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When you write down a note, do you write it on a piece of paper or on your phone?

OK. Say you need to put together a grocery list. Where do you write it down? Do you write it on a physical piece of paper, or do you write it down somewhere on your phone?

And what if you meet someone who gives you their phone number… do you write it down or plug it into your phone?

When you write down a note (or a list, or a phone number, etc.) where do you usually write it? If you answer “other” in the poll below, please leave a comment and tell us where. Thank you!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Jeff Winkler (@guest_138428)
2 years ago

Primarily on paper since I am mostly at my desk working – I also carry a small notebook in my pocket if I am out and about – if I find my self with no paper but notice something that I want to remember I will send an email to myself, then it is in my inbox when I get back to my computer.

Pat Daubenmier (@guest_137902)
2 years ago

Depends on where I am. Half the year on phone cuz we’re in the coach. At home, I keep ongoing list on the fridge.
If someone gives me a phone number while out, directly into the phone.

Paul S Goldberg (@guest_137679)
2 years ago

When I was working, many years ago, short term reminders went on post it notes which I stuck on my forehead as I went out the door to my car. Checking the mirror as I backed out of my space brought the note into view and I was “reminded” Today it all goes in the phone. Wife and I share a shopping list on a Google Drive Spreadsheet (I haven’t figured out how to stick it to my forehead yet). Longer term memory stuff goes into 1password where it is secure (sometimes so secure I can’t find it). For quick access, like my vax card, I keep in Note, also Drivers License, passport data page. If I have a written note I scan it with the phone and hope I can find someone who can read my handwriting – I can’t

rich (@guest_137678)
2 years ago

occasionally paper but usually my phone

Skip (@guest_137666)
2 years ago

Most on phone. I left too many many notes in the past sitting where I wrote them. Walked out the door to the store and crap forgot the note/list. So most times 95% phone the other 5% is when I write myself a kitchen pass. Then put it on the fridge so the wife sees it. If I were to text a note the honey do list shows up quicker then lighting and cancels the kitchen pass. Ha

TIM MCRAE (@guest_137665)
2 years ago

Had to say mostly phone (evernote, sms or whatsapp message, or email).

When I do use paper or DW writes a note I take a photo and throw the paper away.

DW often texts me lists or reminders (even when she is sitting next to me).

In the 90’s I would make notes in my Palm Pilot (yep I wrote on my hand)

KEN DIEBOLD (@guest_137664)
2 years ago

Phone almost all the time.

Tom (@guest_137662)
2 years ago

When I was working it was many on paper, retired now and most go on the phone

Jeff Craig (@guest_137661)
2 years ago

If it’s something quick, if I don’t need to create a calendar reminder in my phone, I have Alexa set a reminder for me. I also use the Alexa app for grocery/shopping lists, inventories (freezer, coffee syrups, emergency supplies) and stuff needed at specific stores (Lowes, Target, Costco). For long term notes (travel itinerary, software activation codes, model/serial numbers for stuff we own), I use various apps like Outlook or Evernote so I can always refer back to them for. Otherwise, I’d be carrying a binder like I did in the 90’s!

KellyR (@guest_137656)
2 years ago

I take the pen out of my pocket and write the note on the palm of my hand, then hopefully transfer that to a piece of paper before I wash my hands. When I then later find the piece of paper, I take it to my wife to see if she can figure out what I meant when I wrote it. By that time the “event” had already taken place or it evidently didn’t make any difference anyway.

Roy Davis (@guest_137655)
2 years ago

I had to click other. I rarely write down notes and I don’t own a phone I can easily do that with. However I almost always have my Tablet and will either send myself an email or put it directly onto my calendar. My shopping list is on the tablet as well.

MN Anon (@guest_137645)
2 years ago


I use paper if it’s short-term use such as a grocery list.

I use phone if it’s something I’ll refer to over time such as contact info or book/movie recommendations.

Diane Mc (@guest_137644)
2 years ago

Send emails to myself using the subject field. Sometimes in the middle of the night (helps me go back to sleep to know it’s “written” down). Might be to call someone or do some task. Or things I need to do for my Mom when I visit. I’ll transfer those to a post-it note & stick on my purse. Also could be something we need at store(s) but my shopping list isn’t nearby. Use pen and paper for shopping list. Do 80% of grocery shopping online so my list includes items for grocery store, Walmart (staples) & Costco. Includes most everything we order so when I need to place order I can review list. Use to have a great memory. When I worked people could never pull a fast one because I could remember what we did years prior😂. Oh for those days.

Jeb (@guest_137640)
2 years ago

I like the paper to do list so I can see my cross off list easier. I have been taking photos of my DW grocery list when I do the shopping. Helps to stop arguements about why I did not pick up something not on list.

Bugsy (@guest_137639)
2 years ago

I still like the old fashioned paper and pen. Have my phone and paper and pen right next to my recliner. So I can do either. But I really like lists on paper.

Rolling Coal (@guest_137638)
2 years ago

Note pads and a “week per page” hard cover day-timer/notebook for me. If I need to take info from either, I’ll sometimes use my phone to photograph the page.

Neal Davis (@guest_137636)
2 years ago

I do have a phone with a stylus, but I have had it such a short time that I use a pen and paper to write notes for myself or others. I had a similar phone for a few years and typically wrote notes, shopping lists on it. During the intervening years my phone lacked that capability, forcing me back to pen and paper. I suppose I will revert to using my phone if this current phone lasts long enough; we’ll see.

Genevieve Arthur (@guest_137632)
2 years ago

Grocery list always on my phone, everything else on paper. Seems that when I write it out, I seem to remember it better!

Cathi (@guest_137631)
2 years ago

I use both. If someone gives me their phone number, it goes where I will use it, in my phone with a note as to where we met and anything else that will help me remember them. We have a grocery app for lists, so when I need something from the store it goes on that app that both of us can access from our phones. When I am working on my computer and need to make a note of something, that goes on paper. I use a couple of calendars (paper and “at a glance”) so I have a record of when I did something like defrosting the refrigator and where we are staying/stayed, birthdays etc.

Paul (@guest_137628)
2 years ago

When you write down a note, do you write it on a piece of paper or on your phone?
Wait…you can write notes on a phone? I’m still trying to find where to shovel coal into the darned thing to make it work.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul

😆 Same here, Paul. Maybe we’ll catch up one of these days (years?). Take care. 🙂 –Diane

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