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In a nice RV park, do you typically use the park’s shower or the one in your RV?

When you stay at a nice RV park (perhaps one of the ones we have listed as today’s “Website of the Day“?) do you typically tend to use their showers or do you use the shower in your RV? A combo of both, maybe? Or maybe neither! Maybe you’re like the person in the photo above who enjoys showering in waterfalls! On a warm, sunny day that wouldn’t be so bad!

We don’t care where you shower, but as long as you do shower, that’s all we care about!

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Mike Johnson (@guest_153605)
2 years ago

Depends on whether I am wanting a decently long hot shower or just a quick clean up. My hot water tank is only good for about three to four minutes of actual hot water. When using it I usually have to get wet, turn the water off, soap up, then turn the water back on to rinse off.

Larry (@guest_152944)
2 years ago

If I have full hook-ups, I’ll use the shower in my trailer. If not, then it’s the shower house. The only exception is when there is plenty of capacity in the gray tank, plenty of fresh water in its tank, and I will be dumping very soon.

Bob p (@guest_152783)
2 years ago

In the 43 years I’ve been an RV’er they’ve all had showers that I use. The 7 1/2 years in the Marines I had to use “community” showers, some were cold. Some of the RV showers were very little, I still used them. We were members of a Good Sam Chapter for several years in the 90’s and had several members with big class A motorhomes that would gather their shower bag and walk to the bath house to shower and use the restroom. Curiously I asked if their bathrooms didn’t work and the reply was they didn’t want to dirty up the holding tanks, DUH! I always check out the bathroom when looking at a different RV, if it doesn’t meet my requirements I pass on it, I’m not paying for something I can’t use.

Bob S (@guest_152778)
2 years ago

When we started RVing I always used the Parks shower facility mainly because I did not like to clean our RV shower. But then my sister taught me to switch to soft soap instead of bar soap. The glycerin in the bar soap is what sticks to everything and looks dirty. Since then, we just squeegee the shower after each use and clean occasionally. Now, I always use my shower.

jillie (@guest_152609)
2 years ago

We have a coachman clipper and if I want a nice shower I use the one at the RV park I am staying at. If I want a fast shower then I use my TT. Reason? We can’t keep the hot water from running out after 5 minutes. My jayco had no problems.We are adding an electric to the tank and see if that helps. Otherwise sucks to be me taking a cold shower.

Sam Crabtree (@guest_152535)
2 years ago

When we were newbies we soon found that it took too long to rinse (and too much water) to shower in the trailer. So we used the facilities of the RV park. But we got a new showerhead a couple years ago that put out what seemed to be more water at a much greater pressure. Now we shower in the trailer – unless we are using the park’s swimming pool. Then we shower at the facilities by the pool.

Franklin Forrey (@guest_152464)
2 years ago

I’ll use the park shower after a swim or hot pool soak.

Susan Smith (@guest_152463)
2 years ago

Sometimes my hubby and I use the CG shower and other times our RV shower. If we want a long shower, it isn’t too cold outside, we don’t want to add more humidity to our RV even though we open vents and windows, and we don’t feel like moving everything out of our little RV tub/shower as we use it for storage in our 26’ RV, then we head for the CG shower. It’s just nice to have options.

Debbie (@guest_152461)
2 years ago

I tend to use mine but my teenagers, that like 30 min showers and have no idea what the pause water button is, will often get banished to the public facilities.

Roy Davis (@guest_152460)
2 years ago

I liked the “in a nice RV park” part. We’ve been in nice parks that had lousy showers and kinda dumpy parks that had fabulous showers. Since we got our latest RV, we use the RV one. Before that we would look them over then decide.

Jeb (@guest_152459)
2 years ago

I usually go to the shower point if it is nice. Wife most always uses the RV shower.

Betsy Hubbell (@guest_152454)
2 years ago

We live in a 5th wheel and always shower in the RV. We also have a 20 ft TT and only use that shower when absolutely necessary and then only me. The shower is too small for my husband.

Jeff Craig (@guest_152447)
2 years ago

Eleven years of RV’ing in our Class A, and I think I’ve only taken less than 10 showers at the campground facilities. Two times were because my back was sore and I wanted to run hot/cold water on it for a while. Three times were at a couple of NASCAR tracks, when we didn’t want to pay for the Honey-Bucket truck to pump us out and the rest were at our local State Parks because they weren’t FHU and we were staying over a week. We now have an external grey tote, and have used that several times to transfer the grey tank to the dump.

cee (@guest_152434)
2 years ago

If the shower room is very clean and well maintained, I will use it. Now and then it is a luxury to take a shower where I don’t have to turn the water on and off to insure I don’t run out of warm water in my MH.

cee (@guest_152436)
2 years ago
Reply to  cee

I keep large puppy pee pads in the MH in case I use the CG shower. Makes for a nice clean dry space when you come out of the shower and kick off the thongs.

Julz (@guest_152428)
2 years ago

I’ll use the campground showers especially if we don’t have sewer HU’s, but it’s got to be warm, no rain, nor wind. I have flip flops in the trailer just for that use. The only exception has been since the pandemic where I’ve stayed out of public restrooms.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY (@guest_152425)
2 years ago

Our 2015 DP was designed with a bath and a half and a good size shower. The hot water heater is also in the back near the shower and the stacked wash/dryer for quick hot water and much less waste of hot water getting to the shower or washer. We have always used our coach shower in the last three class A coaches we have owned. And with Covid we were able to stay away from any public shower, rest room or laundry facilities as we have our own in our coach. Those with TT’s and pop ups or other smaller RV’s will use the camp ground showers and rest rooms and such. We are fortunate to have and use our own facilities at our convenience. Stay well, Stay safe.

Linda (@guest_152424)
2 years ago

The shower in our rig is small. We use it, but sometimes you just need to have some space when showering!

Julie (@guest_152423)
2 years ago

I’ve had an ‘eeewwww’ affliction to public showers since college. Hubby will sometimes use CG shower but this gal will only ever use our camper.

Elliot Drisko (@guest_152422)
2 years ago

We have a Roadtrek RS ETrek with a rather cramped wet bath and small tanks so we usually use the campground shower. I also prefer non navy showers!

Irv (@guest_152417)
2 years ago

The main reasons we bought an RV was so that we had a bed-bug free bed and our own bathroom. Not only in campgrounds but for using the toilet at rest stops and gas stations.

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