Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Where do you spend the night most often in your RV?

Try and think about it for a minute: Where do you find yourself spending the night the most often in your RV? Is it at privately owned campgrounds? Is it through Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome sites? Is it at Walmarts and Cracker Barrels? In National Forests or State Parks?

Once you’ve tallied it up, tell us by voting in the poll below. We’re curious to see where you spend the majority of your camping time. Thanks!


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4 months ago

We own the lot at the resort we stay in

Michael Galvin
4 months ago

Seven months of the year (except for trips) we snowbirds are in the RV in our lot in an RV resort.

Deborah Mason
4 months ago

Commercial RV parks & public parks with electricity when possible. We have dogs with us. We want to be comfortable, but it’s more important to keep them in safe temperatures. We go without electricity when we have to. When we go to Agility trials & dry camp we have to get creative. Our battery operated misting fan (outdoors only) really helps moderate hot temperatures.

Mary Davidson
4 months ago

Other: on site where we are workamping, which varies from private parks to state parks to farms/wineries to event centers.

John Chandler
4 months ago

Part of the year we stay on an RV lot we own, the rest in commercial RV parks.

Duane Timmons
4 months ago

We do a lot of dog events (Agility and Barn Hunt primarily). So we spend about 80% of our RV nights at “event” locations. These are private arenas, fairgrounds and sports fields.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

Locally (weekends/holiday stays) we stay in our great WA State Parks. When we are on a road trip (usually for family or to go to the races) we stay in a combination of Casino/Walmart/Cabela’s, Commercial (preferably KOA) or at the track campground. I did just sign up for Harvest Hosts, so I’m looking forward to trying out some of there locations on our next big trip.

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Karl Heymann
4 months ago

Combination of all of the above.

Roy Davis
4 months ago

Our type of camping changed as our RV changed the last time because of our size! At 45 ft we found it harder to find sites long enough at state, National, and Forestry campgrounds and primary now use commercial places. However we discovered a couple years ago that many state and county fairgrounds have camping and most can accommodate large rigs.

Paul S Goldberg
4 months ago

We spend about half the year on our site in an Escapee Coop, When on the move we hit Elks Lodge, Harvest Host, BDW, COE Commercial and BLM land, WalMart is often not avoidable. Preference would be NFS or other lightly used boondock alternating with FHU campground to get laundry done and refresh tanks.Moochdocking at our son’s place where we have fhu is also an annual event.

4 months ago

In bed 😃

Tom H.
4 months ago

Commercial parks mostly, but we really prefer public parks whenever possible!

Gordy B
4 months ago

Truck stops, We usually travel point A to point B hitting a few things in between. We travel in a custom van, self built for camping has everything but a shower. As for showers we go into the truck stop and pay.

4 months ago

I spend the night most often in the RV in the bedroom asleep. Ha I think the question should be: “while traveling to a destination and having to stop for the night where would you stop?”. Otherwise I think my initial response is correct to the question.

4 months ago
Reply to  Skip

That was my first thought for an answer, too! LOL

4 months ago
Reply to  Skip

Or simply “Where do you park for the night most often?”

Connie VH
4 months ago

My initial reaction was “In the bed”….. sometimes on our super-comfy couch.

Then I read the poll answers.🤣

4 months ago

16yr FT – Pre Covid hysteria, 90% commercial. NOW – 40% commercial(Snow-birding), 60% Private land.

4 months ago

I snowbird from Alaska and my rv is home-away-from-home when i moochdock with family and friends. I do spend many nights at other type locations but most are the easiest enroute to my next visit. I hope to increase our stops for the fun/pleasure factor but at this point, getting “there” in the comfort of my “home” is most often the case!

Tommy Molnar
4 months ago

We almost always boondock here in NV. State parks are cool too, because we have the “Geezer Pass” and it makes camping in state parks free. But, last year we spent 7½ months in Houston for medical reasons – and that would skew my answer if I added that in.

Bob Wallace
4 months ago

We boondock at Indycar racetracks 90% of the time; the balance is spent at a commercial park if the drive to said tracks is too long.

4 months ago

“Where do you spend the night most often in your RV?” Well, in the bed I guess. Oh wait. I see what you mean. About 49% membership campgrounds and 49% boondocking.