Saturday, November 27, 2021


Do you own a boat with self-contained living facilities?

We have a feeling that quite a few of you (raise your hands!) have a boat. Is that true? Perhaps you have kayaks and transport them on top of your tow vehicle, maybe you have paddleboards that stand up in the back of your toy hauler. Or, maybe your motorhome tows your beloved speed or sailboat.

If you do own a boat, does it have self-contained living facilities? If so, tell us about them in the comments. How much time do you spend aboard it using those facilities? We’re curious! We’re RVers, but we do enjoy a good boat ride every now and again too.


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24 days ago

Had a 42′ triple engine cigarette boat for 24 years. Lotta fun but I always preferred the low maintenance and costs of my 30′ Class A motorhome. The final 10 years of the boat I mainly used it in the Spring & Fall as a condo. You could find me up north in my motorhome every Summer weekend. Still have the motorhome with no plans to let it go!

Dave J
27 days ago

We have a 21′ sloop. We’ve spent up to a month at a time on her.

Brian Burry
28 days ago

My son bought a twin engine boat and told me that the word “boat” stands for “break out another thousand” about every time he used it!

Bob Weinfurt
28 days ago

I enjoy my 18′ runabout for fishing or just going for a ride

28 days ago

Yes, but much smaller than the one pictured.

."Gene Bjerke
28 days ago

I was a sailor for most of my adult life before becoming an RVer. I still approach travel with the same mind-set. That is why I never have a campfire and always have drinks on “anchor-down.”

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
28 days ago

There were times over my 20 plus years of drag racing and oval racing cars that I had wished I had a boat and not a race car. As a HAM RADIO OPERATOR spent many times in turn and chase boats during the National Boat Races on the Niagara river. Very exciting but dangerous sport. Stay safe, Stay well

Jeff Craig
28 days ago

After way to many years on Guided Missile Destroyers, Cruisers and Frigates I’ve little interest in getting a boat. My RV is more than enough for now.

28 days ago

Hey, where did you get that photo of my boat?

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
28 days ago
Reply to  Impavid

Hi, Impavid. Do they even have any bodies of water up around where you live that could handle a boat that big? 😆 Have a great day. 🙂 -Diane

28 days ago

Have had several sailboats. Last was a 38’ lived on. More maintenance than my current Epro trailer, but at times the Alpine MH had felt about the same to keep up. Sailboat, I worried more about finding ice for my beer than I did diesel. With the price of fuel to roam around I am thinking about going back to a sailboat. Tough call

Heckman Kenn
28 days ago

They say that the two happiest days of a boat owners life are the day they buy it, and he day they sell it. A travel trailer is nothing more than a boat with tires.

Richard Davidson
28 days ago

Owned many different boats but my favorite was our 30′ tartan sailboat. Sailed all over the Chesapeake Bay in her from the mouth to Baltimore and all around the Eastern Shore too. Sold her when the wife said “It’s my turn. I want a motor home” and bought our first 40ft motor home. Have since downsized to our current 25′ LTV and love it.

28 days ago

Not unless you count my kayak, sleeping bag, and tent

28 days ago

I can only afford one money pit.

Thomas D
28 days ago

I wonder if they will be electric too to help avert climate change. Boats are notorious for poor mpg. Often in the less than 1mpg.

Tommy Molnar
28 days ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Only if CA demands it. Right along with leaf blowers and lawnmowers.

28 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar


."Gene Bjerke
28 days ago
Reply to  Thomas D

The best gas mileage ever got was on a sailboat (6 gal/season)

28 days ago

We have had many boats over the years. Sold our 50′ power boat 2 years ago and now have a 26′ fishing boat to chase crab and prawns and maybe a salmon if we are lucky.

28 days ago

Nope, I have a land yacht instead.

Bob P
28 days ago

I’ve never owned “a hole in the water you throw money into” and never will, I like dry land. Lol

28 days ago

I owned a very nice 32 ft boat. Spent many a pleasant night rafted up with other boats, group events at distant marinas. I lived near the Potomac River which gave great access to many tributaries and restaurants. Watching fireworks with the washington Monument in view from the boat was awesome. Cruises into Chesapeake Bay including Baltimore Harbor and Ft McKinley. A very fun 13 years on the river. Made a lot of friends and visited some awesome places.

Ed K
28 days ago

Just sold it this spring after 22 years of ownership. I miss it, but I am no longer physically fit to be safe on the water with poor balance and weak muscles due to MD. Eventually will have to give up the Motor Home when I can no longer climb the steps to get in.