Saturday, July 24, 2021
Saturday, July 24, 2021

For dog owners: Would you pay 20% more for a fenced campsite where your dog could run free?

Sit! Stay! Shaaaaake…. OK, now down! Good boy!

If you’re a dog owner, would you pay up to 20% more for a fenced campsite where your dog could run free? No leashes allowed – just pure sniffing, peeing-on-everything bliss. What do you think?

You know who would pay 20% more for a fenced campsite if they could? Your dog. That’s who.

After voting in the poll below, leave a comment and tell us if you’ve ever come across a fenced campsite (or private area, not a dog park) for Fido or Fifi. We’d like to know. Thanks!


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1 day ago

Most KOA we have been to have fenced in dog runs. Never had to pay more or extra for it. My dogs love it. We found a great dog park in Charlotte NC and it is free. Sign says everyone invited. But we are not camping here but if anyone in the area needs one its here.

2 days ago

Dogs should have the run of a campsite. I own dogs and would never let them out of my control and if you truly love your dogs and keep saying they are your babies/kids then your be in control. It to me are the younger group that would let them run only because they had no one to watch them at home. And who is picking up yhe crap.

Jeff Clark
3 days ago

20% is pretty steep…. but, 10%, yes

3 days ago

Keeps the dogs in and the rude kids out.

David Nelson
4 days ago

Would depend on the size of the space and the fence.

Jeff Craig
4 days ago

No, but a dog run area at RV parks would be worth an extra buck a night IMHO. We take our dogs to nearby dog parks when we are camping, as long as it is not a travel day.

Richard Hughes
4 days ago

Our dogs are Off Leash Service dogs. We had to train them to be leashed. If they are outside, without a leash, they will not leave the site without their human. They are trained to brace, if my wife falls or needs help getting up, or go for help if she can’t rise.

4 days ago

Should your question have been worded to only be answered by people that have a dog. I can see where those without dogs would not pay anything extra for that convenience.

Beverly P Stokley
4 days ago

The best rv park for dogs we’ve ever stayed in was Four Paws RV Park and Campground in Rutherfordton, NC. Most of the sites have a fenced in area for your pup or pups. Ours even included a fenced patio that connected to the additional fenced in area. Plus, they have 6 fenced dog parks, one with a pond. It was also the only RV park we’ve ever stayed in that there were NO random poo piles to dodge. Anywhere. For two weeks.

4 days ago

I said yes but it would depend on the size of the area. We have a lab that is able to jump 4 foot fences, and loves to run. So need to be able toss a ball for her to run after.
If it is just a place with small areas so people can leave their dogs outside unsupervised barking at all those that walk by than I would not only not pay extra I would not stay there.

4 days ago

I said no only because we are in the process of adopting a Cavalier St Charles and would not need a fenced yard. BUT if I had 2 dogs or medium to large dog fo sure I pay the extra. That would be a joy to watch in their yard unrestrained.

4 days ago

Answered Yes but depends…20% more of what? $40 yes. $100 no.

Roy Davis
4 days ago

I’d pay more for a fenced site even if we didn’t have our dogs, just to stop all the idiots from cutting through it. The problem I see might be people just leaving their dogs out all the time.

Bob Palin
4 days ago

I would pay it for a clean area, I’ll clean up after my dog but I’m not going to pay extra to pick up the last pooch’s poop.

4 days ago

I would like it because our little stinker constantly dashes out when we are simply going in and out. Then we have to catch him.

Nancy Lamoreaux
4 days ago

That would be great for both the dog and owner. For instance, if the dog gets out accidentally they are safe. If a middle of the night nature call for the dog then you let them out while staying in RV and let dog back in and get it when your up and ready to collect deposit. But some owners have to be aware that constant barking is addressed. Animal not left alone if no one is there to down. Or if in area where bears are not real far off that the food is left out and bear comes to investigate. Anyhow pris and cons.

4 days ago

Great idea but price way out of range.
I have a problem paying $5/day/dog at some places. I asked one campground what my dogs get for the extra charge and the woman told me “They get to stay here.” How’s that for justifying a gouge? We pick up everything our dogs leave behind using our own Mutt-Mitts. We feed them and water them. So what does the campgrounds provide us – NOTHING. A fenced area would be nice, sure. The dogs like to be out, but get real on the price. Make it an amenity that people would come to your park for, not another money grab.

Ronald L.
4 days ago

I would pay 20% more to not even be near any dogs!! It’s getting ridiculous with all the barking, growling, snarling and inconsiderate dog owners that don’t police or pick up after their animals. And some folks put up their own pens and leave the dog(s) outside to bark incessantly! No thank you. We RV for peace and quiet, not to have to listen to someone else’s critters!!

4 days ago

It would have to be a 6’ fence to do any good and that would be ugly as sin. My dogs would sail right over any small fences.

4 days ago

Yes, yes, yes! With two dogs I would love to not have to manage leashes for when we’re hanging around the campsite. We do multiple daily walks too, that’s part of the fun of camping for them, but as long as the fenced area is cleaned up I would love to open the door like we do at home with our fenced yard. And charge losers $100 per poop not picked up!

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