Saturday, December 10, 2022


How likely is it you will sell your present RV in 2021?


Are you thinking of selling your RV this year or have you already? Were you planning on it but pushed it back a year or decided not to altogether? We’d like to know!

If you are planning on selling your RV soon, after you vote, please leave a comment below explaining why. Perhaps it’s due to the pandemic? Overcrowding? Health reasons? Just ready for a change? Thanks for taking the time to explain – we appreciate it!

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Gerald ODell
1 year ago

We have RV camped for 10 years, full timed it the last 4 years. Camped in all lower 48 states. The last 2 years RVing has changed. Over crowding , and inability to gain a booking is just the beginning of our regrets. Mostly, it is the lack of etiquette by more of today’s campers. The noise and arguing/fighting, crossing through our site, or crowding into it. Uncontrolled kids. The fun is gone. So yes, we are selling our rig.

1 year ago

We bought a 5th wheel last year. Now we are expecting another baby and no longer fit in my truck. We will be selling and buying a large SUV or Van and a tow behind

1 year ago

Getting way too expensive, Gasoline, nightly fees, campground over crowding, many full campgrounds, maintenance, license, etc.

Matt Johnson
1 year ago

Our plans changed and we’re only part timers now. So our loss will be someone’s gain. We’re going to take a hit on our 2020 solitude.

1 year ago
Reply to  Matt Johnson

I feel you. we did the exact same thing. We have a 2020 cougar. We were going to keep it for part time but with a new baby we do not fit in the truck anymore.

Ron Lane
1 year ago

We have been slightly discussing selling our coach, toad, and rv resort site. Being 77/75, it’s getting to be a little much for us. We have not come to a definite decision yet…just in the thinking stage.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

I bought a bigger preowned trailer and my Aliner popup is for sale. I hope it sells, but I will not be hurt if it does not.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We are looking to downsize, so the chance of trading/selling is growing. The probability is certainly far greater than 0, but also probably less than 50 percent that we change RVs this year. If we do not trade/sell this year, then I think the probability for next year rises to at least 75 percent and could reach 100 percent.

Michael Berg
1 year ago

Hope to sell our TT and buy a 5th wheel

Gary Byler
1 year ago

Actually, we’ve already sold our 5th wheel this year. Due to health we have no plans for a new one. Our traveling and living our Arctic Fox is over. From now on our travels will be by air and cruise ships. We had a good run and am moving on with fond memories and no regrets.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I was offered a lot more than my old motorhome is worth last fall. Since there’s no way I could’ve replaced it, I’m keeping it.

1 year ago

Yes, RV demand is still through the roof!

I’ll never get more for my 2015 4200 Cyclone Toyhauler than right now…

After the coming economic crash, (and I can assure you it’s coming) and RV lots are full and prices are plummeting I buy another Toyhauler with a garage large enough to fit my Polaris Northstar Crew Cab…

Gary G
1 year ago

Very little chance, but I would like to change from fifth wheel to DP someday, maybe.

Michael Young
1 year ago

We are trading our Van Leigh 5th wheel on a Tiffin Phaeton 40 QKH and just waiting for it to get built. The 5th wheel limited the number of people and dogs we could travel with and enjoyed the open room of a motor home. But we have made a pact that this is the last motorhome we will buy!!

Sally Weigand
1 year ago

We are not planning on selling our Tiffin Open Road at all in the near future.

Dr. Michael
1 year ago

Not looking to sell since we just purchased it two weeks ago!!

Ann Scherzinger
1 year ago

Our 2017DRV is already on the market. Full-timing didn’t work with our current circumstances. But we bought a slide-in camper for the pickup so we’re not done traveling!

1 year ago

I’ve been kicking around the thought of selling our 2008 Tiffin Phaeton 36QSH as reservation shortages take the fun and spontaneity out of traveling.

1 year ago

I always thought of camping as an inexpensive way to vacation, when I add it all up, we could have been to Europe several times. The cost of the rv itself, upkeep, maintainance, insurance and registration fees, campground fees, plus the extra wear and tear on the tow vehicle. But my husband and teenage children love to camp and I love to explore new places. We plan on selling our 2017 jayco slx at the end of the season, before it turns 5 years old. We will stay with jayco, but there will be non negotiable features for the next one such as a walk around bed, toilet on an angle and an outdoor kitchen. Happy camping!!!

1 year ago

My heirs can sell it….. after they remove my remains.

Linda Bella
1 year ago

Our 30′ 2018 Vista has the perfect size, layout and storage configuration. Won’t be selling anytime soon.