Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Do you have a primary care doctor?

Going to the doctor has changed quite a bit since the COVID-19 pandemic started almost a year and a half ago. Before, doctor’s appointments were somewhat challenging for traveling RVers. Now, telehealth is changing all that. You can see your doctor virtually from anywhere! How nice is that?

Do you have a primary care doctor that you see (in-person or virtually) on a regular basis? Please tell us in the poll below. Thanks!


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Michael Galvin
4 months ago

As a snowbird, I have one in Colorado and one in Arizona.

4 months ago

My VA PCPs have been wonderful. They take the time to listen to my concerns, help me when they can and refer me to specialists if it’s out of their wheelhouse. And although there has been a shift to “Community Care” to get us in faster, I find the VA doctors seem more concerned about our care than the civilian doctors.

4 months ago

Primary and 4 specialist. All of which are excellent my PCP she is awesome typical for east coast medical but with that said Boston Medical-Brighams in charges are a rip off artist. You have to review every detail.

4 months ago

yes, we have the same PCP. and we both kept all of our doctor and dental appointments during the pandemic.

Diane Mc
4 months ago

Both of us have primary doctors. Physicals every year. We both keep track of our blood pressure/pulse and bring with us along with a print out of our current medications, prescription/vitamins, etc. Both our doctors love it and wish other patients would do the same. We also do any blood work or tests ahead of visit so we can discuss in person with the doctor. My doctor has private practice. My husband is with a group, but sees same doctors every time and all the doctors know each other so can consult.

Deborah Mason
4 months ago

I answered yes, but I actually see a nurse practitioner. Instead of “hello, what are your symptoms, here’s your prescription, goodbye” I am schedule for 30-60 minutes for each visit. I know she has the backup of an MD at the clinic if needed, but I get the chance to discuss my conditions, concerns, etc, instead of getting the bum’s rush. I also drive 2 hours to see her rather than use the rural clinic where we live so I don’t have to start over every time they cycle in a new doctor.

4 months ago
Reply to  Deborah Mason

Absolutely true. I’ve been seeing a Nurse Practitioner for years. They are the best.

4 months ago

We full time travel and do not winter at the same place every year. So we see a primary care Dr. wherever we happen to be for yearly checkups. From our former PCP who we loved, we know what to make sure what gets checked. Luckily we are still healthy enough that this works.

Neal Davis
4 months ago

As Daddy became more feeble we moved from 10 hours away to be within a half mile. I began taking him to his doctor visits and became a patient of his doctor. Over the last several months of Daddy’s life we talked of him almost as much as me during my visits to the doctor. To a lesser extent we sometimes talked of me during Daddy’s visits. I acquired a strong respect for our doctor during that period and don’t wish to imagine how things might have been if Daddy had had a different doctor, or if we had different doctors.

4 months ago

Because we are full-time, we actually have 2. One in our old home town and one where we spend most of our Winters.

Tommy Molnar
4 months ago

Like others, our primary care doc is considerably younger than we are. But, now that I’m considerably older, so is he. The prospect of finding another doc is scary considering we’ve had this fellow for over 25 years and he KNOWS us and our history.

4 months ago

I have a primary care physician if you count the 2 minutes I spend with her every 3 months.

4 months ago

I have a cr**py marketplace hmo. All I can afford. I have to have a pcp so I do. Took me almost 2 years to get this doctor and my 3 prescriptions ‘authorized’. WAJ! Worst doctor and mexical office I have ever had but afraid to get back in the pool.

Ed K
4 months ago

I picked a young one 20 years ago so they couldn’t retire on me like all my previous Doctors did.

Wayne Braxton
4 months ago

Our doctor and the entire clinic staff are superb. We have been using this doctor since moving here 14 years ago. Never have had a complaint or even a negative thought. We believe our medical care is in good hands and will not willingly change.

4 months ago

Yes, and he is 25 years younger than I.

4 months ago

Who wouldn’t have a PCP? It’s tough to find a doctor that you trust with your health and wellbeing. My doctor is retiring at the end of the year, now I have to go through the process all over again.

4 months ago

As I age, it’s becoming easier & easier to find a doctor younger than I. Gives me some assurance that they’ll outlive me & I won’t have to continue to find ‘replacements’.

Bob p
4 months ago
Reply to  John

I have outlived so many Drs I can’t count them, we just changed to a younger Dr because our Dr we’ve had for the last 5 years we’ve lived here is experiencing health issues and his nurse practitioners are not very good. He is 2 years younger than me and I’m in better health than he is.