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Do you carry a shovel in your RV?

RVers carry shovels in their RVs for many different reasons. The most common, of course, is to bury a de… oh… we shouldn’t say that out loud! (We’re kidding, of course!) None of that!

Shovels can come in handy for many things: dig a hole to go number two (sorry, we had to say it!), move embers around a campfire, dig a rain trench, level the ground, dig a fire pit, shovel snow and more.

Do you carry one in your RV? If so, is it a regular shovel or one that folds? If you’re looking for a shovel for your RV, we recommend this one.


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1 year ago

I carried a folding military style shovel with us camping for over 20 years and never used it. Got the fifth wheel with the Moryde solid steps and have had to dig many holes so the steps would fold all the way out. The shovel gets used a lot now.

MN Anon
1 year ago

We don’t carry a shovel, but thanks for the suggestion. Duh!

Bill Richardson
1 year ago

Ours doesn’t fold but it is only about 3′ long with a D handle. I have a military folding one but I prefer this one.

Leslie Smith
1 year ago


Marilyn M
1 year ago

A shovel is a necessity folks if you are camping. Needed to dig a bit of a hole to level the RV. Needed to turn the ashes of your fire at the end of the night. Needed to clean up after the 4-legged kiddos.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I have carried a folding shovel for over 45 years. My dad always had one and we used it to put out camp fires. I still use it for that.

Michael Galvin, PhD
1 year ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

I hope you aren’t shoveling dirt onto a fire! That just fills the fire ring with dirt! Use the shovel to turn the ashes. Put the fire out with WATER.

1 year ago

I do not carry a shovel in my RV. It is a Travel Trailer, but I do carry one in my pick up truck. A collaspable, fold up one.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

No, because I’ve never been in any situation that I’d ever need one. That said, IF the fertilizer hit the proverbial windmill, I do have a small shovel for my garden that I would grab on the way to our RV storage.

1 year ago

Brought up in the rural mid-west, Dad always had a shovel in the trunk of the car along with some old rugs for traction and tow chain and jumper cables. In winter he added a scoop shovel, sand, and tire chains. I thot it was “required”, so I have a shovel (folding GI) in each vehicle, even my wife’s Lincoln. I never thot about NOT having a shovel. Wouldn’t leave home without it. Oh, always have an ax or hatchet and completer tool box in the RV and hand full of tools in each car.

Dr Doug
1 year ago

Yep, we always have a shovel. We like to cook our food on the campfire pit. Use the shovel to dig out the previous campers trash and cigarette butts. Lots of campers think the fire pit is a trash can. It’s not!!

Bob Palin
1 year ago

I carry a short handled non folding shovel in my truck which I pull my fifth wheel with, does that count?

John Koenig
1 year ago

I picked up one of those military style trenching tools that collapsed down to a fairly small size. I look at it like a spare tire. RARELY needed BUT when needed,it’s REALLY needed.

1 year ago

Yes. A full size shovel, full size rake,a couple of full size brooms. Never thought of any of it until we actually needed a shovel. We rarely use them, but we have them!

1 year ago

Never thought about that? We do not. But we do not live on board.
We do have a portable rolling oxygen tank for high altitude. A electric blower to blow dog hair out. Extra tow bar. Battery charger. Wine. DEF. Propane fire pit.

1 year ago

Shovel(stays in Jeep), pry bars, power tools, several hammers, tow straps, pipe wrenches, elect. parts, nails, screws, bolts, chemicals, rv parts, etc. In 16yrs FT I’ve used 95% of these.

Linds S Gray
1 year ago


1 year ago

Surprised by the results. I thought a shovel was part of camping 101. I guess I was wrong.

Pat Daubenmier
1 year ago

Have one that folds but it fell into the category of “not used enough” so it got taken out. Since then, I did want it once.

1 year ago

Instead of a shovel I carry a hand spade. Because we usually camp full hook up, it’s seldom used but handy to level minor ruts before we back in, stir ashes, etc..

John Macatee
1 year ago

I carry a short scoop shovel.

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