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Do you have serious food allergies?

Do you suffer from any serious food allergies? If so, know you’re not alone! According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, about 32 million people have food allergies in the U.S. Milk is the most common allergen for children, followed by eggs and peanuts. For adults, the most common allergen is shellfish, followed by peanuts and tree nuts. Interesting!

There are only eight foods that cause most allergic food reactions. Those foods are: milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

Do you have serious food allergies? Are they of any of the foods mentioned above? Leave a comment and tell us, if you’re willing. Thanks!


  1. Most of mine are in the ones mentioned: soy (all legumes), tree nuts, dairy, eggs, strawberries, broccoli (yes it is an allergy, I like broccoli), and bananas. The hardest thing to avoid is soy. It is in just about everything but you do not know it until you read the lable.

  2. I became a type 2 diabetic, caused by chronic carbohydrate toxicity, and now I do not eat anything containing sugar or its other form as starch.  I don’t eat any grain, like corn or rice or wheat or rye or bread or pasta, and I don’t eat starchy vegetables like potatoes or beans and I eat almost no fruit.  As a result I am no longer a diabetic and I do not need medication as long as I eat this way.

  3. If it doesn’t eat me, I will eat it. No allergies to food, I will try anything once! At 6’7” I once had a cup of coffee and I think it stunted my growth

  4. My G.I. system has an intolerance for mushrooms so I avoid them. I don’t like what happens when some are sneaked into a sauce or casserole and I’m not aware of it. My Mom also had the same problem.

  5. I have a corn intolerance. I can’t eat anything with corn or corn products. Corn is not on the list of allergies but it should be.

  6. Over 70% of the shrimp consumed in the US originates from SE Asia. If I eat that shrimp me lips swell up and I have difficulty breathing. Absolutely no reaction from Gulf or Atlantic shrimp. Turns out SE Asian shrimp is raised in sewer treatment waste – in effect they sell us their “crap”.

    US shrimp is wild caught. Now enjoy that all you can eat shrimp.


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