carry a small inkjet as a part timer. Mostly to print Google maps to local attractions or restaurants. I’ve also used it to print out repair instructions.

I rely on the trucks built in GPS but I CAN NOT TRUST it. My wife looks at the paper maps to see if the GPS is giving reasonable directions. Sometimes the GPS tells me to take shortcuts on tiny dirt roads. Sometimes, it tells me to make a turn when it’s way too late to get in the correct lane.

People sometimes have trouble finding our house because it tells them to take an old logging road from the 50’s that only existed for a few years. The GPS forgot about an intersection of two Interstates in Phoenix and was directing traffic off one interstate through a neighborhood then onto the other interstate.

I hate inkjets because the ink dries up unless you use it frequently. However small laser printers are B&W and that doesn’t work for maps.

1 year ago

If you only print out infrequently, you don’t need a printer. You can put your document on a USB and print it at UPS, Office Depot, FedEx, and the like. AND you can even email the document to them and just go in and pick it up.

Diane Mc
1 year ago

Used to. Have a scanner app on iPad, so can scan and email anything needed.

1 year ago

That is not to say it works. We need a working one for sure. Ours is wireless and worked once. Bummer. As Secretary for our chapter, it is a bummer to use Staples. They are, however, very accommodating

1 year ago

Our RV is only about recreation, but we always have a printer with us. It looks a lot like a ball point pen with a spiral notebook.

1 year ago

We are full timers and carry a printer. We find a need for it once every few weeks.

1 year ago

The RV has it’s own dedicated printer that never comes in the house. Our RV comes with a slide out printer shelve and we purchased a printer sized to that shelve. Our S&B has two printers (one on each desk). We travel for ~4 months each year, sometimes a little more. I like paper receipts for my files. We do everything electronically but print confirmations of most transactions. Probably unnecessary but makes me more comfortable. I also do cloud backups and use auxiliary hard drives for additional backups. No OCD in my family – I got it all!

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