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RV Review: 2021 Cherokee Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE Fifth Wheel


I’ve been told that the incidence of families taking to the road isn’t slowing down much. Now that we’ve seen what we can do while also seeing this incredible land, a lot of families have decided that learning firsthand is really a great experience for parents and their children. But there is still the challenge of the various members of the family having their own space so teenagers, for example, can go be their moody selves when the Starbucks is out of the crunchy bits for the fancy coffee. That wouldn’t be much of a challenge in a fifth wheel like the Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE. 

Cherokee Arctic Wolf

The Cherokee Arctic Wolf brand can best be described as offering a lot of value for the money. There are also some really usable and more unexpected features that you wouldn’t necessarily expect at this price point. 

For example, all Cherokee and Arctic Wolf trailers now come with a Bluetooth camera at the back that works with the OneControl app. This allows you to see what’s happening behind you and, while lots of RVs have prep for a camera, this one comes with the thing. 

This is also part of the app which enables you to do things like open slide rooms and do other functions in the trailer with the phone. But I also am very happy that the company hasn’t abandoned real buttons, too. So anyone can perform the functions in the way they’re most comfortable doing so. 

Many rooms in this larger fifth wheel

And the kids can’t necessarily close slides with their phones while mom and dad are downstairs in the bedroom yelling at them. Plus, this floor plan offers two complete bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen in a larger fifth wheel. 

There are zebra shades throughout much of this model. Those are sort of alternating stripes that allow you to block light or let light in in varying degrees. 

I also like that, even though there are multiple tanks in the Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE, there is only one connection to dump. I’ve seen where there are multiple connections which, to me, is just someone in accounting not wanting to spend another $2.73 in plumbing, but not something you might not when shopping. 

That’s what these reviews are hopefully here to help you with. 

Two bedrooms in the Arctic Wolf

This trailer is in Arctic Wolf’s “Suite” series. What that gets you here is the word “Suite” emblazoned in a padded piece above the king-sized bed. Okay, there’s more than that. 

The two bedrooms in this trailer are at the back and there is a separate access door to get to the rear bedrooms. Or you can get to them from the rest of the trailer. The bedrooms are upstairs and downstairs. 

Downstairs the bed is a 72” X 80” king-sized bed in a slide room. Opposite that is a skinny set of drawers and cabinets on the camp side wall along with a narrow closet. There is space for shoes below these, and the bed lifts up on struts for additional storage. Furthermore, there is an actual closet in the bedroom that’s pretty decent in size so the combination does make for good space. 

The ceiling height in this room is lower at about 6’ 7”, but it’s not claustrophobic. 

Above this room, which is arguably the master bedroom, is the loft bedroom which is accessed via permanent stairs. That loft features two thin 38” x 72” “bunk mats.” Next to each of those is a raised table and each position has a 120vac outlet as well as USB charging ports. There’s also a small storage space between the mattresses. 

Main living space

The bathroom is next coming from the rear entrance and features a 30” X 36” shower. But, since the rear of the trailer is taller to accommodate the two bedrooms, the bathroom has the ceiling at the same height. That means you could literally allow your pro basketball player friend to come and shower in this trailer and he would have zero issues with headroom here. Seriously. 

There’s also the toilet and sink, and the toilet is a porcelain bowl model. 

The kitchen is next up with the main galley occupying a road-side slide room. That galley features a 12-volt compressor fridge, hooray, along with a three-burner RV stove and 17” oven. There’s some counter space next to the stove. Arctic Wolf includes a cutting board that adheres to the wall via magnets to form a back splash. 

There’s also a center island in the kitchen with the sink and more drawer and cabinet space. 

Large walk-in pantry

Along the back wall of the kitchen is a large walk-in pantry. This area includes plumbing for a stacking washer and dryer. Those would mostly consume this space if you have it. But you could also use a combo washer and still have some pantry space height. 

There is more storage space along the front wall of the kitchen area. I don’t think you’d be in a bad spot if you used the pantry for a washer and dryer, but that depends on how you load in supplies. It is really convenient to have it here instead of in a bedroom. 

There is a dining table and four free-standing chairs in a camp-side slide room. The table has an interesting look to it with “X” legs and a “live edge” look (sort of unfinished wood) to the table top, even though it’s a pressed material. It’s a nice look. 

Upstairs, again, in the Arctic Wolf

The area above the pin box upstairs is the main living area featuring two opposing couches, each in their own slide room. At the back of the room are heated and massaging theater seats. 

Along the front wall of the Arctic Wolf, which would be the trailer’s nose cap, is a large bank of cabinets. There are four cabinets with drawers and then several large cubbies that are intended to be hidden by the TV. 

Arctic Wolf doesn’t include a TV with their units – which I think is smart. This enables buyers to get what they want. Some will want a huge TV; others will want something that might be well-suited to being a computer monitor. 

That means that this could be another place to do homework for the youngsters. Others could use the downstairs table for that purpose, or for an office as well. 

You can also fold out the two couches and either allow that showering basketball friend to stretch out (the couches do touch when they’re folded out) or this could be more sleeping space. 

In summary

The Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE fifth wheel offers private sleeping quarters for a number of people. There is additional “public” sleeping quarters in the upstairs front area. All told, you can officially sleep eight people here. 

So, the big bummer is that you won’t be doing much boondocking with this fifth wheel. That’s because there’s just 49 gallons of fresh water storage and 35 gallons of black water capacity. Even four people could easily blow through this much water in a day. So, if this is something that intrigues you but boondocking is your thing, you might look at your tank options. There are solutions like those portable waste tanks and bringing in water.

Otherwise, dollar for dollar, Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE offers a lot of value in a model that could serve some families very well. 

My thanks to Josh Winters from Haylett RV for use of his photos for this article.

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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The Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE is a large fifth wheel with multiple sleeping spaces that could serve a family well.


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Roger Spalding
1 year ago

Artic Wolf RVs usually remind me of icebergs. Only 10% of their problems are visible. You’ll have find the other 90% on your own. The small freshwater capacity is a tip off, but the unusable shelves behind the TV are also a giveaway. Like Tony, I don’t understand the logic of creating bed space for 8 or more people, then omitting means for them to take even abbreviated navy showers. With so many campers fighting for water or bathroom time, the idea of a half bath might be worthwhile for the builder to look into. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but emblazoning “Pantry,” “Relax,” and now “Suite” across parts of the RV always seemed strange to me, too.

1 year ago

Never a fan of those zebra shades…

Jim Thomas
1 year ago

Interesting design, but lots of downsides. First, I don’t think I want the kids sleeping over my head. Second, as Josh or Matt’s RV reviews points out, you can only get a small TV in the living room unless you want to obstruct access to the cabinets on either side. Kitchen storage is lacking, especially if you want to get a washer/dryer. No drop frame means smaller pass through storage, and the front storage compartment is lacking because of the battery and other items installed there. I think the leveling is only 4 point, not six. It does have a lot of features for the price point, but too many downs for me to consider.

The Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE is a large fifth wheel with multiple sleeping spaces that could serve a family well. RV Review: 2021 Cherokee Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE Fifth Wheel