Friday, January 28, 2022


How often do you watch DVDs compared to five years ago?

Wow! Time goes so fast! It wasn’t all that long ago that the main way we watched movies was with VHS video players. Then, faster than Superman could leap a giant building (well, maybe not quite THAT fast), we were watching DVDs.

Netflix came along, but at first the service was provided via a mailed DVD, which you mailed back after watching the film. Then Netflix began streaming videos, and then everybody else did too, and…

Remember Blockbuster Video? It was a great place to hang out and browse for your favorite TV shows and movies, was rendered obsolete, so bye bye to those trips around dinner time to pick up a flick for evening viewing.

So here we are. Many of us still have DVD players. Maybe you. But how often do we even use them anymore? Are they headed the way of the dinosaur? That’s the question of the day.

Do you know what DVD stands for? It’s Digital Versatile Disc.


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7 months ago

There is still a Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon, the last in the world. There was even a movie made about. It’s not on DVD though. You have to stream it on Netflix. Ironic.

7 months ago

Cave Man here: We have maybe watched a DVD 5 times in our lives. Don’t even know what streaming is. If it is not a black and white movie on over the air TV I don’t see it. Have not been to a movie house in 30 years and then I have been only about 10 times in my life. I always had something more productive to do I guess. I could not see spending money to just sit still that long. One hour in church is my max limit.

Leslie Smith
7 months ago

We do not watch anything when we are out and about with our trailer. We are out about six months and leave all the tv/video watching stuff behind. We read. We walk and we enjoy the outdoors. Mostly we boondock or stay in Forest Service Campgrounds.

Roy Davis
7 months ago

We don’t watch DVDs anymore but use our DVR a lot. I prefer to record shows and watch them later so I can fast forward through the commercials. 😁

Jeff Craig
7 months ago

We have Dish at home, so when we go someplace for the weekend we have our Wally and Tailgater for the races on Sunday. Most weekends, we stream off Netflix or another service, though that eats through our mobile hotspot plans. I took the BluRay player our of our RV two years ago, because we hadn’t touched it in a year. Still don’t miss it.

Diane Mc
7 months ago

Left out an option. Never watched DVD’s.😊 Husband bought a portable player to watch golf instruction videos. Think he used it once. Not anti technology. We live in and retired from working in Silicon Valley.

7 months ago

We don’t watch any TV when using the RV, if wanted to watch TV we would stay home.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

We moved 4 years ago and the new configuration of our televisions makes using the DVD player less convenient. We do not subscribe to any streaming services, so that has nothing to do with the change in my behavior. I continue buying DVDs and watch them when we travel in the RV.

Gary G
7 months ago

We live too far out in the country and have satellite DISH, so no streaming for us. Movies are dvd only. We can get their high priced internet, but not interested, can live without it, pay enough for basic crap.

7 months ago
Reply to  Gary G

You can’t watch pay per view movies off Dish/DirectTV?

7 months ago

We have several hundred DVDs. I have taken them out of the boxes and put them in an album. They are our go to when we camp where there are no OTA channels, wifi, or cell signals.

7 months ago

We have never watched a DVD in our motor home. We didn’t watch them 5 years ago either. Streaming all the way!!

7 months ago

No cable, dish or streaming, so we watch a lot of DVDs.

7 months ago

We camp in a lot of the right places. No cell service.
DVDs are handy for rainy or tired nights.

Bob p
7 months ago

If you’re asking about rentals, never, asking about personal family, occasionally.

7 months ago

Rarely watch a DVD. However, my vinyl music collection keeps growing.

7 months ago

I’m not even sure where our DVD players are right now, but go past some book cases in one room of our that makes me cringe. there are thousands of dollars of DVDs collecting dust there.

7 months ago

Stream to me, Baby!

7 months ago

DVDs have really gone by the wayside like the Beta and VHS. Go on line stream it in and done. No more clutter, dust collectors. It’s the same way with music. Fine with me less plastic though those plastic discs are great for target practice.

Wayne Caldwell
7 months ago

We have some DVDs that we watch occasionally. A couple of our favorites are “Mr & Mrs Smith” and “R.E.D.” and we recently watched “Young Frankenstein” .

Tom H.
7 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

I like your taste in movies! Some of our favorites, as well.