Thursday, September 21, 2023


What are your top reasons for stopping at rest areas?

There are quite a few reasons you could stop at a rest area: to nap, to cook some lunch, to let the dog go outside and do their “business,” make a phone call, get some work done on the computer, check your Facebook messages… you get the point.

In this poll, we’re allowing you to select up to FOUR answers. Once you’ve selected up to four, click “vote” to record your answers. We’re looking forward to seeing what you say! Oh, and if you click “other,” please leave a comment and tell us what “other” means to you. Thanks!


  1. We RV to travel this country. It seems that a lot of RVers have greater concerns about how to dump a black tank and get to a restroom. Where is Freud when you need him?

  2. I have degenerative arthritis so I need to stop periodically just to walk around. If I don’t, I will stiffen up and need help just to get out of the seat.

  3. So the dump station is not the restroom? My word. Mainly so the husband can relieve his bladder. We did spend the nite in a really nice rest stop a few years ago.

  4. We try to stop every 1 to 2 hours so all can relieve our selves, grab a bite to eat and most important is check the tow and other items that could go wrong in a safe location.

  5. As others said, a chance for the driver to use the restroom.
    Also to do a walk around the RV and truck. Never found a problem, but I know there will be a first time.

  6. It looks like one of the most important reasons has been missed. That is to check your rig to make sure everything is okay. ie: awning didn’t come loose, tires still good, hitch isn’t about to fail, clean your windows and mirrors, make sure all your lights are still working, no leaks of oil or antifreeze and the list goes on to check everything you would when doing your circle check in the morning before getting on the road for the day.

  7. How about humans using the restroom (in our motorhome) and driver change. Depending on timing, have lunch. Will also check motorhome/tow vehicle. We stop in a range of every 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs. Also use our fuel stops at truck stops for all of the above.

  8. Some rest areas have information signage about the history of the local area that I’d never heard before. Great way to take a walk and be entertained as well.

  9. Check toad, walk around a bit so no blood clots in legs, elsewhere, use either in house facilities or the rest areas. You should always stop at least every hour or so, because of BC’s especially if you have circulatory issues, or take heart medicine. Keep that blood pumping good. Sitting is the worst thing you can do, I know, I sit way too much.

  10. Ummmm. You seem to have forgotten MY major reason for stopping at rest stops – to Pee the Driver! We also use them for lunch stops, of course. But that a dual-use stop.

  11. We change drivers every two hours. Rest stop is the safest place to do that. On a “normal” travel day we will also prepare and eat lunch and take a walk around to stretch legs and check all the connections and tires to be sure we are in good order to travel on.

  12. Since I have a weak bladder, I’m going for the Guinness World record of stopping at “every” Rest Stop in the U.S. So far I am at 437 in nearly every State except California… There are NO rest stops on the 5.

  13. When traveling long distances we take advantage of the rest areas and Welcome Centers. I always park away from the restrooms so I have the chance to stretch my legs a little.

  14. When stopped at a rest area, while I’m fixing a snack or a meal my husband cleans the windshield and checks the tow vehicle.

  15. Use the restroom and check the tires with my infrared tool. Yes, I have a TST tire system, but this just gives me a chance to look around the coach, stretch my legs and just relax.


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