Where do you carry your sewer tote?


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

tote-745If you’re a serious boondocker – or want to be one – you know that one of the more difficult issues can be caring for waste water. If you’ve found that delightful place to park the rig and you want to just stay there for a while, who on earth wants to break camp to go back and dump gray water. Enter the “blue boy” “sewer tote,” that allows you to dump your waste water in a portable tank, then tote the tank – not the rig – to a suitable dump station.

So where you do you carry your blue boy when you’re on the road?

That was a question asked by an RVer who was just getting ready to get their own portable waste tank. And RVers, typically creative, came up with a few ideas.

One of the most popular ideas, for the travel trailer and fifth wheel set, is to carry that tote in the bed of your pickup. Of course, when empty, a tote could be light enough to try and get loose. We’ve had some odd wind currents come up in the bed of our pickup when towing the fiver, so keep in mind, you may need to weight or tie it down.

But what if you’re using your sewer tote with a motorhome? There’s no handy pickup bed there (unless your “toad” is a pickup). Like some trailer owners we’ve heard about, there’s often room at the rear of the rig. Got a ladder rack? Don’t know how many times we’ve seen folks tie their tote to the ladder rack. Some RVers consider this a BAD idea, likening a blue boy on the back like something straight out of the Beverly Hillbillies. If you can live with it, but don’t have a ladder rack, get creative with some scrap metal and your hitch receiver and build a rack that hangs on the receiver.

Others take a more “concealed” approach to packing “Old Blue,” around. One RVer slid under his rig and using angle iron, built a swing-down rack where the tote rode about in style (and out of site) until needed. And as hard as it is to believe, some RVers actually store their Blue Boys inside their rigs. Where? One RVer said he put his smaller tote in the shower stall; another put his to bed in the unused bunk of his bunkhouse style trailer. Many motorhome folks say they find space in one of their basement storage compartments.

Got any other creative thoughts? Please leave a comment.

Editor’s note: Thetford sells a tote storage system that uses an RV’s ladder for its support. Learn more about it hereAmazon.com has a large selection of sewer totes and other accessories.


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Victor Bailey
9 months ago

I’ve seen some comments about storing it in the bed of your truck but how can you dump going uphill?

Bob and Tammy Julich
4 years ago

We have a 2000 Dutch Star DP. We have a 10 gal blue boy that we carry under the battery compartment in the rear of the motorhome. We drilled some holes under the compartment and secure the blue boy with 3 rubber bungee cords. This has worked for us for 16 years fulltiming, the last 9 years mostly boondocking.

4 years ago

On our previous travel trailer there was enough room to carry the tote on the front between the propane tanks & the hitch crank. On our new trailer I have yet to find a good location — the front end is tighter with a slightly different configuration. We do have a slide out tray in the rear that will most likely become the catch all for loose items not having a specific storage location IE: the blue tote!

4 years ago

Have not done this, but this is what I was thinking of doing in storing the sewer tote. Look up the BAL HIDE A SPARE BOX/C-CHANNEL/Z-CHANNEL FRAME UNDERSLUNG MOUNT.

4 years ago

For lack of a better answer, I put our “blue boy” in a big, heavy duty trash bag and carry it in the back of our “toad (Jeep GC).” I have a hitch rack/carrier, but when we use our bicycle rack on the hitch, the carrier is no longer an option. Someone is missing a business opportunity on this topic.

Eric Devolin
4 years ago

We also carried a 14 ft extension ladder which I hung under the 5th wheel behind the tires on 2 swing style brackets. There was enough room above this ladder ,between the frame rails of the 5th to place our sewer tote with a shortened ratchet strap holding the tote in place. Worked out for us til we sold our 5th wheel.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

I have oftentimes thought about getting a “blue monster” but the problem of where to put it has stopped me. We have a travel trailer, so the tow vehicle seems to be the answer, but it’s already full of other necessities. We boondock A LOT too. Not sure what to do . .

ernest werkheiser
4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

hi tommy
for years we had a popper,, thebest place we found was on the front of camper [ out of view of most others } . mount with 2 stainless eye bolts, fender washers and jam nuts, dont forget silicone under exterior washer. ratchet strap in place and good to go

Grumpy Old Timer
4 years ago

We carry ours on a hitch mounted carrier on our toad. When not in use, we remove the entire rack/tank combo. When we need to use it, back on to the toad it goes and we fill it with our pump and dedicated 50′ garden hose, Then we drive to the dump station and empty using an extra piece of 3″ sewer hose. It works well for us no matter how far the dump station.
And for the snobs who don’t want to look like Red Necks, we are proud red necks not afraid to work or get our hands dirty.