Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Do you wear/allow shoes inside your RV?

If you’re not the person who makes everyone take off their shoes at your front door (house or RV) you certainly know someone who does. There are always those people…

When you walk up to your RV, or when friends, family or neighbors come over to visit, do you take off or ask them to take off their shoes? If so, you should certainly provide them with fun socks like these


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4 months ago

We do take our shoes off in our sticks & bricks. But in our MH… absolutely not! We are camping for heaven sake!! Unless mud or snow is involved – then of course the shoes or boots come off.

4 months ago

I bought an inexpensive runner that fills the floor in my prod side to side and bed to bathroom (it’s in the back) and have a rug by the door and in the bathroom. While I often wear my shoes, frequently I do not. I vacuumed with a dust buster type vacuum frequently. My incentive to take off my shoes is those little pieces of gravel that drop from the bottom of my shoes are not comfortable under my bare feet. No shoes no gravel 🙂

DL Jenson
4 months ago

We always take them off and the few guest we have usually do too. All it takes is one shoe with a goat head weed seed in it to ruin a floor. The ground is not clean, we leave our shoes outside on the mat or on the rug inside the door and wear our slippers.

4 months ago

Class B, daily driver. We allow shoes only if they come in on someone’s feet. Strange shoes that just show up are unwelcome.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
4 months ago
Reply to  KellyR

… Not to mention a little creepy! Have a good afternoon, Kelly. 🙂 –Diane

Brian Burry
4 months ago

Yes, we vacuum, wash and clean our floors more in our motor home probably than our actual house! Many Americans find it insulting to be told to take off their shoes, and very rude.

4 months ago

I’m diabetic. Shoes must be worn ALL the time. NO stocking slippers.

Cheryl Bacon
4 months ago
Reply to  Cheryl

I buy slippers that are for diabetics.

Roy Davis
4 months ago

I really don’t care if someone wears shoes in our RV or not, but I rarely do. As a matter of fact I don’t wear them at our stick-n-bricks either and have a shoe/boot rack inside the mud room. You know you can run a Rumba® inside the RV as well. Love it but the dog hates it.

Sharon B
4 months ago

I always have a stepping rug right by the inside of the door and I take off my shoes or I would have a pig pen of dirt in my camper. I live in mine and don’t want to live like a dirt bag. I see some of the filthiest RVs and wonder what they lived when owning a home.

4 months ago

Why would I have someone take their shoes off and walk around our RV or even our home spreading pathogenic Staphylococcal bacteria everywhere they step? Not me!

4 months ago

Our motorhome floor has been replaced with cherry wood planking except in the cockpit and bedroom areas. We have throw rugs which are easy to vacuum or just take out and shake; we don’t require shoes off – and hey, we are gla-camping and it is getting more difficult to tie and untie shoe laces sitting on a narrow step! (Try to find a velcro closing shoe anymore or a comfortable slip on for long walks – and bugs, poison ivy and pebbles get into sandals!)

4 months ago
Reply to  DW/ND

SAS has several lines of men’s and women’s shoes with Velcro fasteners.

Paul Cecil
4 months ago
Reply to  Rich

My Mom introduced me to SAS shoes. I bought a pair with velcro fasteners specifically to wear when I was flying a lot for business. Made removing shoes a whole lot easier when passing through TSA checkpoints.
Oh, and the SAS shoes are very comfortable.

Roy Davis
4 months ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

And American made!

MN Anon
4 months ago

Of course we wear our shoes in the RV, it’s called camping. Easy to sweep while we’re on the road, and I wash the floor when we get home.

4 months ago

While living in Japan 50 years ago I discovered the comfort of not wearing shoes inside the house (or RV). I’m not obsessive about it and never ask guests to remove their shoes. Of course, I’m not opposed to wearing warm slippers on a cold morning.

Neal Davis
4 months ago

I allow shoes, but only wear them myself to avoid getting dog fur all over my socks. I vacuum the RV Daily when we use it to address the plethora of fur our teenaged (13 going on 14 years of age) dog leaves around.

Ron Lane
4 months ago

We don’t wear our shoes in the coach, but we don’t expect guests to remove theirs.. Maybe that could have been another option since you actually asked about allowing others.

4 months ago

We wear shoes in our motorhome, but have a large rug just at the top of the steps well as a mat outside the door, to keep most things from staining our carpets, however, we have also learned that RV’s are far from air tight so dust gets in despite our best efforts to keep things clean. I just cleaned our carpets yesterday, very black was extracted.

Thomas D
4 months ago

Orthopedic shoes.
A must. And I’m the one that vacuums so there!

MN Anon
4 months ago
Reply to  Thomas D

I understand about orthopedic shoes.

Deborah Mason
4 months ago

I hate putting shoes/clothing on/off. Once I’m dressed for the day, that’s it. Life is too short to stress over shoes on floors.

Kaeleen Buckingham
4 months ago

I said yes, I don’t care but every now and then I do. There are some campgrounds that the rocks they put around the area stick between the ridges in the soles and then come loose in the motorhome. Those are very hard on bare feet in the middle of the night!

4 months ago

We don’t care. Vinyl floors, easy cleanup.

Besides I just can’t get the 3 dogs to take theirs off, so why should I?

4 months ago

Yes will do. The I don’t care part, I don’t care about. I own a vacuum cleaner and that takes care of tracked in dirt that got by wiping on the mat and steps.