Wednesday, October 27, 2021


When you go out to eat, which meal is it usually for?

When you go out to eat, which meal is it usually for? Do you mostly go out for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Perhaps you’re like us and enjoy going out for all three!

Or, maybe you go out to eat so often you eat all three meals out equally! Whatever the case, please tell us in the poll below. Thanks!


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Grant Graves
5 months ago

My real answer is not listed because I only eat two meals a day; brunch and lunner. Breakfast is just too easy to make so I rarely go out for that. If I go out I want something that is more difficult to make, requires unusual ingredients or takes a lot of preparation time.

5 months ago

my answer is not there….all,of the above…fairly evenly even during the pandemic,

5 months ago

ALL… Sometimes the same day.

5 months ago

Dinner. Of course it is still to go curb side. It’s a matter of trust plus waiting for the second vaccine. It’s dinner but that could be breakfast at dinner time.

Marilyn M
5 months ago

I love to cook and do so with lots of flavour (seasoned but not too spicy). Most times I’m disappointed in meals that are served to me so I’ve come to the decision that breakfast is one meal that cooks can’t ruin.

5 months ago
Reply to  Marilyn M

I totally agree

Roy Davis
5 months ago

We do breakfast most by far. However, when we overnight at a Cracker Barrel, we eat supper there and often breakfast in the morning before we leave. I know a lot of fellow RVers who do that as well.

5 months ago

We seldom eat out, but, when we do, it’s usually a hearty late breakfast/lunch, or an early dinner to take advantage of early diner deals.

5 months ago

It’s lunch and usually mid afternoon so dinner is taken care of. When meeting friends it is about 7pm. Our breakfasts are always brunch.

5 months ago

We usually go out for dinner when we eat out, however, we also enjoy an occasional breakfast out.

Gary G
5 months ago

Depends where we are and what we are doing! I marked breakfast but it could be any one of the three just as easy.

Neal Davis
5 months ago

We rarely ate in a restaurant from 1994 – 2017 because we lived where take-out food was still warm by the time we got it home. For the last 4 years we rarely eat out or get take-out. We are too remote for take-out to be warm when we get it home. We rarely eat out because it is too much trouble and our dog has worsening separation-anxiety.

5 months ago

Usually a late lunch that becomes dinner.

5 months ago
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Diane Mc
5 months ago
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Mike Albert
5 months ago
Reply to  Glenn

Us too!

Kaeleen Buckingham
5 months ago

It is kind of a trade off between breakfast and dinner.

Randy Bitner
5 months ago

While Camping it’s always lunch. At the house, mostly dinner.

5 months ago
Reply to  Randy Bitner

Same here

5 months ago

We call it retirees’ early dinner. In a restaurant by 4:00 before most people still working get out of work. It is not crowded, no waiting for a table and we were never able to do when we were both working.

Gary Broughton
5 months ago

After retirement we made lunch our big meal of the day. But if we go out for a big breakfast, then a simple supper.
We don’t eat as much anymore.

5 months ago

Dinner is a very close second behind lunch / brunch.

Wayne Braxton
5 months ago

When out and about during the day we typically have lunch. Now and then we enjoy a breakfast date. Seldom have dinner out mainly due to crowded restaurants with beyond reasonable wait times.

Ron T.
5 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Braxton

If the wait time is a problem, Wisconsin has the answer in our Supper Clubs. You grab a seat in the bar and have a couple of drinks. The wait staff takes your order and lets you know your table number when it’s ready, you decide whether to go right away or finish that last drink and then your food arrives. The salad bar and sometimes dessert is included. The time passed may be the same but it just doesn’t feel like waiting.

5 months ago

Brunch or Lupper are our choices.

Bob P
5 months ago

Our choice was not listed, Lupper, if brunch is between breakfast and lunch then lupper must be between lunch and supper. We like to eat after the lunch crowd leaves and before the supper(dinner) crowd comes in. Sometimes we make it before the lunch prices cease, in either case the dining room is not crowded, we eat in peace. Also it aids in digestion as we don’t go to bed with food on our stomach, I have never understood how people can eat supper as late as 8 PM and go to bed a few hours later and get a good nights sleep. Lol