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Do you use your RV in the winter or store it?

It’s the last day of January. Can you believe it? The calendar flips over to February tomorrow, which means we’re in the middle of winter. Does it feel like winter where you are? If you’re somewhere warm, know that our staff is jealous of you!

Do you usually use or store your RV during the winter? Are you in your RV right now or is it stored away, longing for warm weather and sunshine (like us)? Tell us your answer in the poll below. Thanks!

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Joe & Helen
1 year ago

We live in the Seattle area and have an RV Pad in our back yard and keep the heat on when it gets below freezing. The Evergreen Winnies Chapter we belong to schedules 12 outings per year, one each month, and has done so for over the 20 years we have been members. Very few in January have ever had to be canceled. December is our Annual Christmas/Holiday party. We have missed a few due to illness or mechanical issues.

1 year ago

All year round. 4-5 months on road and Two rallies a month when home!

Dave Green
1 year ago

What’s winter?

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I live in upstate NY and store my MH at home. It’s systems are winterized but I do take it out once in a while if the weather is nice and it’s not too cold (above 30 degrees). Earlier in this pandemic, it was our portable dining room. We’d go to a restaurant, get their take-out meal, and eat it in their parking lot. We brought hand wipes and even a bedside commode if we needed it.

1 year ago

Almost to our destination in southern Arizona after 1700 mi drive

Roy Davis
1 year ago

My wife and I love to winter camp. For several years we used it at ski resorts. Some use to allow you to stay in their parking lot if you purchased a lift pass. One of my “bucket list” items is to camp in Yellowstone in January. Mamma says, “I don’t think so”. 😅

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy Davis
Edward Wullschleger
1 year ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

They say the Mammoth campground is open year around. But all the others are closed in the winter. You can ride into the park on a snowmobile, however!

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago
  • I didn’t know how to answer this question. We store the motorhome in the driveway. At a minimum, I drive it a little once a month. In the past, we have taken a longer trip (to Florida) in February.
1 year ago

We live in north Texas where the weather is crazy. It was 70 yesterday and on Wednesday it’s going to be 17 with ice or snow. That’s Texas!! We store ours at home in a garage, but we use it in the winter months. We are departing our rock and stick home this month to go to Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina in Gulf shores/ Orange beach Alabama. We have stayed at this resort twice. Last year they were still repairing the docks and club house and office from Hurricane Sally. You can rent a boat from the resort if you choose to go out on the gulf. Looking forward to the beach, hopefully it will be nice.

Bob Palin
1 year ago

I use mine more in the winter than the summer.

1 year ago

FT since 5/9/06. Houston for this winter

Tom B
1 year ago

it all depends on the meaning of ‘use’. Do I go camping? I will if the weather is warm enough. but I often use it as a vehicle for tailgates and other similar activities. It’s winterized (water lines drained, blown down and antifreezed) but it’s still a comfortable enough vehicle to use as I need..

1 year ago

Live in The Artic; Well, so it seems!! Next to it anyway. So Wrap RV up & Store for Winter!!
Always greets me in the Spring with a Smile & then hands me “The List”!!
Seems to know HRH real well too!! Hmmm > something wrong with this picture!!

1 year ago

Mine is locked and sets in my driveway awaiting the buds of Spring when it to will open and prepare to roam the highways.

1 year ago

We store it at home – Oct – thru Mar – with “another” winter storm watch for tomorrow and Tuesday and -32f to -35f ambient air temp for Thurs. I don’t believe we will be using it!!!

1 year ago

We are full-time as of 09/15/05, so we are in it and headed to Quartzite tomorrow.

John Zurflueh
1 year ago

Depends on where you are in the winter. I’m in Arizona using my RV so I’ll store it some in the summer (and use it). Do a poll to find out here many snow birds there are.

David Stansbury
1 year ago

Store it at home, but ready to go on a moment’s notice.

1 year ago

There wasn’t a “depends” choice. Some winters we take it to our Arizona winter home, some years we store it.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

Took a trip in January and have a long one scheduled for March. Normally would also go in February, but are in the process of trading ours on a new one and trying to keep the mileage from increasing much before the transaction actually occurs — mid-May?

Bob p
1 year ago

Checked use it normally, but it is in storage now as we are in the process of moving.

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