Do you view a glass as half full or half empty?


Someone hands you a glass. They fill it up with orange juice halfway. Is it half empty or half full? We don’t know, you tell us!

This is a simple test that psychologists use to determine whether a person is a pessimist (half empty) or optimist (half full). A pessimist will point out that there is orange juice missing from what could be a full glass, but an optimist will turn to them and say, “Hey, at least we have some orange juice!”

So, what’s the glass to you? Half empty or half full? Vote, then leave a comment if you wish. Thanks!

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Skip (@guest_134846)
2 years ago

Drink out of a Dixie cup instead of a glass and you won’t care.

Last edited 2 years ago by Skip
Chuck (@guest_134841)
2 years ago

Is this question even politically correct today? We may be hurting the glasses feelings with the “wrong” answer. Careful, we might get cancelled! 😉

Gene Bjerke (@guest_134788)
2 years ago

Just leaving room for a good shot of vodka.

John Owen (@guest_134677)
2 years ago

Just get a smaller cup if it bothers you.

KellyR (@guest_134674)
2 years ago

A half is a half is a half. There is no empty or full to it. If instructions state a “half cup”, never have i seen it to be “half a full cup or half a empty cup”. Oh…, but this is a glass! Never mind.

Jeff Craig (@guest_134666)
2 years ago

Philosophically, I have definitely become more pessimistic over the last decade, between work, politics, environmental and other issues – and that has certainly affected my outlook. That said, I have reaped a bounty compared to most people. I am healthy, I have a good life and a fun RV. So… in this exercise I’d say if this were orange juice, it would be half full, but if it were beer, it would definitely be half empty.

Dr. Mike (@guest_134665)
2 years ago

This is a question from the examination for Lean process.
The correct answer is: Neither. The glass is twice the size it needs to be. Further, How can we ship the product in the correct size container to the customer faster and less expensive than our competitors?

Kelley Miller (@guest_134660)
2 years ago

I was unable to pick an answer. Even if the glass is empty, it is still full of air, which is mass.

Snayte (@guest_134658)
2 years ago

That depends on whether I am filling it or emptying it.

Julie (@guest_134655)
2 years ago

I love this group so much. Some really great comments! Enjoy that beverage, folks!

Chros Crosswhite (@guest_134654)
2 years ago

Hey! I’m half-way toward my next glass!

Deborah Mason (@guest_134643)
2 years ago

Of course, what is IN the half glass can influence the final answer ..

Tom (@guest_134644)
2 years ago
Reply to  Deborah Mason

My thoughts exactly

bisonwings (@guest_134774)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom


Crowman (@guest_134639)
2 years ago

If your filling it it’s half full, If your emptying it it’s half empty.

Ron Lane (@guest_134653)
2 years ago
Reply to  Crowman

Exactly, and for some reason, that was not included as an option so I didn’t pick either one.

WEB (@guest_135015)
2 years ago
Reply to  Crowman

I think you did not need to dirty a glass, just drink out of the container if there is only a little left.

rich (@guest_134635)
2 years ago

depends on how thirsty i am.

Montgomery Bonner (@guest_134634)
2 years ago

Unless it’s got beer in it, then it’s half empty.

Neal Davis (@guest_134631)
2 years ago

I said “half empty,” but it really depends on what is in the glass. The stuff I have to drink before a colonoscopy? The glass is half full. Something that I actually like to drink? The glass is half empty. Really it depends on the situation.

Paul (@guest_134624)
2 years ago

Half full? Half empty? Glass twice as big as it needs to be? I’m still wondering what happened to the other half of my water.

Dr. Willie Live (@guest_134616)
2 years ago

The glass is empty, who ever left a half a glass of beer.

Terry (@guest_134613)
2 years ago

People who view the glass half empty or half full miss the point, THE GLASS IS REFILLABLE.

Bob p (@guest_134611)
2 years ago

I voted in the 17% pessimistic crowd, as I see it every time you take a drink it gets closer to empty not closer to full. Psychologist don’t rank very high in my opinion poll.