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Have you ever been accidentally locked out of your RV?

Getting locked out of your RV isn’t fun, especially if it’s cold or rainy out, or the person with the other key is out doing errands! No, thank you!

Have you ever been accidentally locked out of your RV? Once? More than once? If yes, please tell us about what happened in the comments below. Do you keep a spare key somewhere just in case?

Read about Tony Barthel’s experience getting locked out of his RV – he broke into his own RV in minutes!


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10 months ago

Yep! Motorhome + separation anxiety suffering dog = door locked! Took a kind hearted bystander who VERY easily unlocked our MH’s passenger door (suspected car thief? LOL) because everything we needed to call AAA was locked inside the MH with our dog! Never left the dog alone in the MH again!

Dave Green
10 months ago

Not my RV, but my car, twice. Once in Sequoia NP and once in Yosemite NP.

10 months ago

Spare keys in truck, also the trailer hitch safe since we have a 5er. So we have hopefully eliminated that issue. So far so good.

Bob Schilling
10 months ago

The keypad malfunctioned. Fortunately the keypad has a key as an alternate unlock and we had the spare key in a secure outside location. Repaired the keypad and all has been fine ever since.

Roy Davis
10 months ago

Many, many years ago we did that in our travel trailer. I lifted our nephew, about 4 years old at the time, through a window to unlock the door. Had a spare key in the truck after that.

10 months ago

Our original lockset failed after a long weekend camping. Fortunately the failure occurred in the driveway and the roadside help was booked out for 3 days. The roadside company sent a mindless knuckle dragging person who destroyed our lockset with a drill and hammer that he was ready to use on the window. We dismissed this mistake and thank goodness the local RV dealer sent a tech over to our driveway to rescue us. Warranty replaced the defective lock set but I replaced with RV Lock set

Glenda Alexander
10 months ago

I was locked out once because I had lost all my keys while at a seminar. Several people helped me look for them but we never found them. A locksmith came to the rescue and I had him duplicate all my keys. I keep a complete set on my key ring at all times. I also keep the emergency plastic card key in my purse. I’ve had to use it once.

10 months ago

Technically we were locked in. The deadbolt lever jammed and my husband ended up going out the emergency window. This was on our 1st trip with our class A (used). 2 lessons learned: always have vise grips or other tools INSIDE, and know what something is BEFORE you turn or push it!!! Yes, we were newbies

Jeff Craig
10 months ago

I answered yes, but technically I was locked in. Got to the campground, went to open the door and heard a “SNAP!” – that little flat actuator pin the retracts the bolt broke in two. The Ranger and my site neighbors gave me weird looks when they saw my backside coming out the passenger window, but I got my tools (and learned to keep a screwdriver set INSIDE) and set up my stepladder so I could crawl back in and took the lock apart. Eventually figured out the problem, realized it needed a new lock and ordered it. Two weeks later, we were back to going in and out like normal, respectable folks. Luckily haven’t had an issue since then.

10 months ago

We keep a key in a storage bag taped outside. Lesson learned about double checking the door and key before shutting the door.

10 months ago

Our class A has a main entry and a driver door (GM). If the locks are set in lock position on either door – when you close the door – it is locked! Very easy to do when alone and refueling – exiting out the driver door which can be opened from the inside when the lock button is down! Happened only once at home. Called Good Sam road assist and within the hour the locksmith was there and I had 6 new keys as well! (Also a hidden set outside!)

Lorena Schafer
10 months ago

We got locked out when the door lock on our vintage Airstream broke in locked mode. Took creative crawling through a window that luckily was open. Husband is very flexible.

Diane Mc
10 months ago

Embarrassed to admit it. Weren’t locked out. Just the key wouldn’t open the door. It was night, just back from wedding reception. We both tried numerous times. And no, we weren’t under the influence. Lol. We had just picked up motorhome from Newmar after two months of being updated/painted. They put a new seal around the door & it was really tight. Fortunately we were able to get a locksmith out quickly. He tried the key…and it opened. To this day we have no idea why we could not get it to work. Embarrassed to say the least. But glad there really wasn’t an issue. As we were headed home, & rather quickly, we never unhooked tow car the entire 3000 miles so didn’t have to use key again. It works fine now. As an aside, my husband was pretty ill at the time (long story about a bad drug, the legal kind). We shouldn’t have even gone to pick up motorhome & then travel even further to attend wedding. He insisted. Thankfully, after 18 long months, he recovered.

Bob S
10 months ago

Twice I’ve forgotten to bring the RV key with me when I visited the RV in storage. Now, we have an RV key on every keyring we own, plus I added a combination lock box in the propane bay with an RV key in it.

10 months ago

My RV was broken into while at a RV dealer for repair. Though the dealer replaced all the stolen items, and even professionally cleaned the interior, we didn’t know the lock was damaged and would soon fail. It did so on our first trip after the break-in. My AAA insurance covered the locksmith, the dealership replaced the lock.

10 months ago

nope but because i believe in always, always having a plan B i have a locked keybox with a set of keys located on the chassis just in case.

Ali F
10 months ago

We attached a small key lock box on the side of our battery box. It contains duplicates, which should limit that issue.

Frank Zabotsky
10 months ago

Haven’t done it yet hope this doesn’t jinx me

Ellen L
10 months ago

One choice should be “No, not YET.”

Jeff Arthur
10 months ago

Never locked out, have several extra keys in different locations.
Have gotten locked in though as dead bolt became uncoupled from the cylinder.
Always make sure to have tools on inside of camper for lock removal.

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