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Do you buy souvenir magnets for your refrigerator on your trips?

When you go into a tourist gift shop what’s the first thing you see? OK, maybe it’s postcards or keychains, but within one glance around you surely see a display of magnets.

It’s fun to collect magnets from around the country or world. Each one tells a story of the place you’ve visited – perhaps they’re made from a certain material the area is known for (a carved wood magnet, a geode, etc.). Or perhaps they’re little bottles filled with sand from your trip down to the Florida Keys.

When you travel, do you buy souvenir magnets for your fridge? After you vote in the poll, please leave us a comment and tell us about your collection, or your favorite magnet. Thanks!

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Tim (@guest_131058)
2 years ago

Nope. Our “Dom” has no steel…

GWM (@guest_130855)
2 years ago

Yes! Our fridge is covered! Not only do we get them, but when our adult kids bring them home when they go. Just got a new one that they brought home last month from “Vegas” weekend trip they made. I even have started to use the side that is open too.

Grant Graves (@guest_130835)
2 years ago

I answered no because if I did my MH would be over the gross weight 🙂

Bob Trapp (@guest_130814)
2 years ago

We do purchase Christmas ornaments from the places we’ve visited (enough to start a 2nd tree). 😁

Maxine (@guest_130810)
2 years ago

We get magnets a lot. Will probably add more to the rv as we travel. It’s the first rv fridge that a magnet will stick to.
But I usually look for Christmas ornaments now. We have them from all around the world.

Bill (@guest_130794)
2 years ago

Every time one is able to be purchased.

Laura (@guest_130793)
2 years ago

My refrigerator is almost out of room. I have one each of the 37 national parks in which I have tent camped and many,many national monuments, historical, and cultural sites I have visited. I’m still collecting.

SKay Fires (@guest_130791)
2 years ago

Yes, I buy & collect magnets, shot glasses, coffee cups/mugs & postcards. I mail cards to family & friends several times a week to document our travels. I always mail a card to myself too.

rich (@guest_130787)
2 years ago

we used to buy mugs and ran out of room for them at home. now we buy the little souvenier pins. after 35-seasons we have LOTS of mugs and pins.

Richard Hughes (@guest_130786)
2 years ago

I don’t, but my wife has magnets from around the world.

Wynn Hazen (@guest_130783)
2 years ago

we buy kitchen towels!

Jennifer A Stoffa (@guest_130781)
2 years ago

Yes. One for each state we’ve been in with the RV- 49.

Jeff Craig (@guest_130776)
2 years ago

Often. I have a huge collection of Hard Rock Cafe/Planet Hollywood pins and shot glasses from my Navy days, beer mugs and Starbucks ‘City’ coffee mugs as well from both Navy and RV travels. Fridge magnets fill the gap for places we visit that have neither an HRC/PH nor a Starbucks mug. Mainly, we get them for Museums and Aquariums we visit.

Kelley Miller (@guest_130775)
2 years ago

I get lapel pins. They are small and inexpensive, and most are really beautiful. I get these special binders that are designed to hold lapel pins to store them in. In addition to locations I travel to, I also collect Hard Rock and NASA lapel pins.

rich (@guest_130788)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kelley Miller

Kelley, where can I find such a binder?

Bobkat3080 (@guest_130764)
2 years ago

Magnetic beer openers. The steel door to the garage, where my home brewery is, and the pantry door are covered. I have about 500 from over 40 different countries.

Bev Stokley (@guest_130763)
2 years ago

I know some folks find it a bit tacky, but not me! I can’t buy a memento from every stop or special trip without filling up the RV 😊. Plus, I have happy memories associated with each one. It’s an easy way for me to enjoy and revisit special places and people.

Diane Mc (@guest_130761)
2 years ago

Magnets, no. Christmas ornaments, yes. Relive our trips when I decorate the tree every year. Brings back memories.

Leslie Schofield (@guest_130759)
2 years ago

Magnet for every national park we have visited and several state parks. They are displayed in our trailer. It is an easy, inexpensive way to be reminded of our trips.

Charles Mellinger (@guest_245575)
4 months ago

Do you remove them when you move the trailer? We collect them but my wife fears they will fall off the fridge when we roll so she removes them all before we roll…that’s seems to be a lot of work to me for nothing. I tell her that I do not think the magnets would fall off when are rolling?

Wayne Braxton (@guest_130757)
2 years ago

We have a bunch of them. Not from everywhere but from special places.

Walt Sinkhorn (@guest_130755)
2 years ago

Ouch! you just made me think about magnets. No we don’t put them on our kitchen refrigerator, we have a refer in our bar room that has 200+ on it. At about $7 bucks a piece, that a lot of money. O well, the memories are right there

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