Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Did you choose your RV, at least in part, to accommodate a pet?

Did you buy your present RV to help accommodate your pet or pets?

Would you, for example, perhaps have opted for a smaller RV if you did not have a pet (or a bunch of pets)? The staff of has heard plenty of RVers say they bought a certain size and/or model of RV because it would offer more space or better features than another one about the same size.

So what about you? Did you think about Fido or Fluffy when choosing your present RV?


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Kathleen Manoff
8 months ago

We got a RV to take our 2 dogs because we won’t kennel them , we had bad experiences.
And we had a friend home sitter , she would stay here and take care of dogs. She did a wonderful job for 20 years,
She would drive and pick us up at the airport, take dogs to vet, make sure there was milk,bread,eggs in the refrigerator when we got home.
She retired so we got a RV so we all travel.

8 months ago

We have 2 mini doxies, around 10# each, our only pet related consideration was if we could easily set up their crate in our TT in a spot that works for the 4 of us, and if there was a space to build in a kennel for them. Guess what my next project is…

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8 months ago

Pet free for 25 years and enjoying it. There’s an old joke about ministers giving their opinion of when life begins. The punchline is the rabbi, who says, “Life begins when the kids move out and the dog dies.”

Charlotte R
8 months ago

I really liked the S&S truck camper I had, but wasn’t too happy with the narrow aisle that required one of my two dogs (lab and lab mix, 75 lbs each) to move so that I could get to the stove or refrigerator or the door, and also required me to place my feet up on the wall opposite the u-shaped dinette.
I started looking around at different truck campers and when I opened the door to the Northern Lite 9.6, my first thought was, “Wide aisle!” Then I saw the booth dinette and said. “My OWN legroom!” I – we have been happier campers ever since.

8 months ago

All I have to say is: “I’m so sorry for you folks who don’t have a pet at all. You must get so depressed!”

Jim Collins
8 months ago

Actually we didn’t have a pet when we bought it in 17, he had passed away in 15, since we bought ours we have gotten a rescue dog a foxhound, who we love and she loves us, haven’t used the MH with her yet but hope to soon.

Wayne Caldwell
8 months ago

Nope! The offer the previous (amd only) owners made to us was an offer we could not refuse. Immaculate 15 year old CrossRoads 32′ travel trailer, Hensley Arrow hitch, Honda generator, etc, etc, for $5k. Our dogs didn’t even enter the thought process.

8 months ago

Not unless you consider my Mother-in-Law a pet. We kept her in mind the entire time while looking. She has loved to travel all her life and we thought that she would love the trips we planned. She took one look at the trailer and said, “thanks, I like my house.” Never set foot in it once.

8 months ago

Actually, I bought the RV for the dogs. I had had it with kennels and house sitters which almost always turned out to be a disaster. The only other way I could see most vacations happening was with bringing the pups with us. Now, whenever someone says, “Hey, I love your RV,” I say, “Oh, it’s not mine. I’m just the driver and guide. It’s the dogs’ RV.” 😉

8 months ago

Yes indeed. If we didn’t have three cats, hubby and I would’ve chosen a much smaller RV. We chose a bigazzz fifth wheel because of the furry friends, and we built a catio for them as well.

Because dogs have owners, and cats have staff 😆😻

Rolling Coal
8 months ago

We bought our motorhome based on our needs & wants.The dog has easily adapted.

Jeanie Hardman
8 months ago

Our pets had EVERYTHING to do with why we started RVing. I’m not sure we would have even started RVing if it weren’t for our pets. Having our dog family with us and not worrying about boarding them or hiring a sitter has made it easy to go whenever, wherever we like and we have enjoyed traveling all over the country. We started with five, are down to three (a good number). Our RV would not feel like home without them.

Jesse Crouse
8 months ago
Reply to  Jeanie Hardman

Same here. They were the main reason we started RVing. Twenty years later with 2 TT and 2 Motor Homes the journey continues. Hope to pass away in a lawn chair, beer in hand admiring the last wash and wax.

8 months ago

The No’s have it, 2:1

8 months ago

Yes, we chose our Sabre 5th wheel for our cat, Pepper. The camp-side slide has 6 tall windows and she can walk the length of the slide and see out each one. She can also curl up in a dinette chair and watch outside for birds and rabbits.

Robyn Gleim
8 months ago

We decided to buy our motorhome because of our pets. We were preparing to retire when we lost our 16 yr old Yorkie. This discussion followed …”if we get another Yorkie (or two), since we don’t board our pets & have no family we can leave them with, we won’t be able to fly anywhere or take any more cruises …. with an RV, they can go with us, are we willing to commit to only RV for our retirement years? ” Three weeks later we had two of the cutest little Yorkies ever!
We’ve now been retired 16 years & have lost those two fur babies – we currently have two 3 yr old Yorkies that travel with us in the motorhome. Yes, this limits our travel to the US and Canada (we choose to not take the motorhome to Mexico), but, there is so much to see and do right here that we’ve barely scratched the surface!
Not once have we regretted our decision …. our pets bring us so much love, energy & fun all the time … and they, along with us, love traveling in the motorhome.

Jesse Crouse
8 months ago
Reply to  Robyn Gleim

A Terrier person too. Our brand of poison are Jack Russell’s. Never be without one or two or more.

8 months ago

No, don’t own a pet

8 months ago

I travel to a lot of dog shows with my TT and have to sometimes groom them inside due to inclement weather. So yes very much a consideration when choosing the right floor plan, size and other amenities.

8 months ago

And the full back seat of the truck was chosen with the dog in mind too.

8 months ago

no pets. we couldn’t keep fish alive in our aquarium, or plants in their pots. pets probably wouldn’t have had a chance!

Richard Hughes
8 months ago

My wife has two large service dogs. They brace if she needs help getting up. We had a C Class and we were constantly stepping over dogs. We bought a double slide trailer and now have lots of room. However, the dogs seem to want to lay right where I am, so I am constantly stepping over dogs.