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What is your highest level of education?

What is your highest level of education? High school? AA degree? Bachelor’s degree? Master’s degree? PhD or Doctorate? None of the above? All of the above?

According to data provided by the U.S. census, 13.1 percent of U.S. adults have an advanced degree, either a Master’s, Professional Degree or Doctorate. Are you part of that 13 percent?


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Philip Smith
4 months ago

I’m counting US Navy Nuclear Power School & Prototype as Reactor Operator.

Bob Weinfurt
4 months ago

I also took classes for electronics and a few seminars on computer controlled cars. I know plumbing, house, RV, and auto wiring. On top of that, I’m a wealth of useless information.

4 months ago

I got a bachelors, wish i didn’t.
Got another useless bachelor’s, even more wasted money. Work in something unrelated to either and doing ok now, but wish i had all the college money back!

My buddy dropped out of HS and started a trade. There’s not a day I doubt he makes twice what i do, debt free from day 1.

I like my work, but with two expensive degrees, i’m the financial idiot in this group.

Diane M
4 months ago

I have a master’s degree in education, and my husband only finished high school, but he can build, repair, and fix anything, and can do math in his head faster than I can do it on paper. I’m intelligent, but he is smart.

4 months ago

A bachelor’s degree, and more importantly, 50 years of self-education

Diane Mc
4 months ago

About 3+ yrs of college…all at night, while working full time. Then i had my son. Never completed degree. However, working in Silicon Valley, rose from a clerical position to Director of Materials over my career. Enabled me to retire at 50, 20ish yrs ago. Convinced my husband to retire 6 months later, at 55. We’ve traveled 250K miles in our motorhome(s) since then. Very, very blessed.

Neal Davis
4 months ago

I have reflected now and again on my nomadic wandering through higher education and sometimes conclude that I may be educated beyond my intelligence. 🤔🙂

4 months ago

I tell the younger generation to not discount a 2-3 year degree in a technical skill such as electrician, HVAC mechanic, plumber, vehicle mechanic and such. All of the trades are usually in high demand and pay very good $$$ and some come with good benefits.

4 months ago

Picked up a 2nd Masters Degree vs. a Doctorate. I was informed early that when you have a Phd, your employment options are severely limited.

John Macatee
4 months ago

Went to a 2 year trade school, Printing Pressman, Los Angeles Teade Tech. AA Degree, served a 4 year apprenticeship, 1ST year 3 week paid vacation. Decent pay benefits an retirement. I believe we need more trade schools in the USA.

Thomas D
4 months ago

I always put down “ college and masters “ which I am. They changed the name from vocational school to technical college (hence I’ve gone to college) 5 year apprenticeship and am a master electrician. Is that impressive? I really don’t care. My boss went to 8th grade
He owns a very successful business. No super big education debts.T

4 months ago
Reply to  Thomas D

My joke has always been that having a Masters Degree does not mean that a person is smart. It only shows that I kept taking classes. Then, one day, they dropped a degree on the table…..

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Connie VH
4 months ago

I have a degree in 67 Years of Life.
Post-Grad currently in progress.

4 months ago

After High school attended a 3 year trade school. Now for 32 years I’ve been a union Cement Mason

Wayne Braxton
4 months ago

A successful Naval career provided excellent training. Certified welder, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, firefighting, Fire Marshal and the list goes on. I regularly counsel my grandson and other youth to seriously consider the trades. Above average pay. Normally steady work and a service to the community. And a plus, no large student loans to pay for years. Oh yeah, I also went to college.

Ed K
4 months ago

Many different Technical Schools in the 26 years I was in the Navy.

Gloria Sluder
4 months ago

Nurse for 52 years started out working as a nurses aid for two years to earn money to go to nursing school. Loved working with patients not so much the paper work😅

Bob P
4 months ago

Although being a high school dropout, I completed my GED while in my first enlistment in the the Marines. Later completing an apprenticeship with GM I went to four years of night school classes and became a Maintenance Machinist. Those night school classes were college level. After completing my apprenticeship I had the occasion to take a IQ test and scored 162, not bad for someone who couldn’t stand high school. I guess I could do the work, I must’ve been bored. Lol

Ed D.
4 months ago

Although I did not complete College, I started my own business and have been quite successful with it. We own a distributorship that provides cutting tools and accessories for Machine shops and Manufacturing facilities throughout the country. I was a Machinist for 20 years and I put my experience to good use but only for myself instead of an employer. So while a college degree is good, it is not totally necessary to become successful in life. You can do whatever it is in life, you set your mind to do!

4 months ago

Associates in Counseling with a Minor in Psychology. I put my degree to good use in the Juvenile Justice System working with teens. These were great young adults looking for a new path.

4 months ago

Timothy, I was in the Psych field in the Military. Since it was Peace time service, we focused on our soldiers that had been impacted by their experiences serving our country. I have so many stories to tell from that time. Good for you for guiding young adults as you did. I bet you have some great stories to share as well.

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